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sbm slowbrewedmacchiato

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$ git merge --no-commit --no-ff $BRANCH
$ git pull $REMOTE $BRANCH
# uh oh, that wasn't right
$ git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD
# all is right with the world
#see diff between current master and remote branch
$ git diff master origin/master
slowbrewedmacchiato / Router.swift
Created Mar 8, 2021
Uploading a file in SWIFT via POST multipart/form-data blog post (2014)
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import Foundation
import Alamofire
public enum Router:URLRequestConvertible {
public static let baseUrlString:String = ""
case Upload(fieldName: String, fileName: String, mimeType: String, fileContents: NSData, boundaryConstant:String);
var method: Alamofire.Method {
switch self {
case Upload: