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Created January 10, 2012 20:25
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Create 2010 Census SF1 tables
-- drop table data_field_descriptors;
create table data_field_descriptors
sort id integer,
segment varchar(4),
table number varchar(12),
field name varchar(510),
field code varchar(20),
decimal integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table geo_header_sf1;
create table geo_header_sf1
fileid varchar(12),
stusab varchar(4),
sumlev varchar(6),
geocomp varchar(4),
chariter varchar(6),
cifsn varchar(4),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
region varchar(2),
division varchar(2),
state varchar(4),
county varchar(6),
countycc varchar(4),
countysc varchar(4),
cousub varchar(10),
cousubcc varchar(4),
cousubsc varchar(4),
place varchar(10),
placecc varchar(4),
placesc varchar(4),
tract varchar(12),
blkgrp varchar(2),
block varchar(8),
iuc varchar(4),
concit varchar(10),
concitcc varchar(4),
concitsc varchar(4),
aianhh varchar(8),
aianhhfp varchar(10),
aianhhcc varchar(4),
aihhtli varchar(2),
aitsce varchar(6),
aits varchar(10),
aitscc varchar(4),
ttract varchar(12),
tblkgrp varchar(2),
anrc varchar(10),
anrccc varchar(4),
cbsa varchar(10),
cbsasc varchar(4),
metdiv varchar(10),
csa varchar(6),
necta varchar(10),
nectasc varchar(4),
nectadiv varchar(10),
cnecta varchar(6),
cbsapci varchar(2),
nectapci varchar(2),
ua varchar(10),
uasc varchar(4),
uatype varchar(2),
ur varchar(2),
cd varchar(4),
sldu varchar(6),
sldl varchar(6),
vtd varchar(12),
vtdi varchar(2),
reserve2 varchar(6),
zcta5 varchar(10),
submcd varchar(10),
submcdcc varchar(4),
sdelem varchar(10),
sdsec varchar(10),
sduni varchar(10),
arealand numeric,
areawatr numeric,
name varchar(180),
funcstat varchar(2),
gcuni varchar(2),
pop100 integer,
hu100 integer,
intptlat varchar(22),
intptlon varchar(24),
lsadc varchar(4),
partflag varchar(2),
reserve3 varchar(12),
uga varchar(10),
statens varchar(16),
countyns varchar(16),
cousubns varchar(16),
placens varchar(16),
concitns varchar(16),
aianhhns varchar(16),
aitsns varchar(16),
anrcns varchar(16),
submcdns varchar(16),
cd113 varchar(4),
cd114 varchar(4),
cd115 varchar(4),
sldu2 varchar(6),
sldu3 varchar(6),
sldu4 varchar(6),
sldl2 varchar(6),
sldl3 varchar(6),
sldl4 varchar(6),
aianhhsc varchar(4),
csasc varchar(4),
cnectasc varchar(4),
memi varchar(2),
nmemi varchar(2),
puma varchar(10),
reserved varchar(36)
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00001;
create table sf1_00001
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p0010001 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00002;
create table sf1_00002
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p0020001 integer,
p0020002 integer,
p0020003 integer,
p0020004 integer,
p0020005 integer,
p0020006 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00004;
create table sf1_00004
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p0100001 integer,
p0100002 integer,
p0100003 integer,
p0100004 integer,
p0100005 integer,
p0100006 integer,
p0100007 integer,
p0100008 integer,
p0100009 integer,
p0100010 integer,
p0100011 integer,
p0100012 integer,
p0100013 integer,
p0100014 integer,
p0100015 integer,
p0100016 integer,
p0100017 integer,
p0100018 integer,
p0100019 integer,
p0100020 integer,
p0100021 integer,
p0100022 integer,
p0100023 integer,
p0100024 integer,
p0100025 integer,
p0100026 integer,
p0100027 integer,
p0100028 integer,
p0100029 integer,
p0100030 integer,
p0100031 integer,
p0100032 integer,
p0100033 integer,
p0100034 integer,
p0100035 integer,
p0100036 integer,
p0100037 integer,
p0100038 integer,
p0100039 integer,
p0100040 integer,
p0100041 integer,
p0100042 integer,
p0100043 integer,
p0100044 integer,
p0100045 integer,
p0100046 integer,
p0100047 integer,
p0100048 integer,
p0100049 integer,
p0100050 integer,
p0100051 integer,
p0100052 integer,
p0100053 integer,
p0100054 integer,
p0100055 integer,
p0100056 integer,
p0100057 integer,
p0100058 integer,
p0100059 integer,
p0100060 integer,
p0100061 integer,
p0100062 integer,
p0100063 integer,
p0100064 integer,
p0100065 integer,
p0100066 integer,
p0100067 integer,
p0100068 integer,
p0100069 integer,
p0100070 integer,
p0100071 integer,
p0110001 integer,
p0110002 integer,
p0110003 integer,
p0110004 integer,
p0110005 integer,
p0110006 integer,
p0110007 integer,
p0110008 integer,
p0110009 integer,
p0110010 integer,
p0110011 integer,
p0110012 integer,
p0110013 integer,
p0110014 integer,
p0110015 integer,
p0110016 integer,
p0110017 integer,
p0110018 integer,
p0110019 integer,
p0110020 integer,
p0110021 integer,
p0110022 integer,
p0110023 integer,
p0110024 integer,
p0110025 integer,
p0110026 integer,
p0110027 integer,
p0110028 integer,
p0110029 integer,
p0110030 integer,
p0110031 integer,
p0110032 integer,
p0110033 integer,
p0110034 integer,
p0110035 integer,
p0110036 integer,
p0110037 integer,
p0110038 integer,
p0110039 integer,
p0110040 integer,
p0110041 integer,
p0110042 integer,
p0110043 integer,
p0110044 integer,
p0110045 integer,
p0110046 integer,
p0110047 integer,
p0110048 integer,
p0110049 integer,
p0110050 integer,
p0110051 integer,
p0110052 integer,
p0110053 integer,
p0110054 integer,
p0110055 integer,
p0110056 integer,
p0110057 integer,
p0110058 integer,
p0110059 integer,
p0110060 integer,
p0110061 integer,
p0110062 integer,
p0110063 integer,
p0110064 integer,
p0110065 integer,
p0110066 integer,
p0110067 integer,
p0110068 integer,
p0110069 integer,
p0110070 integer,
p0110071 integer,
p0110072 integer,
p0110073 integer,
p0120001 integer,
p0120002 integer,
p0120003 integer,
p0120004 integer,
p0120005 integer,
