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Last active June 7, 2019 01:41
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Add swap

sudo fallocate -l 128G /mnt/volume_nyc3_01/swap
sudo chmod 600 /mnt/volume_nyc3_01/swap
sudo mkswap /mnt/volume_nyc3_01/swap
sudo swapon /mnt/volume_nyc3_01/swap
sudo swapon --show

Run local NodeODM instance

docker run -d -p 3001:3001 opendronemap/nodeodm:smimprov --port 3001

Run ClusterODM

node index.js --asr msconfiguration.json --downloads-from-s3 --log-level debug

Register local node

telnet localhost 8080
> NODE ADD localhost 3001
1) localhost:3001 [online] [0/2] <version 1.5.1> [L]


    "provider": "digitalocean",
    "accessToken": "***",
        "accessKey": "***",
        "secretKey": "***",
        "endpoint": "",
        "bucket": "eationagetfort"
    "createRetries": 5,
    "maxRuntime": -1,
    "maxUploadTime": -1,
    "region": "nyc3",
    "monitoring": true,
    "tags": ["clusterodm"],

    "image": "ubuntu-16-04-x64",
    "snapshot": false,

    "imageSizeMapping": [
        {"maxImages": 2500, "slug": "c-32-64gib"}
    "addSwap": 2,
    "dockerImage": "opendronemap/nodeodm:smimprov"

From the data directory, one level up from the images

docker run -ti -v "$(pwd)/images:/code/images" opendronemap/odm --smrf-scalar 0 --smrf-slope 0.6 --smrf-threshold 1.05 --smrf-window 49 --split 2500 --split-overlap 100 --sm-cluster


docker ps
docker attach #
# control-c on attached process to gracefully exit. It will send SIGTERM which will spin down instances and detroy all
docker logs #
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