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southrop / trendingtweet.html
Created Mar 14, 2022
Source code of new "Trending" algorithmic tweet
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<div style="transform: translateY(1457px); position: absolute; width: 100%; transition: opacity 0.3s ease-out 0s;"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-1ila09b r-qklmqi r-1adg3ll r-1ny4l3l"><div class="css-1dbjc4n"><article aria-labelledby="id__jeskwjxg7rf id__5fofa0g977e id__bdz7jxu10nh id__p4yvcqr0i6g id__8i0qtjyeeo5 id__9y649g4es5 id__szu32m4og9f id__wtczipq63gf id__k4iy36rq0eg id__6ob6oh6atzb id__kaezik4z9u8 id__kraxp5mgcb9 id__frblm2wvdh id__gf0kxr4wgu id__3vt4xwc3wr5" role="article" tabindex="0" class="css-1dbjc4n r-1loqt21 r-18u37iz r-1ny4l3l r-1udh08x r-1qhn6m8 r-i023vh r-o7ynqc r-6416eg" data-testid="tweet"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-eqz5dr r-16y2uox r-1wbh5a2"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-16y2uox r-1wbh5a2 r-1ny4l3l"><div class="css-1dbjc4n"><div class="css-1dbjc4n"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-18u37iz"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-1iusvr4 r-16y2uox r-ttdzmv"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-15zivkp r-q3we1"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-18u37iz"><div class="css-1dbjc4n r-obd0qt r-1hwvwag r-18kxxzh r-1777fci r-1b7u577"><svg viewBo
southrop /
Created Aug 20, 2018 — forked from lachesis/
Set up LetsEncrypt using without root
# How to use "" to set up Lets Encrypt without root permissions
# See for more
# This assumes that your website has a webroot at "/var/www/<domain>"
# I'll use the domain "" as an example
# When this is done, there will be an "acme" user that handles issuing,
# updating, and installing certificates. This account will have the following
# (fairly minimal) permissions:
# - Host files at




southrop / grabluecoin.js
Created Oct 31, 2017
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function check(context, page) {
$ = context.$;
if ($("#more") != null) {
context.loadList('_vca_hist?app=12016007&p=' + ++page, document.getElementById('list'));
console.log('loaded page ' + page);
setTimeout(check.bind(context, context, page), 200);
} else {
var count = 0;
southrop / crossfade.txt
Created Jul 6, 2017
cross fading between two videos
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ffmpeg -i 5stars1.mp4 -i 5stars2.mp4 -an \
-filter_complex \
" [0:v]trim=start=0:end=33,setpts=PTS-STARTPTS[firstclip];
southrop / handbrakecli.txt
Created May 5, 2017
Because the Handbrake website is not up to date
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Syntax: HandBrakeCLI [options] -i <device> -o <file>
### General Handbrake Options------------------------------------------------
-h, --help Print help
-u, --update Check for updates and exit
-v, --verbose <#> Be verbose (optional argument: logging level)
-Z. --preset <string> Use a built-in preset. Capitalization matters, and
if the preset name has spaces, surround it with
double quotation marks
southrop / moca.js
Created Dec 27, 2016
Bookmarklet to open moca news images
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javascript:(function(){document.location = document.getElementById('image_cvs').toDataURL('image/png')}());
southrop /
Created Dec 2, 2016
Play Blu-Ray Videos in VLC on Windows
  1. Install VLC and MakeMKV
  2. Go to the MakeMKV installation directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\MakeMKV) and copy libmmbd.dll to the VLC installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC) twice
  3. Rename one of these copies to libaacs.dll and the other to libbdplus.dll
  4. Open MakeMKV and activate evaluation mode. Alternatively, insert the beta key.
  5. You should be able to play BDs in VLC using the Media &gt; Open Disc... function.
southrop /
Last active Mar 9, 2017
List of datasets for training facial recognition
Dataset Identities Images Availability
Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) 5,749 13,233 Link
YouTube Faces Database (YFD) 1,595 3,425 videos Link
CelebFaces Attributes (CelebA) 10,177 202,599 Link
Public Figures Face Database (PubFig) 200 58,797 Link
CASIA WebFace Database (CASIA-WebFace) 10,575 494,414 Link
FaceScrub 530 106,863 Link
Cross-Age Celebrity Dataset (CACD) 2,000 163,446 Link
MegaFace Training Set 672,057 4,753,520 Link