p0120006 integer,
p0120007 integer,
p0120008 integer,
p0120009 integer,
p0120010 integer,
p0120011 integer,
p0120012 integer,
p0120013 integer,
p0120014 integer,
p0120015 integer,
p0120016 integer,
p0120017 integer,
p0120018 integer,
p0120019 integer,
p0120020 integer,
p0120021 integer,
p0120022 integer,
p0120023 integer,
p0120024 integer,
p0120025 integer,
p0120026 integer,
p0120027 integer,
p0120028 integer,
p0120029 integer,
p0120030 integer,
p0120031 integer,
p0120032 integer,
p0120033 integer,
p0120034 integer,
p0120035 integer,
p0120036 integer,
p0120037 integer,
p0120038 integer,
p0120039 integer,
p0120040 integer,
p0120041 integer,
p0120042 integer,
p0120043 integer,
p0120044 integer,
p0120045 integer,
p0120046 integer,
p0120047 integer,
p0120048 integer,
p0120049 integer,
p0130001 numeric,
p0130002 numeric,
p0130003 numeric,
p0140001 integer,
p0140002 integer,
p0140003 integer,
p0140004 integer,
p0140005 integer,
p0140006 integer,
p0140007 integer,
p0140008 integer,
p0140009 integer,
p0140010 integer,
p0140011 integer,
p0140012 integer,
p0140013 integer,
p0140014 integer,
p0140015 integer,
p0140016 integer,
p0140017 integer,
p0140018 integer,
p0140019 integer,
p0140020 integer,
p0140021 integer,
p0140022 integer,
p0140023 integer,
p0140024 integer,
p0140025 integer,
p0140026 integer,
p0140027 integer,
p0140028 integer,
p0140029 integer,
p0140030 integer,
p0140031 integer,
p0140032 integer,
p0140033 integer,
p0140034 integer,
p0140035 integer,
p0140036 integer,
p0140037 integer,
p0140038 integer,
p0140039 integer,
p0140040 integer,
p0140041 integer,
p0140042 integer,
p0140043 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00005;
create table sf1_00005
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p0150001 integer,
p0150002 integer,
p0150003 integer,
p0150004 integer,
p0150005 integer,
p0150006 integer,
p0150007 integer,
p0150008 integer,
p0150009 integer,
p0150010 integer,
p0150011 integer,
p0150012 integer,
p0150013 integer,
p0150014 integer,
p0150015 integer,
p0150016 integer,
p0150017 integer,
p0160001 integer,
p0160002 integer,
p0160003 integer,
p0170001 numeric,
p0170002 numeric,
p0170003 numeric,
p0180001 integer,
p0180002 integer,
p0180003 integer,
p0180004 integer,
p0180005 integer,
p0180006 integer,
p0180007 integer,
p0180008 integer,
p0180009 integer,
p0190001 integer,
p0190002 integer,
p0190003 integer,
p0190004 integer,
p0190005 integer,
p0190006 integer,
p0190007 integer,
p0190008 integer,
p0190009 integer,
p0190010 integer,
p0190011 integer,
p0190012 integer,
p0190013 integer,
p0190014 integer,
p0190015 integer,
p0190016 integer,
p0190017 integer,
p0190018 integer,
p0190019 integer,
p0200001 integer,
p0200002 integer,
p0200003 integer,
p0200004 integer,
p0200005 integer,
p0200006 integer,
p0200007 integer,
p0200008 integer,
p0200009 integer,
p0200010 integer,
p0200011 integer,
p0200012 integer,
p0200013 integer,
p0200014 integer,
p0200015 integer,
p0200016 integer,
p0200017 integer,
p0200018 integer,
p0200019 integer,
p0200020 integer,
p0200021 integer,
p0200022 integer,
p0200023 integer,
p0200024 integer,
p0200025 integer,
p0200026 integer,
p0200027 integer,
p0200028 integer,
p0200029 integer,
p0200030 integer,
p0200031 integer,
p0200032 integer,
p0200033 integer,
p0200034 integer,
p0210001 integer,
p0210002 integer,
p0210003 integer,
p0210004 integer,
p0210005 integer,
p0210006 integer,
p0210007 integer,
p0210008 integer,
p0210009 integer,
p0210010 integer,
p0210011 integer,
p0210012 integer,
p0210013 integer,
p0210014 integer,
p0210015 integer,
p0210016 integer,
p0210017 integer,
p0210018 integer,
p0210019 integer,
p0210020 integer,
p0210021 integer,
p0210022 integer,
p0210023 integer,
p0210024 integer,
p0210025 integer,
p0210026 integer,
p0210027 integer,
p0210028 integer,
p0210029 integer,
p0210030 integer,
p0210031 integer,
p0220001 integer,
p0220002 integer,
p0220003 integer,
p0220004 integer,
p0220005 integer,
p0220006 integer,
p0220007 integer,
p0220008 integer,
p0220009 integer,
p0220010 integer,
p0220011 integer,
p0220012 integer,
p0220013 integer,
p0220014 integer,
p0220015 integer,
p0220016 integer,
p0220017 integer,
p0220018 integer,
p0220019 integer,
p0220020 integer,
p0220021 integer,
p0230001 integer,
p0230002 integer,
p0230003 integer,
p0230004 integer,
p0230005 integer,
p0230006 integer,
p0230007 integer,
p0230008 integer,
p0230009 integer,
p0230010 integer,
p0230011 integer,
p0230012 integer,
p0230013 integer,
p0230014 integer,
p0230015 integer,
p0240001 integer,
p0240002 integer,
p0240003 integer,
p0240004 integer,
p0240005 integer,
p0240006 integer,
p0240007 integer,
p0240008 integer,
p0240009 integer,
p0240010 integer,
p0240011 integer,
p0250001 integer,
p0250002 integer,
p0250003 integer,
p0250004 integer,
p0250005 integer,
p0250006 integer,
p0250007 integer,
p0250008 integer,
p0250009 integer,
p0250010 integer,
p0250011 integer,
p0260001 integer,
p0260002 integer,
p0260003 integer,
p0260004 integer,
p0260005 integer,
p0260006 integer,
p0260007 integer,
p0260008 integer,
p0260009 integer,
p0260010 integer,
p0260011 integer,
p0270001 integer,
p0270002 integer,
p0270003 integer,
p0280001 integer,
p0280002 integer,
p0280003 integer,
p0280004 integer,
p0280005 integer,
p0280006 integer,
p0280007 integer,
p0280008 integer,
p0280009 integer,
p0280010 integer,
p0280011 integer,
p0280012 integer,
p0280013 integer,
p0280014 integer,
p0280015 integer,
p0280016 integer,
p0290001 integer,
p0290002 integer,
p0290003 integer,
p0290004 integer,
p0290005 integer,
p0290006 integer,
p0290007 integer,
p0290008 integer,
p0290009 integer,
p0290010 integer,
p0290011 integer,
p0290012 integer,
