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@sinewalker sinewalker/chiparp.rb
Last active Mar 31, 2019

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8-bit retro chip arp "chord" in Sonic Pi
define :chiparp do |notes, duration, c_amp=0.8, c_Hz=30, c_sust_ratio=1, c_step=1|
tx=bt(1) # seconds for 1 beat
in_thread do
use_bpm 60 # normalise bpm to 1 beat per second
c_speed = 1.0/c_Hz #the chip speed is better converted from Hz
count = (duration * tx / c_speed)
use_synth :chiplead
use_synth_defaults amp: c_amp, sustain: c_speed*c_sust_ratio,
attack: 0, decay: 0, release: 0
puts "chip arp!"; puts notes; puts duration; puts count; puts tx
n = 0
with_debug false do
count.times do
play notes[n]
wait c_speed
n = n + c_step
define :chiparp_wait do |notes, dur|
# Use defaults
##| chiparp notes, dur
# or override them (amp, speed, sust_ratio, direction)
chiparp notes, dur, 1.6,25,0.8,-1
wait dur
# dinky tune - do better!
# but this demonstrates chiparp arpegio rate is independant of the global BPM, yet stretches to fit beats
use_bpm 80
use_synth :chiplead
play_pattern_timed [:Bb4, :D5], [1, 1]
4.times do
chiparp_wait((chord :e5, :minor), 2)
##| chiparp_wait((chord :b4, :minor, invert: 1), 1)
chiparp_wait((chord :a4, :minor), 1)
chiparp_wait((chord :a4, :minor, invert: 1), 1)

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sinewalker commented Mar 31, 2019

Params to chiparp:

  • notes: a Ring of notes to apegiate
  • duration: the length to arpegiate (in beats)
  • c_amp: chip amplifiction (default is 0.8)
  • c_Hz: arp frequency (steps per second, bigger is faster) (default is 30Hz)
  • c_sust_ratio: the ration of sound to silence for each step in the arp. Greate than 1 is allowed, it makes the chiparp become smoother, more chord-like (default is 1, meaining 1:0 sound/silence)
  • c_step: the step size through the notes ring. +1 and -1 are most useful (negative makes it arp backwards) (default is +1)

Function chiparp_wait is just a wrapper for chiparp that also waits until the arp has completed it's duration.

The function to use depends on the musical effect you're after

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