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Created July 25, 2017 11:17
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if exists(select * from sys.objects where object_id = object_id('dbo.pp_CopyDashboard') and objectproperty(object_id,'IsProcedure')=1)
drop proc dbo.pp_CopyDashboard
create procedure dbo.pp_CopyDashboard @companyID int, @dashboardID int AS
DECLARE @id int
DECLARE @ids table([id] int)
Insert Into Dashboard ([CompanyID], [Name], [DefaultOwnerRole], [ScreenID], [AllowCopy], [Workspace1Size], [Workspace2Size], [IsPortal], [CreatedByID], [CreatedByScreenID], [CreatedDateTime], [LastModifiedByID], [LastModifiedByScreenID], [LastModifiedDateTime])
OUTPUT inserted.DashboardID INTO @ids
Select @companyID, [d].[Name] + '-Copy', [d].[DefaultOwnerRole], NULL, [d].[AllowCopy], [d].[Workspace1Size], [d].[Workspace2Size], [d].[IsPortal], [d].[CreatedByID], [d].[CreatedByScreenID], [d].[CreatedDateTime], [d].[LastModifiedByID], [d].[LastModifiedByScreenID], [d].[LastModifiedDateTime]
From Dashboard d
Where d.DashboardID = @dashboardID
Select top 1 @id = id from @ids
Insert Into Widget ([CompanyID], [DashboardID], [OwnerName], [Caption], [Column], [Row], [Workspace], [Width], [Height], [Type], [Settings], [CreatedByID], [CreatedByScreenID], [CreatedDateTime], [LastModifiedByID], [LastModifiedByScreenID], [LastModifiedDateTime], [NoteID])
Select @companyID, @id, [w].[OwnerName], [w].[Caption], [w].[Column], [w].[Row], [w].[Workspace], [w].[Width], [w].[Height], [w].[Type], [w].[Settings], [w].[CreatedByID], [w].[CreatedByScreenID], [w].[CreatedDateTime], [w].[LastModifiedByID], [w].[LastModifiedByScreenID], [w].[LastModifiedDateTime], [w].[NoteID]
From Widget w
Where w.DashboardID = @dashboardID
Begin tran
exec pp_CopyDashboard 2, 33
Rollback tran
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