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What would you like to do?
This is a list of questions to check our decision making.

Do I want to die on this hill?

  • Pass: This is morally good and if not handled has long term consequences
  • Fail: This if self serving

Am I including everyone?

  • Pass: My ego is not driving this conversation
  • Fail: The people in this conversation will only tell me I'm right and not push back

Am I hiding something?

  • Pass: The information, though painful, is known to all
  • Fail: Yes

Is there transparency here?

  • Pass: The team agrees on context
  • Fail: Hidden misalignm(test: what do we align on)

Am I being curious?

  • Pass: I'm asking questions that make me uncomfortable, and I'm comfortable being wrong
  • Fail: I want my way

Is my team afraid to tell me things?

  • Pass: They freely and continually come to me with answers and information that they know I will not like
  • Fail: They go to each other or people outside the team with the information, and telling me what they think I want to hear

Am I only communicating with the same people over and over?

  • Pass: My sphere of influence is diverse. I feel comfortable talking with anyone on the team
  • Fail: I continually consult the same individuals (test: do I have an entourage?)

Do I feel insecure?

  • Pass: I feel empowered and am willing to take feedback and risks regardless of the outcome as it's good for the company and the customer
  • Fail: I retreat, I am not comfortable, I am not giving up the information becuase I am scared of what people will think

Can my team do the job I hired them to do?

  • Pass: The team ships outcomes efficiently
  • Fail: The team is not empowered and often stalls (test: do I often have to intervene?)

Are you scratching an itch?

  • Pass: This is a problem that's bigger than myself
  • Fail: It may feel good to solve this problem but only for myself and temporarily
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simpsoka commented Apr 9, 2019

@raphweiner thanks!!

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quii commented Apr 12, 2019

I love this, so much so i spent a little time writing a little code to prompt myself

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@quii that’s so rad!

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Have I bought into a leader/follower model or am I working as a collaborator?
Fail: Can my team do the job I hired them to do? (my team, I )
Pass: Am I part of a team that feels able to accomplish our task?

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