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Instructions on how to create an animated git of a shell session

How to produce an animated gif

Step 1: Record a terminal session

$ ttyrec myrecording.tty

Press Ctrl+d when finished.

Step 2: Convert .tty file to a series of gifs

Make sure that tty2gif is on your $PATH.

$ tty2gif typing myrecording.tty

Replays each keypress and takes a screenshot. Don't touch the terminal whilst this is running!

Step 3: Combine gifs into single file

$ convert -delay 10 -loop 0 step*.gif -delay 500 $(ls -1 step*.gif | tail -1) -layers Optimize final.gif

Step 4: Tidy up

Rename final.gif to something more meaningful. Remove all step*.gif files. Add link in Commit.

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