p0290013 integer,
p0290014 integer,
p0290015 integer,
p0290016 integer,
p0290017 integer,
p0290018 integer,
p0290019 integer,
p0290020 integer,
p0290021 integer,
p0290022 integer,
p0290023 integer,
p0290024 integer,
p0290025 integer,
p0290026 integer,
p0290027 integer,
p0290028 integer,
p0300001 integer,
p0300002 integer,
p0300003 integer,
p0300004 integer,
p0300005 integer,
p0300006 integer,
p0300007 integer,
p0300008 integer,
p0300009 integer,
p0300010 integer,
p0300011 integer,
p0300012 integer,
p0300013 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00006mod;
create table sf1_00006mod
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p0310001 integer,
p0310002 integer,
p0310003 integer,
p0310004 integer,
p0310005 integer,
p0310006 integer,
p0310007 integer,
p0310008 integer,
p0310009 integer,
p0310010 integer,
p0310011 integer,
p0310012 integer,
p0310013 integer,
p0310014 integer,
p0310015 integer,
p0310016 integer,
p0320001 integer,
p0320002 integer,
p0320003 integer,
p0320004 integer,
p0320005 integer,
p0320006 integer,
p0320007 integer,
p0320008 integer,
p0320009 integer,
p0320010 integer,
p0320011 integer,
p0320012 integer,
p0320013 integer,
p0320014 integer,
p0320015 integer,
p0320016 integer,
p0320017 integer,
p0320018 integer,
p0320019 integer,
p0320020 integer,
p0320021 integer,
p0320022 integer,
p0320023 integer,
p0320024 integer,
p0320025 integer,
p0320026 integer,
p0320027 integer,
p0320028 integer,
p0320029 integer,
p0320030 integer,
p0320031 integer,
p0320032 integer,
p0320033 integer,
p0320034 integer,
p0320035 integer,
p0320036 integer,
p0320037 integer,
p0320038 integer,
p0320039 integer,
p0320040 integer,
p0320041 integer,
p0320042 integer,
p0320043 integer,
p0320044 integer,
p0320045 integer,
p0330001 integer,
p0330002 integer,
p0330003 integer,
p0330004 integer,
p0330005 integer,
p0330006 integer,
p0330007 integer,
p0340001 integer,
p0340002 integer,
p0340003 integer,
p0340004 integer,
p0340005 integer,
p0340006 integer,
p0340007 integer,
p0340008 integer,
p0340009 integer,
p0340010 integer,
p0340011 integer,
p0340012 integer,
p0340013 integer,
p0340014 integer,
p0340015 integer,
p0340016 integer,
p0340017 integer,
p0340018 integer,
p0340019 integer,
p0340020 integer,
p0340021 integer,
p0340022 integer,
p0350001 integer,
p0360001 integer,
p0360002 integer,
p0360003 integer,
p0370001 numeric,
p0370002 numeric,
p0370003 numeric,
p0380001 integer,
p0380002 integer,
p0380003 integer,
p0380004 integer,
p0380005 integer,
p0380006 integer,
p0380007 integer,
p0380008 integer,
p0380009 integer,
p0380010 integer,
p0380011 integer,
p0380012 integer,
p0380013 integer,
p0380014 integer,
p0380015 integer,
p0380016 integer,
p0380017 integer,
p0380018 integer,
p0380019 integer,
p0380020 integer,
p0390001 integer,
p0390002 integer,
p0390003 integer,
p0390004 integer,
p0390005 integer,
p0390006 integer,
p0390007 integer,
p0390008 integer,
p0390009 integer,
p0390010 integer,
p0390011 integer,
p0390012 integer,
p0390013 integer,
p0390014 integer,
p0390015 integer,
p0390016 integer,
p0390017 integer,
p0390018 integer,
p0390019 integer,
p0390020 integer,
p0400001 integer,
p0400002 integer,
p0400003 integer,
p0400004 integer,
p0400005 integer,
p0400006 integer,
p0400007 integer,
p0400008 integer,
p0400009 integer,
p0400010 integer,
p0400011 integer,
p0400012 integer,
p0400013 integer,
p0400014 integer,
p0400015 integer,
p0400016 integer,
p0400017 integer,
p0400018 integer,
p0400019 integer,
p0400020 integer,
p0410001 integer,
p0410002 integer,
p0410003 integer,
p0410004 integer,
p0410005 integer,
p0410006 integer,
p0420001 integer,
p0420002 integer,
p0420003 integer,
p0420004 integer,
p0420005 integer,
p0420006 integer,
p0420007 integer,
p0420008 integer,
p0420009 integer,
p0420010 integer,
p0430001 integer,
p0430002 integer,
p0430003 integer,
p0430004 integer,
p0430005 integer,
p0430006 integer,
p0430007 integer,
p0430008 integer,
p0430009 integer,
p0430010 integer,
p0430011 integer,
p0430012 integer,
p0430013 integer,
p0430014 integer,
p0430015 integer,
p0430016 integer,
p0430017 integer,
p0430018 integer,
p0430019 integer,
p0430020 integer,
p0430021 integer,
p0430022 integer,
p0430023 integer,
p0430024 integer,
p0430025 integer,
p0430026 integer,
p0430027 integer,
p0430028 integer,
p0430029 integer,
p0430030 integer,
p0430031 integer,
p0430032 integer,
p0430033 integer,
p0430034 integer,
p0430035 integer,
p0430036 integer,
p0430037 integer,
p0430038 integer,
p0430039 integer,
p0430040 integer,
p0430041 integer,
p0430042 integer,
p0430043 integer,
p0430044 integer,
p0430045 integer,
p0430046 integer,
p0430047 integer,
p0430048 integer,
p0430049 integer,
p0430050 integer,
p0430051 integer,
p0430052 integer,
p0430053 integer,
p0430054 integer,
p0430055 integer,
p0430056 integer,
p0430057 integer,
p0430058 integer,
p0430059 integer,
p0430060 integer,
p0430061 integer,
p0430062 integer,
p0430063 integer,
p0440001 integer,
p0440002 integer,
p0440003 integer,
p0450001 integer,
p0450002 integer,
p0450003 integer,
p0460001 integer,
p0460002 integer,
p0460003 integer,
p0470001 integer,
p0470002 integer,
p0470003 integer,
p0480001 integer,
p0480002 integer,
p0480003 integer,
p0490001 integer,
p0490002 integer,
p0490003 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00007mod;
create table sf1_00007mod
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p0500001 integer,
p0500002 integer,
p0500003 integer,
p0510001 integer,
p0510002 integer,
p0510003 integer,
p012a001 integer,
p012a002 integer,
p012a003 integer,
p012a004 integer,
p012a005 integer,
p012a006 integer,
p012a007 integer,
p012a008 integer,
p012a009 integer,
