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OBS Lua: Sound notification on replay buffer save [Windows]
A simple Lua script which plays a .wav sound whenever replay buffer is saved.
## Installation
1. Download Half-Life 2 City Scanner NPC's camera shutter sound:
Use any .wav sound but make sure to match its name either in "Beep on replay buffer save.lua" (edit with any text editor) or rename your .wav file to "sound_npc_scanner_scanner_photo1.wav".
2. Put it in the same location with "Beep on replay buffer save.lua".
A good way is to create a separate "scripts" folder in %AppData%\obs-studio\ and keep all your scripts there in case you need to backup your OBS Settings.
3. OBS -> Tools -> Scripts -> +
This Lua script was downloaded from
Credits: upgradeQ (, gima (
Thank you guys!
local obs = obslua
local ffi = require("ffi")
local winmm = ffi.load("Winmm")
-- Put a sound of your choosing next to "Beep on replay save.lua" and don't forget to match its name either in code below or rename your file.
PROP_AUDIO_FILEPATH = script_path() .. "sound_npc_scanner_scanner_photo1.wav"
bool PlaySound(const char *pszSound, void *hmod, uint32_t fdwSound);
function playsound(filepath)
winmm.PlaySound(filepath, nil, 0x00020003)
function on_event(event)
then playsound(PROP_AUDIO_FILEPATH)
function script_load(settings)
-- This Lua script was downloaded from
-- Credits: upgradeQ (, gima (
-- Thank you guys!
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Worked great! Although the revised -10db sound is still just a tad too loud, so here's a revised quieter version of that revision (-15db in total, I think). Other than that, the script worked flawless :)

(attached it as .mp4 because non-authors can't send .mp3 for some reason. just make sure to rename it to .wav)

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