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#Add specified SSH keys to the SSH Agent, using SSH_ASKPASS to retrieve
#each key's passphrase from the Unix password store (pass).
#This relies upon the keys having the same names in both your key directory
#and your password store.
if [[ -z ${1} ]]; then
echo "$(basename ${0}): no SSH key specified" 1>&2
exit 1;

This should be a blog post, and I'll make it one when I have more than 5 mins to spare. For instance these examples are hard-coded for my github SSH key, rather than parameterised.

Based on this SO question

Rather than use pass -c to copy an SSH key passphrase to your system clipboard and then paste it at the ssh-askpass prompt (which is not very secure: any program can read the clipboard), you can use an SSH_ASKPASS script to retrieve the passphrase from password store and give it to ssh-add.

  1. Make a script that retrieves the passphrase from pass (which in turn will prompt for a master passphrase if needed, via GnuPG PinEntry):
View crashb.rb
use_bpm 150
use_synth :tech_saws
live_loop :crash do
2.times do
play_pattern_timed [:C4,:r,:C4,:F4, :G4,:C5,:r,:Bb4], 0.5
play_pattern_timed [:r,:G4,:r,:G4, :Gb4,:G4,:Gb4,:G4], 0.5
play_pattern_timed [:F4,:F4, :r], 1
play_pattern_timed [:r,:F4], 0.5
View tainted_who.rb
#I wanted to hear if Tainted Love and Dr. Who go together... ;-)
use_bpm 120
live_loop :metro do
cue :beet
sleep 1
live_loop :bass, sync_bpm: :beet do
##| stop
/usr/bin/ruby -e "ARGV=['--force-curl'] $(curl -fsSL"
View synpad-loops-0.rb
#Heard these chords somewhere on the way to work this morning, no idea what the tune was, sorry
# Anyway they gave me a bit of inspiration as I finished walking to the office, and I hacked this out
# in about 20 mins.
# play with the ixi/slicer fx phases, and the ixi res, and start up the bass + simple drums
# I found that if you wait/sleep at the end of the drum/bass loops, you'll miss the cue for the start
# of the bar, so that's why the final waits are commented out. Also if you sync at the start, it'll
# again miss the cue and wait a whole bar. Not sure best ways to resolve this -- just comment where
# they sync, I suppose.
View knight-rider.rb
#Knight Rider Main Theme
# by Stu Phillips, 1981
# Sonic Pi transcript, Mike Lockhart, 2018
# (missing Rtyhm Section: Buffer Capacity reached)
define :kr0 do |n|
play_pattern_timed [n, :r, n+1, n, n, n+1, n, n], 0.25
View gist:1c8dcadfdf3df3f56a8c96bcd8b953ae
# Chord Inversions
# Coded by Adrian Cheater
# (in a single tweet)
# Mike Lockhart made a small mod to loop through all of Sonic Pi's built-in scales
# (73 of them for SP v3.1 !)
  • Send a blank test message with a subject to an email address:

    mail -s "Subject" < /dev/null

    (you can substitute /dev/null with a file, or pipe, to populate the body. It must end with a period on a line by itself.)

  • Send a blank email with an attachment:

    mail -a somefile -s "Subject" < /dev/null

  1. Start menu > Run
  2. wmic
  3. right-click; Run as Administrator
  4. UserAccount where PasswordExpires=TRUE set PasswordExpires=FALSE
  5. press Y for each account confirmation