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Tweets from ZIO contributor "sken"

Update: I've been told by representatives of the Scala Center at EPFL that sharing the information below on the Scala Contributor list is a violation of the Scala Code of Conduct and could result in a ban.

This document contains some quotations by "sken", an active contributor to ZIO and member of the ZIO community. This individual uses the name Lorca in various places, including his first and longest-lived Twitter handle, and will be referred to as Lorca throughout this document. All of the information below is publicly available and easily linked to Lorca.

Note that all of the tweets below would have been visible to the other ZIO community members who regularly interacted with Lorca via the same Twitter account, including John De Goes, the CEO of Ziverge, a ZIO-focused Scala consultancy.

For more information about racism and sexism in the ZIO community, please see this post.

Twitter handles

Lorca has used the following screen names, all for the same Twitter account, which was suspended earlier this year. We've published full lists of archived tweets for @0___9____01 and @typecash.

Twitter ID Screen name First seen Last seen Tweets archived
774989519338614784 0___9____01 2020-02-27 2021-02-17 3838
774989519338614784 typecash 2019-07-18 2020-02-27 1094
774989519338614784 sskknn00 2018-03-21 2019-06-03 13
774989519338614784 _lktk 2018-09-18 2019-02-21 38
774989519338614784 lktk_ 2018-09-18 2018-09-27 2
774989519338614784 lorcacons 2016-09-12 2018-09-14 143

(The dates above are approximate, since some tweets may not have been archived.)

GitHub account and name

Lorca contributes to ZIO under the GitHub handle @sken77 (which is still active). In contributions to archived projects, this account is associated with the email address iratxo.floreslorca@*****.com, and there is a person named Iratxo Flores-Lorca who has a company registered in Wyoming named Lktk LLC (matching a couple of the Twitter user names above). Lorca also posts links to his GitHub projects (which he refers to as "my" projects) from his Twitter account (for example).

A person named "Iratxo Lorca" was also the recipient of a prize (flights and conference tickets to Scala by the Bay) awarded by Signify Technology (a Scala recruiting company) in 2017 (photo here, or archived, since the original post from Signify has been deleted).

An "Iratxo" also wrote the following as part of a new-hire welcome post on iHeartRadio's Instagram account in September 2020:

I'm Iratxo (photo 1) and I'm excited to be working here. I have been doing Scala for 5 years, and worked for different companies in CA and Wisconsin. In my previous job I was working consulting companies that need help with working with cryptocurrencies. I also contribute to multiple open source projects written in Scala. I’m happy to join this great company and be a team player.


Lorca very frequently used his Twitter account to harass trans women, including members of the Scala community:

  • 25 February 2019 (to another Scala developer): imagine being so privileged that you can have people refer to you as a woman by just putting a dress and make up. thats what I call privilege!
  • 30 November 2020: Its a guy possessed by devils and one of them is female
  • 30 November 2020: According to the bible being a sodomite or wearing dresses is a symptom of being a reprobate. Feel free to google what that means
  • 22 December 2020: There are multiple reasons why men would become trans. The endproduct is usually tied to them. They basically boil down to those are "passing" with the right light and makeup, and there's the one that wear a dress, a wig and call it a day.
  • 28 January 2021: you are going to take the anal swab / you are going to date fat trans freaks / you are going to sell your GME stock


The account is also characterized by Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism:

  • 25 November 2017: Loool this is priceless. Jesus is the main railer against Jews. Jesus would be called anti semitic by todays standards.
  • 28 December 2017 (in response to white supremacist Paul Nehlen): Apparently you didn't apologize enough for the "holocaust"
  • 7 June 2020: How did hitler came to power genius? How did the anti jewish narrative came about? These are simple questions that anyone that isn't brain dead like you will know the answer
  • 15 July 2020: He made the rookie mistake of assuming jews are white.
  • 15 July 2020: that's what happens when you throw Jews into the "white" definition. They fire you and then force you to apologize for your behavior.
  • 27 January 2021: On my first date with my wife we talked about the holocaust and how it didn't happen (in minecraft)

ZIO, De Goes, and Typelevel

At the same time Lorca was using his Twitter account to interact with other ZIO community members:

  • 4 Map 2020: I dream of a world where even the door garage is powered by zio
  • 21 May 2020: I think the reason why zio-xxx exists is for the R and E channels.
  • 21 May 2020: tapir and sttp is an exceptional example of a non zio library that has gone out of the way to provide support for it.
  • 28 July 2020 (in response to John De Goes): F@ck haskell. Let's do our own way.

And to defend John De Goes and criticize Typelevel:

  • 2 May 2019: @Iangreenest @runT1ME @jdegoes @LukaJacobowitz just used as excuses so ppl that made no contributions can crawl in and police behavior. thats what happened to thr linux kernel
  • 3 June 2020: I'm a "poc" and John has helped me improve my scala skills tenfold
  • 2 August 2020: They keep digging stuff out that involves people that aren't even in scala anymore. New comers are confused and one side acts as if its mandatory reading to know about it to join scala
  • 3 August 2020 (in response to John De Goes): Wasnt scala at 2.10 when all of this started?

Other abusive tweets

He's very preoccupied with his ability to dox people:

  • 9 September 2020: No retard. If i have your phone number i can certainly dox you by using "public information"
  • 1 February 2021: with all of those combined, its easy as pie to find your address, and thus your real name, your online accounts, etc, etc.
  • 1 February 2021: i wont be able to find your address. correct. i also wont be able to evesdrop through anyones alexa or phone either. but does that can, also know your address, real name, and internet activity. so what is your priority then lmao.

But here he is complaining about Iron March member (and fellow De Goes defender) David Hansen being de-anonymized:

  • 27 February 2020: Doxxing violates Twitter's tho. And ironically is a rule in a lot of CoCs

That's just a tiny sampling of Lorca's tweets. Here are a few more of the 5,127 I have archived:

  • 21 August 2018: We gonna stab you daughter at the mall, we gonna stab your wife and soon uuuuu
  • 7 June 2020: based black man amirite? we need to export more gay to botwsana. deal with libtards!
  • 18 September 2020: Respect to a woman that banned death penalty to child rape, did more than anyone for abortion. She is finally in Hell and the world is better without her.
  • 16 January 2021: the joke is that men now think its acceptable for their wife or even gf to deny it from you. it should always be on your terms, thats its how it always has been.
  • 16 January 2021: spousal "rape" lmao. they really have taken everything from you dont they?

Other Scala tweets

And here are a few other Scala-specific tweets:

  • 23 July 2018: Scala still is the most popular fp language. We have a beach head in the working market and yet people are retreating back to the boats and calling that a wise career move
  • 16 January 2020: they do scala there?
  • 24 January 2020: Users dont need to understand the nitty gritty of the libraries they use. Stdlib of c++ or even the scala lib is pretty intimidating as well for beginners.
  • 6 April 2020: Scala 3 might join them
  • 11 April 2020: Introduce the author to scala steward
  • 9 May 2020: thanks. now do scala ;)
  • 3 June 2020: That stuff is like 8 years ago. Whatever you think about the matter, its time to give it a rest. Most people in scala don't even know nor care
  • 10 September 2020: Zio codegen clients from swagger servers!
  • 9 February 2021: Blessings to the people that work on scalac
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