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Created November 27, 2015 08:54
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<px:PXSmartPanel ID="pnlCopyCompany" runat="server" CaptionVisible="True" Caption="My Command"
Style="position: static" LoadOnDemand="True" Key="MyPanel" AutoCallBack-Target="frmMyCommand"
AutoCallBack-Command="Refresh" DesignView="Content">
<px:PXFormView ID="frmMyCommand" runat="server" SkinID="Transparent" DataMember="MyPanel" DataSourceID="ds" EmailingGraph="">
<px:PXLayoutRule runat="server" ControlSize="M" LabelsWidth="M" StartColumn="True" />
<px:PXLabel ID="lblWarning" runat="server" Encode="True">
WARNING: Some Action.
<px:PXSelector ID="edMyField" runat="server" AutoRefresh="True" DataField="MyField" DataSourceID="ds" />
<px:PXPanel ID="PXPanel1" runat="server" SkinID="Buttons">
<px:PXButton ID="btnMyCommandOK" runat="server" DialogResult="OK" Text="OK">
<AutoCallBack Command="Save" Target="frmMyCommand" />
<px:PXButton ID="btnMyCommandCancel" runat="server" DialogResult="Cancel" Text="Cancel" />
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