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Enzzo souenzzo

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(let [conn (doto (ds/create-conn {:user/addresses {:db/valueType :db.type/ref
:db/cardinality :db.cardinality/many}
:user/id {:db/unique :db.unique/identity}})
(ds/transact! [{:user/id 1
:user/addresses [-1 -2]}
{:user/id 2
:user/addresses [-2 -3]}
{:user/id 3
:user/addresses [-4]}
{:db/id -1
View java_http.clj
(:require [com.wsscode.pathom.diplomat.http :as http]
[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.core.async :as async]
[clojure.string :as string]
[ :as json])
(:import ( HttpResponse$BodyHandlers HttpRequest HttpClient HttpResponse HttpHeaders HttpRequest$BodyPublishers)
( URI)
(java.util.function Function BiPredicate)
(java.util Optional)))
souenzzo / pathom.clj
Created Jan 10, 2020
pathom vs select-keys
View pathom.clj
(let [parser (p/parser {::p/plugins [(pc/connect-plugin {::pc/register [(pc/constantly-resolver ::f 42)]})]})
env {::p/reader [p/map-reader
query [::f]
m {::f 42}]
(doseq [[k v] {:map-select #(p/map-select m query)
:parser #(parser env query)
:select-keys #(select-keys env query)}]
(prn k)
(dotimes [i 5]
souenzzo / pr.clj
Created Nov 20, 2019
Run with "clj -A:dev -m" or "clj -A:pr"
View pr.clj
(:require [ :as aws]
[clj-http.client :as http]
[ :as io])
(:import (org.eclipse.jgit.api Git)))
(defn slack->request
{:method :post
:url ""
souenzzo / find-unused-deps.clj
Created Nov 4, 2019
View find-unused-deps.clj
(let [{:keys [namespace-usages]} (:analysis (kondo/run! {:lint ["src/main"
:config {:output {:analysis true}}}))
url->splited-path #(into []
(comp (map (memfn getFileName))
(map str)
(take-while (complement string/blank?)))
(iterate (fn [x] (when x (.getParent x)))
(Paths/get (new URI (-> (str %)
(string/replace #"^jar\:"
View xf.clj
(let [atributo->item {:a {:atributo :a
:selecionado? true}
:b {:atributo :b
:selecionado? false}
:c {:atributo :c}}]
{:reduce (reduce-kv (fn [acc k {:keys [selecionado?]}]
(if (false? selecionado?)
(conj acc k)))
View exemplo.clj
(ns exemplo
(:require [io.pedestal.http :as http]))
(def routes ::invalid)
(def server-build-time
(-> {::http/type :jetty
::http/routes routes
::http/port 8080}
View tiny-om.cljs
(ns tiny-om.client
(:require ["react" :as r]
[goog.dom :as gdom]
["react-dom" :as r.dom])
(:require [clojure.core.async :as async]))
(defn el
[app type props & children]
(apply r/createElement (name type) (clj->js props) children))
View graph_bot.clj
(time (let [baos (ByteArrayOutputStream.)
data [[:foo :bar]]]
(-> (apply uber/multidigraph data)
(uber/viz-graph {:save {:format :svg
:filename baos}}))
(-> (xml/parse (io/input-stream (.toByteArray baos)))
(assoc-in [:attrs :data] (pr-str data))