p012a010 integer,
p012a011 integer,
p012a012 integer,
p012a013 integer,
p012a014 integer,
p012a015 integer,
p012a016 integer,
p012a017 integer,
p012a018 integer,
p012a019 integer,
p012a020 integer,
p012a021 integer,
p012a022 integer,
p012a023 integer,
p012a024 integer,
p012a025 integer,
p012a026 integer,
p012a027 integer,
p012a028 integer,
p012a029 integer,
p012a030 integer,
p012a031 integer,
p012a032 integer,
p012a033 integer,
p012a034 integer,
p012a035 integer,
p012a036 integer,
p012a037 integer,
p012a038 integer,
p012a039 integer,
p012a040 integer,
p012a041 integer,
p012a042 integer,
p012a043 integer,
p012a044 integer,
p012a045 integer,
p012a046 integer,
p012a047 integer,
p012a048 integer,
p012a049 integer,
p012b001 integer,
p012b002 integer,
p012b003 integer,
p012b004 integer,
p012b005 integer,
p012b006 integer,
p012b007 integer,
p012b008 integer,
p012b009 integer,
p012b010 integer,
p012b011 integer,
p012b012 integer,
p012b013 integer,
p012b014 integer,
p012b015 integer,
p012b016 integer,
p012b017 integer,
p012b018 integer,
p012b019 integer,
p012b020 integer,
p012b021 integer,
p012b022 integer,
p012b023 integer,
p012b024 integer,
p012b025 integer,
p012b026 integer,
p012b027 integer,
p012b028 integer,
p012b029 integer,
p012b030 integer,
p012b031 integer,
p012b032 integer,
p012b033 integer,
p012b034 integer,
p012b035 integer,
p012b036 integer,
p012b037 integer,
p012b038 integer,
p012b039 integer,
p012b040 integer,
p012b041 integer,
p012b042 integer,
p012b043 integer,
p012b044 integer,
p012b045 integer,
p012b046 integer,
p012b047 integer,
p012b048 integer,
p012b049 integer,
p012c001 integer,
p012c002 integer,
p012c003 integer,
p012c004 integer,
p012c005 integer,
p012c006 integer,
p012c007 integer,
p012c008 integer,
p012c009 integer,
p012c010 integer,
p012c011 integer,
p012c012 integer,
p012c013 integer,
p012c014 integer,
p012c015 integer,
p012c016 integer,
p012c017 integer,
p012c018 integer,
p012c019 integer,
p012c020 integer,
p012c021 integer,
p012c022 integer,
p012c023 integer,
p012c024 integer,
p012c025 integer,
p012c026 integer,
p012c027 integer,
p012c028 integer,
p012c029 integer,
p012c030 integer,
p012c031 integer,
p012c032 integer,
p012c033 integer,
p012c034 integer,
p012c035 integer,
p012c036 integer,
p012c037 integer,
p012c038 integer,
p012c039 integer,
p012c040 integer,
p012c041 integer,
p012c042 integer,
p012c043 integer,
p012c044 integer,
p012c045 integer,
p012c046 integer,
p012c047 integer,
p012c048 integer,
p012c049 integer,
p012d001 integer,
p012d002 integer,
p012d003 integer,
p012d004 integer,
p012d005 integer,
p012d006 integer,
p012d007 integer,
p012d008 integer,
p012d009 integer,
p012d010 integer,
p012d011 integer,
p012d012 integer,
p012d013 integer,
p012d014 integer,
p012d015 integer,
p012d016 integer,
p012d017 integer,
p012d018 integer,
p012d019 integer,
p012d020 integer,
p012d021 integer,
p012d022 integer,
p012d023 integer,
p012d024 integer,
p012d025 integer,
p012d026 integer,
p012d027 integer,
p012d028 integer,
p012d029 integer,
p012d030 integer,
p012d031 integer,
p012d032 integer,
p012d033 integer,
p012d034 integer,
p012d035 integer,
p012d036 integer,
p012d037 integer,
p012d038 integer,
p012d039 integer,
p012d040 integer,
p012d041 integer,
p012d042 integer,
p012d043 integer,
p012d044 integer,
p012d045 integer,
p012d046 integer,
p012d047 integer,
p012d048 integer,
p012d049 integer,
p012e001 integer,
p012e002 integer,
p012e003 integer,
p012e004 integer,
p012e005 integer,
p012e006 integer,
p012e007 integer,
p012e008 integer,
p012e009 integer,
p012e010 integer,
p012e011 integer,
p012e012 integer,
p012e013 integer,
p012e014 integer,
p012e015 integer,
p012e016 integer,
p012e017 integer,
p012e018 integer,
p012e019 integer,
p012e020 integer,
p012e021 integer,
p012e022 integer,
p012e023 integer,
p012e024 integer,
p012e025 integer,
p012e026 integer,
p012e027 integer,
p012e028 integer,
p012e029 integer,
p012e030 integer,
p012e031 integer,
p012e032 integer,
p012e033 integer,
p012e034 integer,
p012e035 integer,
p012e036 integer,
p012e037 integer,
p012e038 integer,
p012e039 integer,
p012e040 integer,
p012e041 integer,
p012e042 integer,
p012e043 integer,
p012e044 integer,
p012e045 integer,
p012e046 integer,
p012e047 integer,
p012e048 integer,
p012e049 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00008mod;
create table sf1_00008mod
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p012f001 integer,
p012f002 integer,
p012f003 integer,
p012f004 integer,
p012f005 integer,
p012f006 integer,
p012f007 integer,
p012f008 integer,
p012f009 integer,
p012f010 integer,
p012f011 integer,
p012f012 integer,
p012f013 integer,
p012f014 integer,
p012f015 integer,
p012f016 integer,
p012f017 integer,
p012f018 integer,
p012f019 integer,
p012f020 integer,
p012f021 integer,
p012f022 integer,
p012f023 integer,
p012f024 integer,
p012f025 integer,
p012f026 integer,
p012f027 integer,
p012f028 integer,
p012f029 integer,
p012f030 integer,
p012f031 integer,
p012f032 integer,
p012f033 integer,
p012f034 integer,
p012f035 integer,
p012f036 integer,
p012f037 integer,
p012f038 integer,
p012f039 integer,
p012f040 integer,
p012f041 integer,
p012f042 integer,
p012f043 integer,
p012f044 integer,
p012f045 integer,
p012f046 integer,
p012f047 integer,
p012f048 integer,
p012f049 integer,
p012g001 integer,
p012g002 integer,
p012g003 integer,
p012g004 integer,
p012g005 integer,
p012g006 integer,
p012g007 integer,
p012g008 integer,
p012g009 integer,
p012g010 integer,
p012g011 integer,
p012g012 integer,
p012g013 integer,
p012g014 integer,
p012g015 integer,
p012g016 integer,
p012g017 integer,
p012g018 integer,
p012g019 integer,
p012g020 integer,
p012g021 integer,
