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Redacted for Mac opening day sales predictions

Redacted for Mac opening day sales predictions

I threw out the lowest and highest guesses which were both hilarious.

Person Guess
David McGraw $200.00
Robert Dougan $200.00
Chad Sarles $212.00
Mark Finn $500.00
Genady Okrain $500.00
Mark Adams $700.00
Colin Devroe $750.00
Ryan Poolos $780.00
Non Martínez Alonso $800.00
Johannes Erschbamer $825.00
Lior Azi $1,000.00
Baz Scott $1,456.57
Darren Ferguson $1,500.00
Mike Rundle $1,500.00
Damir Stuhec $2,000.00
Maximillian Mckh $2,000.00
Ayaka Nonaka $2,800.00
Tyson Bowman $3,000.00
Brian Capps $4,000.00
Tim Sakhuja $4,000.00
Rohan Kapur $4,500.00
Josh Kennedy $5,500.00
Joshua Dance $5,500.00
Nathan Jones $6,500.00
Emiel Janson $6,500.00
Evan Dekhayser $8,000.00
Larry Sukernik $8,200.00
Aman Jain $8,700.00
Benjamin Michotte $9,000.00
Matthew Bischoff $10,000.00
Greg Rosen $12,000.00
Peter Hurtgen $17,000.00
Dave Cooper $22,000.00
Flávio Mestre $34,000.00
Peter Pistorius $250,000.00
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