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Created October 7, 2015 09:01
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public class SOOrderExtension : PXCacheExtension<PX.Objects.SO.SOOrder>
#region CustomerLocationID
public abstract class customerLocationID : PX.Data.IBqlField
[PXMergeAttributesAttribute(Method = MergeMethod.Merge)]
[LocationID(typeof(Where<Location.bAccountID, Equal<Current<SOOrder.customerID>>,
And<Location.isActive, Equal<True>, And<MatchWithBranch<Location.cBranchID>>>>),
typeof(InnerJoin<Address, On<Location.defAddressID, Equal<Address.addressID>>>),
DescriptionField = typeof(Location.descr), Visibility = PXUIVisibility.SelectorVisible)]
public int? CustomerLocationID { get; set; }
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