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sje30 / yu.el
Created Jun 4, 2020
Snippet to yank current Chrome URL into Emacs buffer
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(defun yank-url-from-chrome ()
"Grab the current URL from Chrome and yank into point."
"xdotool search --onlyvisible --class Chrome windowfocus key ctrl+l key ctrl+c")
"xdotool search --onlyvisible --class Emacs windowfocus key ctrl+y"))
(defalias 'yu 'yank-url-from-chrome)
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Start testing: May 25 15:52 BST
1/2 Testing: inttest-uk-based
1/2 Test: inttest-uk-based
Command: "/nfs/software/spack/linux-sles12-x86_64/gcc-7.3.0/python-3.6.8-iymaq7iryayd6hucj7kmjbztrwj6mx5a/bin/python3" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/tests/" "--input" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/tests/uk-input" "--output" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/build-fawcett/tests/uk-output" "--covidsim" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/build-fawcett/src/CovidSim" "--popfile" "/nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/data/populations/wpop_eur.txt.gz" "--r" "1.1"
Directory: /nfs/st01/hpc-cbi-sje30/sje30/codecheck-report9/covid-sim/build-fawcett/tests
"inttest-uk-based" start time: May 25 15:52 BST
sje30 /
Last active May 16, 2020
Frictionless data tool fund application (Eglen)


(A copy of this application is available at

Author: Stephen Eglen

Name of organisation: University of Cambridge

Title: Analysis of spontaneous activity patterns in developing neural circuits using frictionless data tools.

sje30 / gist:8d71b46004c97d2d182a524a3fdec2b1
Last active May 16, 2020
Application for Frictionless data tool fund
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## How many new articles have been deposited in biorxiv? When new
## papers get uploaded to biorxiv, this information is sent to
## crossref. So, we can use the excellent rcrossref package from the
## ropensci team to get information.
## Note, this does not include revised versions of papers.
## Thanks to Scott Chamberlain for providing the magic lines of code to
## grab the information efficiently from crossref.
## Note also there is some code below to grab the infomration from
sje30 / .emacs.el
Last active Jun 4, 2020
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;; This is inspired by Org mode: hitting C-c C-c inside a Makefile
;; rule will run "make TARGET" where TARGET is the name of the current
;; target at point.
;; Stephen Eglen 2016-01-31 GPL applies.
(defun makefile-eval-current-target ()
"Evaluate the current Makefile rule in a *Compile* buffer."
(let ((target (makefile-add-log-defun)))
(if (null target)
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title: "Can we keep slides in sync?"
author: Stephen J Eglen
date: 2014-06-09
self_contained: false
## Getting started