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Last active February 3, 2022 00:04
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Firewalld rule for Roon server
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<short>Roon Server</short>
<description>Roon Server from Roon Labs plays music according to instructions from Roon Controllers</description>
<!-- per -->
<!-- unclear if necessary: port protocol="tcp" port="8008-8009"/ -->
<port protocol="udp" port="9003"/>
<port protocol="tcp" port="9330-9339"/>
<port protocol="tcp" port="30000-30010"/>
<!-- unclear if necessary: port protocol="udp" port="32768-65535"/ -->
<!-- igmp enables multicast. Unclear if broadcast and SSDP are needed too, see says is also required? -->
<protocol value="igmp"/>
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erig0 commented Nov 4, 2019

You can enable igmp with

<protocol value="igmp"/>

See man firewalld.service for details.

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<protocol value="igmp"/>

Thanks, that seems to work! I have comments on how to use this in Roon forums.

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skierpage commented Jan 20, 2022

Note that as of Roon Server build 880 the 2021 version of this rule stopped working; the Roon Remote controller for Android (and probably others) couldn't connect to Roon Server. I had to disable the Fedora Firewall (sudo systemctl stop firewalld). You have to allow new and different TCP ports in the Firewalld rule, maybe 9330-9339? The new version here works for me, but I don't have complicated multi-room, Sonos devices, etc.

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