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Created November 10, 2021 13:53 — forked from travisbrown/
A note about who was deplatformed in September 2019

One common grievance of the ZIO crew is that Wiem Zine El Abidine (a Scala developer and ZIO contributor) was uninvited from giving a keynote at Skills Matter's Scala Exchange conference in 2019, because of the efforts of people who wanted John De Goes (her co-presenter) to be deplatformed. This isn't true: Wiem was not uninvited, only De Goes.

For what it's worth I don't know of any evidence that Wiem herself has ever made this claim, but many men in the community have:

Valentine Kasas in September 2019:

This is a witch hunt.

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Created November 10, 2021 13:53 — forked from travisbrown/
Question in Politics, Safety, and the Future of Scala thread

Originally posted these questions in this thread. I think it's very likely it won't get answered and somewhat likely it'll get moderated away (which is why I'm also posting it here).

Thank you, @darja. I have a couple of questions for you (or other Scala Center representatives) specifically.

  1. Do Martin's vague threats about "disqualification" and "reducing my motivation" represent the position of the Scala Center? If not, can you explain how the position of the Scala Center with respect to Rob's decision is different? Do Martin's threats have any bearing on Rob's role at the Scala Center? (I'm assuming the answers are "no" and "it doesn't have a position" and "no", but if they're not I'd like to know.)
  2. Would this ZIO contributor be allowed to participate in Scala Center venues? I believe this question is relevant because that pers
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import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
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import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.Comparator;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
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Dear Mr. Brown:

We represent the legal interests of our client, Mr. John Arlen De Goes, Maryland, USA.

For several years now, you have repeatedly defamed our client on the internet. Your public blog specifically targets our client with the goal to publicly vilify our client. This blog can be easily found with the help of search engines like Google by just searching for the name of our client. On this blog, amongst other false statements, you falsely allege the following about our client:

(1) False statement:

“De Goes defending white supremacists and misogynists.”

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.tab .twisty {
visibility: hidden;
margin-left: -12px;
/* Hide close buttons on tabs. */
.tab:not(:hover) .closebox {
display: none;
:root {
--sidebar-width: 196px;
--toolbar-height: -26px;
--urlbar-icon-padding: 5px !important;
--toolbarbutton-border-radius: 0 !important;
.browser-toolbar {
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