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Export stored passwords from Google Chrome to 1Password

This code snippet is for exporting passwords stored in Google Chrome for use in 1Password. It generates a 1Password compatiable CSV file.

NOTE: Your password are exported as plain text. Take proper precautions when storing the file and use a secure deletion tool.

To export your passwords follow these steps:

  • visit chrome://settings-frame/passwords
  • Open the Chrome console (Mac: [Cmd] + [Option] + J / Windows or Linux: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + J`)
  • Paste the code above into the console
  • Enter your password when prompted so your keyring can be unlocked
  • Wait
  • Copy and paste the output to a file ending in .csv
  • Follow the 1Password CSV import guide
  • Let everyone know or buy me a drink to say thanks.

This is a modified version of the code provided by ccpizza to the question How can I export chrome passwords? on superuser. The changes reformat the CSV output so 1Password is happy. I also cleaned up a few things as went.

Licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0.

var out = [],
pm = PasswordManager.getInstance(),
model = pm.savedPasswordsList_.dataModel,
pl = pm.savedPasswordsList_;
for (var i = 0; i < model.length; i++) {
alert("After you press Ok results should appear in ~5 seconds.\n" +
"If password fields are empty, try increasing the timeout in the last line," +
" i.e. set to 10000 for 10 seconds");
function () {
for (var i = 0; i < model.length; i++) {
var record = model.array_[i],
user = record.username,
proto = record.url.split("://")[0],
item = pl.getListItemByIndex(i);
if (!item) {
// Skip dodgy items.
var pass = item.querySelector("div.password input").value.trim(),
line = `"${record.shownOrigin}","${proto}://${record.shownOrigin}","${user}","${pass}","Submission URL: ${record.url}","from-chrome"`;
document.body.innerText = out.join("\n");
// The line below controls how long the export can run.
}, 5000);
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whisp8 commented Dec 21, 2017

Uncaught TypeError: PasswordManager.getInstance is not a function
at :2:26

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I get the same error as @whisp8

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I have the same error.

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guruz commented Feb 1, 2018

There is another version at that works in chrome 65

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