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Pods used in Litely 1.0
platform :ios, '7.0'
# Core Data
pod 'SSDataKit', :git => '', :commit => '60d432e734ae11e8cfedac8ac5f68c0ce8a1b9ba'
# On-disk & in-memory caching
pod 'SAMCache'
# Fast image view for Core Image
pod 'SAMCoreImageView', '0.1.3'
# Gradient
pod 'SAMGradientView'
# Fancy label
pod 'SAMLabel'
# Pie chart
pod 'SAMCircleProgressView'
# Great buttons
pod 'CMDAwesomeButton'
pod 'SVProgressHUD'
# Utilities
pod 'SAMCategories', :git => '', :commit => '054493c6695443d3f02e7f1a88cccb8c224f159f'
pod 'SAMContentMode'
pod 'SAMRateLimit'
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