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sje30 / ussgrace2022-02
Created February 25, 2022 12:36
USS Grace February 2022
That this Regent House, as the governing body of the University,
(i) reaffirms its commitment to adequate pension provision as an essential part of the University’s recruitment and retention strategy
at all levels;
(ii) notes the leading role which the University has taken, in partnership with the Cambridge branch of the University and College
Union, in exploring ways of improving the benefits delivered to Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) members through
alternative scheme design;
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sje30 / yu.el
Created June 4, 2020 06:36
Snippet to yank current Chrome URL into Emacs buffer
(defun yank-url-from-chrome ()
"Grab the current URL from Chrome and yank into point."
"xdotool search --onlyvisible --class Chrome windowfocus key ctrl+l key ctrl+c")
"xdotool search --onlyvisible --class Emacs windowfocus key ctrl+y"))
(defalias 'yu 'yank-url-from-chrome)
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Start testing: May 25 15:52 BST
1/2 Testing: inttest-uk-based
1/2 Test: inttest-uk-based
Command: "/nfs/software/spack/linux-sles12-x86_64/gcc-7.3.0/python-3.6.8-iymaq7iryayd6hucj7kmjbztrwj6mx5a/bin/python3" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/tests/" "--input" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/tests/uk-input" "--output" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/build-fawcett/tests/uk-output" "--covidsim" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/build-fawcett/src/CovidSim" "--popfile" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/data/populations/wpop_eur.txt.gz" "--r" "1.1"
Directory: /nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/build-fawcett/tests
"inttest-uk-based" start time: May 25 15:52 BST
sizeof(int)=4 sizeof(long)=8 sizeof(float)=4 sizeof(double)=8 si
sje30 /
Last active May 16, 2020 22:42
Frictionless data tool fund application (Eglen)


(A copy of this application is available at

Author: Stephen Eglen

Name of organisation: University of Cambridge

Title: Analysis of spontaneous activity patterns in developing neural circuits using frictionless data tools.

sje30 / gist:8d71b46004c97d2d182a524a3fdec2b1
Last active May 16, 2020 22:08
Application for Frictionless data tool fund
We couldn’t find that file to show.
## How many new articles have been deposited in biorxiv? When new
## papers get uploaded to biorxiv, this information is sent to
## crossref. So, we can use the excellent rcrossref package from the
## ropensci team to get information.
## Note, this does not include revised versions of papers.
## Thanks to Scott Chamberlain for providing the magic lines of code to
## grab the information efficiently from crossref.
## Note also there is some code below to grab the infomration from
sje30 / .emacs.el
Last active June 4, 2020 06:35
;; This is inspired by Org mode: hitting C-c C-c inside a Makefile
;; rule will run "make TARGET" where TARGET is the name of the current
;; target at point.
;; Stephen Eglen 2016-01-31 GPL applies.
(defun makefile-eval-current-target ()
"Evaluate the current Makefile rule in a *Compile* buffer."
(let ((target (makefile-add-log-defun)))
(if (null target)
sje30 / gist:c9cf694db59c034a011d
Last active January 31, 2016 23:17
test of ioslides
title: "Can we keep slides in sync?"
author: Stephen J Eglen
date: 2014-06-09
self_contained: false
## Getting started