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Last active March 7, 2023 10:19
Installing Roon Server on Fedora Linux _not_ as root

I just installed Roon Server on my laptop running Fedora 37 Workstation as a separate roon user instead of the security insanity :crazy_face: of the default Linux which installs and runs as the root user. I did this before, it went a little smoother this time. Here are my notes, they extend Roon's own Installing Roon on Linux documentation.

Disclaimer 1! If these commands don't make sense ("do I enter the '%'?" "what is sudo?"), then don't follow this, and take the risk by running the Easy install. Disclaimer 2 This is an edited version of what I did omitting all the false starts and failed commands. I didn't QA these by uninstalling and reverting everything and starting again from scratch following my own instructions.


I had them all installed already, but this should work in Fedora:

% sudo dnf install ffmpeg alsa-lib cifs-utils
% dnf --cacheonly --installed info glibc
skierpage / fedora workstation vision
Last active September 29, 2021 23:20
typos in uraeus's excellent "Fedora Workstation: Our Vision for Linux Desktop" post
View fedora workstation vision

You write so eloquently that the few typos stand out.

Title should be "Our Vision for the Linux Desktop"

"took a good look at the operating system from an overall stance" Just say operating system overall instead of mixing metaphors. Your stance is your attitude towards something, not so much how you look at things.

"we decided that was to narrow a wording as our efforts are ..." : that should be "too narrow" and use a comma and something less ambiguous than "as," → we decided that was too narrow a wording, since our efforts are ...

"used in Red Hat first foray into image based operating systems" → Red Hat's first foray. Also hyphenate multi-word phrase for clarity → image-based operating systems. More hyphenation "a fast moving OS" → fast-moving,

skierpage / MSEInstall
Created April 30, 2021 22:16
Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows Vista URL
View MSEInstall
skierpage / roon-server.xml
Last active March 21, 2023 11:21
Firewalld rule for Roon server
View roon-server.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<short>Roon Server</short>
<description>Roon Server from Roon Labs plays music according to instructions from Roon Controllers</description>
<!-- per -->
<!-- unclear if necessary: port protocol="tcp" port="8008-8009"/ -->
<port protocol="udp" port="9003"/>
<port protocol="tcp" port="9330-9339"/>
<port protocol="tcp" port="30000-30010"/>
<!-- unclear if necessary: port protocol="udp" port="32768-65535"/ -->
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Last active October 29, 2015 22:37
Test mediawiki format

GitHub will happily render this file containing MediaWiki-format wikitext. But its online editor (ACE?) does not do syntax higlighting as I edit this.

Headings work

This is italic and bold

A horizontal rule

  • URL link
  • <-- this wiki link doesn't work.

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Created March 18, 2015 05:43
MediaWiki core's docs/hooks.txt treated as markdown


This document describes how event hooks work in MediaWiki; how to add hooks for an event; and how to run hooks for an event.


event Something that happens with the wiki. For example: a user logs in. A wiki page is saved. A wiki page is deleted. Often there are two events

skierpage / gerrit_gitblit_rewrite
Created June 25, 2013 04:49
Apache mod_rewrite directives to change gitweb URLs to gitblit URLs
View gerrit_gitblit_rewrite
RewriteEngine on
# Rewrite old gerrit gitweb URLs to work with new git.
# Here are some sample URLs that need to continue to work
# Notes
# 1. gitblit requires URL-encoding (%2F) of the slashes in the matched
skierpage / load_all_ResourceLoader.js
Last active December 14, 2015 07:49
Force every remaining ResourceLoader module to load. Your window will look weird but you may spot a JavaScript error.
View load_all_ResourceLoader.js
function (module) {
var state;
if ( mw.loader.getState( module) === 'registered' ) {
try {
mw.loader.load( module );
} catch (exception) {
console.log ( "Module", module, 'had exception', exception);