p012g022 integer,
p012g023 integer,
p012g024 integer,
p012g025 integer,
p012g026 integer,
p012g027 integer,
p012g028 integer,
p012g029 integer,
p012g030 integer,
p012g031 integer,
p012g032 integer,
p012g033 integer,
p012g034 integer,
p012g035 integer,
p012g036 integer,
p012g037 integer,
p012g038 integer,
p012g039 integer,
p012g040 integer,
p012g041 integer,
p012g042 integer,
p012g043 integer,
p012g044 integer,
p012g045 integer,
p012g046 integer,
p012g047 integer,
p012g048 integer,
p012g049 integer,
p012h001 integer,
p012h002 integer,
p012h003 integer,
p012h004 integer,
p012h005 integer,
p012h006 integer,
p012h007 integer,
p012h008 integer,
p012h009 integer,
p012h010 integer,
p012h011 integer,
p012h012 integer,
p012h013 integer,
p012h014 integer,
p012h015 integer,
p012h016 integer,
p012h017 integer,
p012h018 integer,
p012h019 integer,
p012h020 integer,
p012h021 integer,
p012h022 integer,
p012h023 integer,
p012h024 integer,
p012h025 integer,
p012h026 integer,
p012h027 integer,
p012h028 integer,
p012h029 integer,
p012h030 integer,
p012h031 integer,
p012h032 integer,
p012h033 integer,
p012h034 integer,
p012h035 integer,
p012h036 integer,
p012h037 integer,
p012h038 integer,
p012h039 integer,
p012h040 integer,
p012h041 integer,
p012h042 integer,
p012h043 integer,
p012h044 integer,
p012h045 integer,
p012h046 integer,
p012h047 integer,
p012h048 integer,
p012h049 integer,
p012i001 integer,
p012i002 integer,
p012i003 integer,
p012i004 integer,
p012i005 integer,
p012i006 integer,
p012i007 integer,
p012i008 integer,
p012i009 integer,
p012i010 integer,
p012i011 integer,
p012i012 integer,
p012i013 integer,
p012i014 integer,
p012i015 integer,
p012i016 integer,
p012i017 integer,
p012i018 integer,
p012i019 integer,
p012i020 integer,
p012i021 integer,
p012i022 integer,
p012i023 integer,
p012i024 integer,
p012i025 integer,
p012i026 integer,
p012i027 integer,
p012i028 integer,
p012i029 integer,
p012i030 integer,
p012i031 integer,
p012i032 integer,
p012i033 integer,
p012i034 integer,
p012i035 integer,
p012i036 integer,
p012i037 integer,
p012i038 integer,
p012i039 integer,
p012i040 integer,
p012i041 integer,
p012i042 integer,
p012i043 integer,
p012i044 integer,
p012i045 integer,
p012i046 integer,
p012i047 integer,
p012i048 integer,
p012i049 integer,
p013a001 numeric,
p013a002 numeric,
p013a003 numeric,
p013b001 numeric,
p013b002 numeric,
p013b003 numeric,
p013c001 numeric,
p013c002 numeric,
p013c003 numeric,
p013d001 numeric,
p013d002 numeric,
p013d003 numeric,
p013e001 numeric,
p013e002 numeric,
p013e003 numeric,
p013f001 numeric,
p013f002 numeric,
p013f003 numeric,
p013g001 numeric,
p013g002 numeric,
p013g003 numeric,
p013h001 numeric,
p013h002 numeric,
p013h003 numeric,
p013i001 numeric,
p013i002 numeric,
p013i003 numeric,
p016a001 integer,
p016a002 integer,
p016a003 integer,
p016b001 integer,
p016b002 integer,
p016b003 integer,
p016c001 integer,
p016c002 integer,
p016c003 integer,
p016d001 integer,
p016d002 integer,
p016d003 integer,
p016e001 integer,
p016e002 integer,
p016e003 integer,
p016f001 integer,
p016f002 integer,
p016f003 integer,
p016g001 integer,
p016g002 integer,
p016g003 integer,
p016h001 integer,
p016h002 integer,
p016h003 integer,
p016i001 integer,
p016i002 integer,
p016i003 integer,
p017a001 integer,
p017a002 integer,
p017a003 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00010mod;
create table sf1_00010mod
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p029a001 integer,
p029a002 integer,
p029a003 integer,
p029a004 integer,
p029a005 integer,
p029a006 integer,
p029a007 integer,
p029a008 integer,
p029a009 integer,
p029a010 integer,
p029a011 integer,
p029a012 integer,
p029a013 integer,
p029a014 integer,
p029a015 integer,
p029a016 integer,
p029a017 integer,
p029a018 integer,
p029a019 integer,
p029a020 integer,
p029a021 integer,
p029a022 integer,
p029a023 integer,
p029a024 integer,
p029a025 integer,
p029a026 integer,
p029a027 integer,
p029a028 integer,
p029b001 integer,
p029b002 integer,
p029b003 integer,
p029b004 integer,
p029b005 integer,
p029b006 integer,
p029b007 integer,
p029b008 integer,
p029b009 integer,
p029b010 integer,
p029b011 integer,
p029b012 integer,
p029b013 integer,
p029b014 integer,
p029b015 integer,
p029b016 integer,
p029b017 integer,
p029b018 integer,
p029b019 integer,
p029b020 integer,
p029b021 integer,
p029b022 integer,
p029b023 integer,
p029b024 integer,
p029b025 integer,
p029b026 integer,
p029b027 integer,
p029b028 integer,
p029c001 integer,
p029c002 integer,
p029c003 integer,
p029c004 integer,
p029c005 integer,
p029c006 integer,
p029c007 integer,
p029c008 integer,
p029c009 integer,
p029c010 integer,
p029c011 integer,
p029c012 integer,
p029c013 integer,
p029c014 integer,
p029c015 integer,
p029c016 integer,
p029c017 integer,
p029c018 integer,
p029c019 integer,
p029c020 integer,
p029c021 integer,
p029c022 integer,
p029c023 integer,
p029c024 integer,
p029c025 integer,
p029c026 integer,
p029c027 integer,
p029c028 integer,
p029d001 integer,
p029d002 integer,
p029d003 integer,
p029d004 integer,
p029d005 integer,
p029d006 integer,
p029d007 integer,
p029d008 integer,
p029d009 integer,
p029d010 integer,
p029d011 integer,
p029d012 integer,
p029d013 integer,
p029d014 integer,
p029d015 integer,
p029d016 integer,
p029d017 integer,
p029d018 integer,
p029d019 integer,
p029d020 integer,
p029d021 integer,
p029d022 integer,
p029d023 integer,
p029d024 integer,
p029d025 integer,
p029d026 integer,
p029d027 integer,
p029d028 integer,
p029e001 integer,
p029e002 integer,
p029e003 integer,
p029e004 integer,
p029e005 integer,
p029e006 integer,
p029e007 integer,
p029e008 integer,
p029e009 integer,
p029e010 integer,
p029e011 integer,
