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Created April 9, 2021 23:33
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Command Line Cheatsheet

Command Line Crash Course

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Note: Hold option (alt) and click a position in the current line to move your cursor to that position.

Clear history: ctrl + l

Clear everything left from current cursor position: ctrl + u

Clear everything right from current cursor position: ctrl + k

Re-call last input with sudo: sudo !!

Stop current process: ctrl + c

Jump to left: ctrl + a

Jump to right: ctrl + e

Help: help cd / help dir (...)

Finding Help: apropos directory / apropos search (...)

Define custom startup screen: sudo nano /etc/motd

Run a script as background process: python &

List all running process's: ps aux

Kill a running process: sudo kill 12345


Get the current path: pwd

Copy to clipboard: pwd | pbcopy

Paste: pbpaste

Get the current hostname: hostname

Get the current users: users

Get all info about the environment: env

Show calendar: cal

Show today's date: date

Exit terminal: exit


Use -R option to change permissions recursively.

List: ps -ef | grep apache | grep -v grep

Change permissions: chmod 755 index.php

Change owner: chown root index.php (root is the username)

Change group: chgrp www-data index.php (www-data is the groupname)

WordPress Files/Folder Permissions

Let apache be owner: chown www-data:www-data -R *

Change directory permissions rwxr-xr-x: find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

Change file permissions rw-r--r--: find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;



List directory contents: ls

List all directory contents: ll

List all directory contents sorted by time edited: ls -alt

List directory (wildcard matching): ls *.txt

List all files of type: find . -name "*.txt" -print

Go back to previous directory: cd -

Make (empty) directory: mkdir sample-dirname

Remove (empty) directory: rmdir sample-dirname

Remove directory with all contents: rm -rf sample-dirname/

Remove directory contents and keep directory: rm -rf *

Checkout directory: cd sample-dirname

Browsing directories: pushd sample-dirname / popd / dirs (see


Create symlink: ln -s source-dirname destination-dirname

Update symlink: ln -sfn source-dirname destination-dirname

Remove symlink: unlink sample-dirname

  • -s: Create a symbolic link.
  • -f: If the target file already exists, then unlink it.
  • -F: If the target file already exists and is a directory, then remove/overwrite it.
  • -h: If the target file or directory is a symbolic link, do not follow it.
  • -n: Same as -h, for compatibility with other ln implementations.


Make (empty) file: touch sample-filename.txt

Change creation date: touch –t 201401011337 sample-filename.txt

Change modified date: touch –mt 201401011337 sample-filename.txt

Duplicate file: cp sample-filename.txt sample-filename-copy.txt

Copy/Page folder with content: cp -a folder/ new_folder

Move/Rename file: mv current-filename.txt new-filename.txt

Move/Rename file and prompt before overwriting an existing file: mv -i current-filename.txt new-filename.txt

Remove file: rm sample-filename.txt

View file: less sample-filename.txt / more sample-filename.txt

Write to file (will overwrite existing content): cat > sample-filename.txt (quit with ctrl+d)

Search for a filename (not content!) in the current directory: find sample-filename.txt

Search for a string (not filename!) inside all files in the current directory: ack "string" --php (documentation)

Search for a string inside all files in the current directory and subdrectories: grep -r "string" *

Search and replace within file: sed -i '' 's/original-text/new-text/g' sample-filename.txt

MD5 hash for files: md5 sample-filename.txt

MD5 hash for folders: tar c folder | md5sum

Encrypt file: openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -e -in sample-filename.txt -out sample-encrypted.txt

Decrypt file: openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -d -in sample-encrypted.txt -out sample-filename.txt


Access via ssh: ssh pi@

Copy file from server to local: scp pi@ ~/Desktop/ (use -r to recursively get complete folder)

Copy file from local to server: scp ~/Desktop/file.png pi@ (use -r to recursively get complete folder)

Copy file from local to server: rsync --exclude=".DS_Store" -vzcrSLh ~/Desktop/file.png pi@

Escape files with spaces in name like this: /path/to/file\\\ name.png


Show disc space: df -h

Show disc space (inodes): df -i

Show disc space for current directory: du -hs

Current processes (also CPS usage): top or htop

Show running php processes: ps aux | grep php

Monitor error log (stream as file grows): tail error.log -f -n 0


Start appliction: open -a [name-of-programm] e.g. open -a firefox

Open finder with current folder: open .


Register variable: export TESTING="Sample Text"

Echo variable: echo $TESTING

Unset variable: unset TESTING

Output & Redirects

Write to file: echo "Hello" > hello.txt

Append content from a file to another file: cat file1.txt >> file2.txt

Add the amount of lines, words, and characters to file2.txt: cat file1.txt | wc | cat > file2.txt

Sort the content of a file (like cat): sort hello.txt

Save to sorted content to a new file: cat file1.txt | sort > sorted-file1.txt

Sort and remove duplicates and save to a new file: sort file1.txt | uniq > uniq-file1.txt


Calculate (returns only int): echo $((123/2))


Check site feedback: ping

Show site IP: dig +short

Show A Record: dig a (Returns: 43 IN A aka public-name ttl internet record-type server-address)


Curl headers: curl -I


Installation: brew install tree

Installation: brew install httpie


http GET https://hofmannsven.test --verify=no


Fix OpenSSH Client Bug:

Nano CLI Basics

Jump to end of file: ctrl + w + v

Vim CLI Basics

Related tutorial



Custom config: ~/.vimrc




Insert mode: i

Command mode: ESC

Navigation: h, j, k, l

Move to next word: w (combine with number to skip words)

Move to beginning of word: b (combine with number to skip words)

Move to end of word: e (combine with number to skip words)

Insert three dashes: 3i-

Jump to next dash: f-

Jump to third dash: 3f-

Jump to next bracket: %

Jump to beginning of line: 0

Jump to end of line: $

Jump to next occurence of a word: *

Jump to previous occurence of a word: #

Jump to beginning of the file: gg

Jump to end of the file: G

Browser current working directory: :e . (allows browsing and searching with /)

Search word: / (Use n and N to navigate)

Insert as new line: o and O

Cut chars: x and X

Replace char: r

Delete: d

Cut whole line: dd

Cut text e.g. next word: dw

Undo: u

Redo: ctrl + r

Repeat last command: .

Switch to visual mode: v and V (select entire line)

Copy selected: y

Copy entire line: yy

Paste: p

Save changes: :w

Quit Vim: :q

Quit without saving: :q!

Save and exit: ESC + :x

Force quit (without saving): ESC + :q!

Source current file: :so %

Compare two files: vim -d index1.php index2.php

Split view

Horizontal split: :sp

Vertical split: :vsp

Jump up: ctrl + k

Jump down: ctrl + j

Jump left: ctrl + h

Jump right: ctrl + l



Open app: mvim




Command: :PluginInstall


Browser current working directory: -

Go up one folder: -

Create directory: d

Delete directory: D (asks for confirmation)

Delete selected file: D (asks for confirmation)

Create file: %


Toggle sidebar: :NERDTreeToggle


Switch from file to file: ctrl + p

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