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sticking with Firefox till the end

Šime Vidas simevidas

sticking with Firefox till the end
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!(function (e, t) {
if ('object' == typeof exports && 'object' == typeof module)
module.exports = t();
else if ('function' == typeof define && define.amd) define([], t);
else {
var n = t();
for (var o in n) ('object' == typeof exports ? exports : e)[o] = n[o];
})(self, function () {
return (() => {
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View bitcoin-scam.txt
SPECIAL REPORT: Tesla Launches Its Latest BitiCodes Platform - Aimed at Helping Families Get Richer
Due to the financial crisis around the world, Tesla launched a new project that promises to help families become richer.
It is known that families around the world are suffering due to the financial crisis, businesses are shutting down and people are losing their jobs due to the recent global pandemic.
The large corporation "Tesla" decided to help the needy and started building its "BitiCodes" project, investing HRK 7 billion in bitcoin.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has asked that the project be kept secret while it is being worked on.
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const t = String.raw;
class e extends HTMLElement {
constructor() {
super(), this.STORAGE_KEY = "user-color-scheme", this.COLOR_MODE_KEY = "--color-mode"
connectedCallback() { = "block", this.render()
getCSSCustomProp(t) {
let e = getComputedStyle(document.documentElement).getPropertyValue(t);
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
<table class="wikitable plainrowheaders sortable jquery-tablesorter" id="softwarelist" style="font-size:90%;">
<caption>List of Nintendo Switch games
<th scope="col" class="headerSort" tabindex="0" role="columnheader button" title="Sort ascending">Title
<th scope="col" class="headerSort" tabindex="0" role="columnheader button" title="Sort ascending">Genre(s)
<th scope="col" class="headerSort" tabindex="0" role="columnheader button" title="Sort ascending">Developer(s)
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vQa = function(a) {
var b = a.U,
c = document,
d = c.requestStorageAccess && c.hasStorageAccess;
b.K("embeds_enable_request_storage_access_safari_itp") && g.Lu && d && b.j ? Mt() || b.Ua ? (g.yu("embedsStorageAccessNotChecked", {
isIosWebview: Mt(),
isPemPlayer: b.Ua
}), a.Sz = !1) : c.hasStorageAccess().then(function(e) {
g.yu("embedsHasStorageAccessResult", {
hasCookieAccess: e,
View font-list.txt
Academy Engraved LET
Al Bayan
Al Nile
Al Tarikh
American Typewriter
Andale Mono
Apple Braille
Apple Chancery
Apple Color Emoji
Apple SD Gothic Neo