p029e012 integer,
p029e013 integer,
p029e014 integer,
p029e015 integer,
p029e016 integer,
p029e017 integer,
p029e018 integer,
p029e019 integer,
p029e020 integer,
p029e021 integer,
p029e022 integer,
p029e023 integer,
p029e024 integer,
p029e025 integer,
p029e026 integer,
p029e027 integer,
p029e028 integer,
p029f001 integer,
p029f002 integer,
p029f003 integer,
p029f004 integer,
p029f005 integer,
p029f006 integer,
p029f007 integer,
p029f008 integer,
p029f009 integer,
p029f010 integer,
p029f011 integer,
p029f012 integer,
p029f013 integer,
p029f014 integer,
p029f015 integer,
p029f016 integer,
p029f017 integer,
p029f018 integer,
p029f019 integer,
p029f020 integer,
p029f021 integer,
p029f022 integer,
p029f023 integer,
p029f024 integer,
p029f025 integer,
p029f026 integer,
p029f027 integer,
p029f028 integer,
p029g001 integer,
p029g002 integer,
p029g003 integer,
p029g004 integer,
p029g005 integer,
p029g006 integer,
p029g007 integer,
p029g008 integer,
p029g009 integer,
p029g010 integer,
p029g011 integer,
p029g012 integer,
p029g013 integer,
p029g014 integer,
p029g015 integer,
p029g016 integer,
p029g017 integer,
p029g018 integer,
p029g019 integer,
p029g020 integer,
p029g021 integer,
p029g022 integer,
p029g023 integer,
p029g024 integer,
p029g025 integer,
p029g026 integer,
p029g027 integer,
p029g028 integer,
p029h001 integer,
p029h002 integer,
p029h003 integer,
p029h004 integer,
p029h005 integer,
p029h006 integer,
p029h007 integer,
p029h008 integer,
p029h009 integer,
p029h010 integer,
p029h011 integer,
p029h012 integer,
p029h013 integer,
p029h014 integer,
p029h015 integer,
p029h016 integer,
p029h017 integer,
p029h018 integer,
p029h019 integer,
p029h020 integer,
p029h021 integer,
p029h022 integer,
p029h023 integer,
p029h024 integer,
p029h025 integer,
p029h026 integer,
p029h027 integer,
p029h028 integer,
p029i001 integer,
p029i002 integer,
p029i003 integer,
p029i004 integer,
p029i005 integer,
p029i006 integer,
p029i007 integer,
p029i008 integer,
p029i009 integer,
p029i010 integer,
p029i011 integer,
p029i012 integer,
p029i013 integer,
p029i014 integer,
p029i015 integer,
p029i016 integer,
p029i017 integer,
p029i018 integer,
p029i019 integer,
p029i020 integer,
p029i021 integer,
p029i022 integer,
p029i023 integer,
p029i024 integer,
p029i025 integer,
p029i026 integer,
p029i027 integer,
p029i028 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00011mod;
create table sf1_00011mod
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p031a001 integer,
p031a002 integer,
p031a003 integer,
p031a004 integer,
p031a005 integer,
p031a006 integer,
p031a007 integer,
p031a008 integer,
p031a009 integer,
p031a010 integer,
p031a011 integer,
p031a012 integer,
p031a013 integer,
p031a014 integer,
p031a015 integer,
p031a016 integer,
p031b001 integer,
p031b002 integer,
p031b003 integer,
p031b004 integer,
p031b005 integer,
p031b006 integer,
p031b007 integer,
p031b008 integer,
p031b009 integer,
p031b010 integer,
p031b011 integer,
p031b012 integer,
p031b013 integer,
p031b014 integer,
p031b015 integer,
p031b016 integer,
p031c001 integer,
p031c002 integer,
p031c003 integer,
p031c004 integer,
p031c005 integer,
p031c006 integer,
p031c007 integer,
p031c008 integer,
p031c009 integer,
p031c010 integer,
p031c011 integer,
p031c012 integer,
p031c013 integer,
p031c014 integer,
p031c015 integer,
p031c016 integer,
p031d001 integer,
p031d002 integer,
p031d003 integer,
p031d004 integer,
p031d005 integer,
p031d006 integer,
p031d007 integer,
p031d008 integer,
p031d009 integer,
p031d010 integer,
p031d011 integer,
p031d012 integer,
p031d013 integer,
p031d014 integer,
p031d015 integer,
p031d016 integer,
p031e001 integer,
p031e002 integer,
p031e003 integer,
p031e004 integer,
p031e005 integer,
p031e006 integer,
p031e007 integer,
p031e008 integer,
p031e009 integer,
p031e010 integer,
p031e011 integer,
p031e012 integer,
p031e013 integer,
p031e014 integer,
p031e015 integer,
p031e016 integer,
p031f001 integer,
p031f002 integer,
p031f003 integer,
p031f004 integer,
p031f005 integer,
p031f006 integer,
p031f007 integer,
p031f008 integer,
p031f009 integer,
p031f010 integer,
p031f011 integer,
p031f012 integer,
p031f013 integer,
p031f014 integer,
p031f015 integer,
p031f016 integer,
p031g001 integer,
p031g002 integer,
p031g003 integer,
p031g004 integer,
p031g005 integer,
p031g006 integer,
p031g007 integer,
p031g008 integer,
p031g009 integer,
p031g010 integer,
p031g011 integer,
p031g012 integer,
p031g013 integer,
p031g014 integer,
p031g015 integer,
p031g016 integer,
p031h001 integer,
p031h002 integer,
p031h003 integer,
p031h004 integer,
p031h005 integer,
p031h006 integer,
p031h007 integer,
p031h008 integer,
p031h009 integer,
p031h010 integer,
p031h011 integer,
p031h012 integer,
p031h013 integer,
p031h014 integer,
p031h015 integer,
p031h016 integer,
p031i001 integer,
p031i002 integer,
p031i003 integer,
p031i004 integer,
p031i005 integer,
p031i006 integer,
p031i007 integer,
p031i008 integer,
p031i009 integer,
p031i010 integer,
p031i011 integer,
p031i012 integer,
p031i013 integer,
p031i014 integer,
p031i015 integer,
p031i016 integer,
p034a001 integer,
p034a002 integer,
p034a003 integer,
p034a004 integer,
p034a005 integer,
p034a006 integer,
p034a007 integer,
p034a008 integer,
p034a009 integer,
p034a010 integer,
p034a011 integer,
p034a012 integer,
p034a013 integer,
p034a014 integer,
p034a015 integer,
p034a016 integer,
p034a017 integer,
p034a018 integer,
p034a019 integer,
p034a020 integer,
p034a021 integer,
p034a022 integer,
p034b001 integer,
p034b002 integer,
p034b003 integer,
p034b004 integer,
p034b005 integer,
p034b006 integer,
p034b007 integer,
p034b008 integer,
p034b009 integer,
p034b010 integer,
p034b011 integer,
p034b012 integer,
p034b013 integer,
p034b014 integer,
p034b015 integer,
p034b016 integer,
p034b017 integer,
p034b018 integer,
p034b019 integer,
p034b020 integer,
p034b021 integer,
p034b022 integer,
p034c001 integer,
p034c002 integer,
p034c003 integer,
p034c004 integer,
p034c005 integer,
p034c006 integer,
p034c007 integer,
p034c008 integer,
p034c009 integer,
p034c010 integer,
p034c011 integer,
p034c012 integer,
p034c013 integer,
p034c014 integer,
p034c015 integer,
p034c016 integer,
p034c017 integer,
p034c018 integer,
p034c019 integer,
p034c020 integer,
p034c021 integer,
p034c022 integer,
p034d001 integer,
p034d002 integer,
p034d003 integer,
p034d004 integer,
p034d005 integer,
p034d006 integer,
p034d007 integer,
p034d008 integer,
p034d009 integer,
p034d010 integer,
p034d011 integer,
p034d012 integer,
p034d013 integer,
p034d014 integer,
p034d015 integer,
p034d016 integer,
p034d017 integer,
p034d018 integer,
p034d019 integer,
p034d020 integer,
p034d021 integer,
p034d022 integer,
p034e001 integer,
p034e002 integer,
p034e003 integer,
p034e004 integer,
p034e005 integer,
p034e006 integer,
p034e007 integer,
p034e008 integer,
p034e009 integer,
p034e010 integer,
p034e011 integer,
p034e012 integer,
p034e013 integer,
p034e014 integer,
p034e015 integer,
p034e016 integer,
p034e017 integer,
p034e018 integer,
p034e019 integer,
p034e020 integer,
p034e021 integer,
p034e022 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00012mod;
create table sf1_00012mod
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p034f001 integer,
p034f002 integer,
p034f003 integer,
p034f004 integer,
p034f005 integer,
p034f006 integer,
p034f007 integer,
p034f008 integer,
p034f009 integer,
p034f010 integer,
p034f011 integer,
p034f012 integer,
p034f013 integer,
p034f014 integer,
p034f015 integer,
p034f016 integer,
p034f017 integer,
p034f018 integer,
p034f019 integer,
p034f020 integer,
p034f021 integer,
p034f022 integer,
p034g001 integer,
p034g002 integer,
p034g003 integer,
p034g004 integer,
p034g005 integer,
p034g006 integer,
p034g007 integer,
p034g008 integer,
p034g009 integer,
p034g010 integer,
p034g011 integer,
p034g012 integer,
p034g013 integer,
p034g014 integer,
p034g015 integer,
p034g016 integer,
p034g017 integer,
p034g018 integer,
p034g019 integer,
p034g020 integer,
p034g021 integer,
p034g022 integer,
p034h001 integer,
p034h002 integer,
p034h003 integer,
p034h004 integer,
p034h005 integer,
p034h006 integer,
p034h007 integer,
p034h008 integer,
p034h009 integer,
p034h010 integer,
p034h011 integer,
p034h012 integer,
p034h013 integer,
p034h014 integer,
p034h015 integer,
p034h016 integer,
p034h017 integer,
p034h018 integer,
p034h019 integer,
p034h020 integer,
p034h021 integer,
p034h022 integer,
p034i001 integer,
p034i002 integer,
p034i003 integer,
p034i004 integer,
p034i005 integer,
p034i006 integer,
p034i007 integer,
p034i008 integer,
p034i009 integer,
p034i010 integer,
p034i011 integer,
p034i012 integer,
p034i013 integer,
p034i014 integer,
p034i015 integer,
p034i016 integer,
p034i017 integer,
p034i018 integer,
p034i019 integer,
p034i020 integer,
p034i021 integer,
p034i022 integer,
p035a001 integer,
p035b001 integer,
p035c001 integer,
p035d001 integer,
p035e001 integer,
p035f001 integer,
p035g001 integer,
p035h001 integer,
p035i001 integer,
p036a001 integer,
p036a002 integer,
p036a003 integer,
p036b001 integer,
p036b002 integer,
p036b003 integer,
p036c001 integer,
p036c002 integer,
p036c003 integer,
p036d001 integer,
p036d002 integer,
p036d003 integer,
p036e001 integer,
p036e002 integer,
p036e003 integer,
p036f001 integer,
p036f002 integer,
p036f003 integer,
p036g001 integer,
p036g002 integer,
p036g003 integer,
p036h001 integer,
p036h002 integer,
p036h003 integer,
p036i001 integer,
p036i002 integer,
p036i003 integer,
p037a001 numeric,
p037a002 numeric,
p037a003 numeric,
p037b001 numeric,
p037b002 numeric,
p037b003 numeric,
p037c001 numeric,
p037c002 numeric,
p037c003 numeric,
p037d001 numeric,
p037d002 numeric,
p037d003 numeric,
p037e001 numeric,
p037e002 numeric,
p037e003 numeric,
p037f001 numeric,
p037f002 numeric,
p037f003 numeric,
p037g001 numeric,
p037g002 numeric,
p037g003 numeric,
p037h001 numeric,
p037h002 numeric,
p037h003 numeric,
p037i001 numeric,
p037i002 numeric,
p037i003 numeric,
p038a001 integer,
p038a002 integer,
p038a003 integer,
p038a004 integer,
p038a005 integer,
p038a006 integer,
p038a007 integer,
p038a008 integer,
p038a009 integer,
p038a010 integer,
p038a011 integer,
p038a012 integer,
p038a013 integer,
p038a014 integer,
p038a015 integer,
p038a016 integer,
p038a017 integer,
p038a018 integer,
p038a019 integer,
p038a020 integer,
p038b001 integer,
p038b002 integer,
p038b003 integer,
p038b004 integer,
p038b005 integer,
p038b006 integer,
p038b007 integer,
p038b008 integer,
p038b009 integer,
p038b010 integer,
p038b011 integer,
p038b012 integer,
p038b013 integer,
p038b014 integer,
p038b015 integer,
p038b016 integer,
p038b017 integer,
p038b018 integer,
p038b019 integer,
p038b020 integer,
p038c001 integer,
p038c002 integer,
p038c003 integer,
p038c004 integer,
p038c005 integer,
p038c006 integer,
p038c007 integer,
p038c008 integer,
p038c009 integer,
p038c010 integer,
p038c011 integer,
p038c012 integer,
p038c013 integer,
p038c014 integer,
p038c015 integer,
p038c016 integer,
p038c017 integer,
p038c018 integer,
p038c019 integer,
p038c020 integer,
p038d001 integer,
p038d002 integer,
p038d003 integer,
p038d004 integer,
p038d005 integer,
p038d006 integer,
p038d007 integer,
p038d008 integer,
p038d009 integer,
p038d010 integer,
p038d011 integer,
p038d012 integer,
p038d013 integer,
p038d014 integer,
p038d015 integer,
p038d016 integer,
p038d017 integer,
p038d018 integer,
p038d019 integer,
p038d020 integer,
p038e001 integer,
p038e002 integer,
p038e003 integer,
p038e004 integer,
p038e005 integer,
p038e006 integer,
p038e007 integer,
p038e008 integer,
p038e009 integer,
p038e010 integer,
p038e011 integer,
p038e012 integer,
p038e013 integer,
p038e014 integer,
p038e015 integer,
p038e016 integer,
p038e017 integer,
p038e018 integer,
p038e019 integer,
p038e020 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00013;
create table sf1_00013
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p038f001 integer,
p038f002 integer,
p038f003 integer,
p038f004 integer,
p038f005 integer,
p038f006 integer,
p038f007 integer,
p038f008 integer,
p038f009 integer,
p038f010 integer,
p038f011 integer,
p038f012 integer,
p038f013 integer,
p038f014 integer,
p038f015 integer,
p038f016 integer,
p038f017 integer,
p038f018 integer,
p038f019 integer,
p038f020 integer,
p038g001 integer,
p038g002 integer,
p038g003 integer,
p038g004 integer,
p038g005 integer,
p038g006 integer,
p038g007 integer,
p038g008 integer,
p038g009 integer,
p038g010 integer,
p038g011 integer,
p038g012 integer,
p038g013 integer,
p038g014 integer,
p038g015 integer,
p038g016 integer,
p038g017 integer,
p038g018 integer,
p038g019 integer,
p038g020 integer,
p038h001 integer,
p038h002 integer,
p038h003 integer,
p038h004 integer,
p038h005 integer,
p038h006 integer,
p038h007 integer,
p038h008 integer,
p038h009 integer,
p038h010 integer,
p038h011 integer,
p038h012 integer,
p038h013 integer,
p038h014 integer,
p038h015 integer,
p038h016 integer,
p038h017 integer,
p038h018 integer,
p038h019 integer,
p038h020 integer,
p038i001 integer,
p038i002 integer,
p038i003 integer,
p038i004 integer,
p038i005 integer,
p038i006 integer,
p038i007 integer,
p038i008 integer,
p038i009 integer,
p038i010 integer,
p038i011 integer,
p038i012 integer,
p038i013 integer,
p038i014 integer,
p038i015 integer,
p038i016 integer,
p038i017 integer,
p038i018 integer,
p038i019 integer,
p038i020 integer,
p039a001 integer,
p039a002 integer,
p039a003 integer,
p039a004 integer,
p039a005 integer,
p039a006 integer,
p039a007 integer,
p039a008 integer,
p039a009 integer,
p039a010 integer,
p039a011 integer,
p039a012 integer,
p039a013 integer,
p039a014 integer,
p039a015 integer,
p039a016 integer,
p039a017 integer,
p039a018 integer,
p039a019 integer,
p039a020 integer,
p039b001 integer,
p039b002 integer,
p039b003 integer,
p039b004 integer,
p039b005 integer,
p039b006 integer,
p039b007 integer,
p039b008 integer,
p039b009 integer,
p039b010 integer,
p039b011 integer,
p039b012 integer,
p039b013 integer,
p039b014 integer,
p039b015 integer,
p039b016 integer,
p039b017 integer,
p039b018 integer,
p039b019 integer,
p039b020 integer,
p039c001 integer,
p039c002 integer,
p039c003 integer,
p039c004 integer,
p039c005 integer,
p039c006 integer,
p039c007 integer,
p039c008 integer,
p039c009 integer,
p039c010 integer,
p039c011 integer,
p039c012 integer,
p039c013 integer,
p039c014 integer,
p039c015 integer,
p039c016 integer,
p039c017 integer,
p039c018 integer,
p039c019 integer,
p039c020 integer,
p039d001 integer,
p039d002 integer,
p039d003 integer,
p039d004 integer,
p039d005 integer,
p039d006 integer,
p039d007 integer,
p039d008 integer,
p039d009 integer,
p039d010 integer,
p039d011 integer,
p039d012 integer,
p039d013 integer,
p039d014 integer,
p039d015 integer,
p039d016 integer,
p039d017 integer,
p039d018 integer,
p039d019 integer,
p039d020 integer,
p039e001 integer,
p039e002 integer,
p039e003 integer,
p039e004 integer,
p039e005 integer,
p039e006 integer,
p039e007 integer,
p039e008 integer,
p039e009 integer,
p039e010 integer,
p039e011 integer,
p039e012 integer,
p039e013 integer,
p039e014 integer,
p039e015 integer,
p039e016 integer,
p039e017 integer,
p039e018 integer,
p039e019 integer,
p039e020 integer,
p039f001 integer,
p039f002 integer,
p039f003 integer,
p039f004 integer,
p039f005 integer,
p039f006 integer,
p039f007 integer,
p039f008 integer,
p039f009 integer,
p039f010 integer,
p039f011 integer,
p039f012 integer,
p039f013 integer,
p039f014 integer,
p039f015 integer,
p039f016 integer,
p039f017 integer,
p039f018 integer,
p039f019 integer,
p039f020 integer,
p039g001 integer,
p039g002 integer,
p039g003 integer,
p039g004 integer,
p039g005 integer,
p039g006 integer,
p039g007 integer,
p039g008 integer,
p039g009 integer,
p039g010 integer,
p039g011 integer,
p039g012 integer,
p039g013 integer,
p039g014 integer,
p039g015 integer,
p039g016 integer,
p039g017 integer,
p039g018 integer,
p039g019 integer,
p039g020 integer,
p039h001 integer,
p039h002 integer,
p039h003 integer,
p039h004 integer,
p039h005 integer,
p039h006 integer,
p039h007 integer,
p039h008 integer,
p039h009 integer,
p039h010 integer,
p039h011 integer,
p039h012 integer,
p039h013 integer,
p039h014 integer,
p039h015 integer,
p039h016 integer,
p039h017 integer,
p039h018 integer,
p039h019 integer,
p039h020 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00014;
create table sf1_00014
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter integer,
cifsn integer,
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
p039i001 integer,
p039i002 integer,
p039i003 integer,
p039i004 integer,
p039i005 integer,
p039i006 integer,
p039i007 integer,
p039i008 integer,
p039i009 integer,
p039i010 integer,
p039i011 integer,
p039i012 integer,
p039i013 integer,
p039i014 integer,
p039i015 integer,
p039i016 integer,
p039i017 integer,
p039i018 integer,
p039i019 integer,
p039i020 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00016;
create table sf1_00016
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
pct0090001 integer,
pct0090002 integer,
pct0090003 integer,
pct0090004 integer,
pct0090005 integer,
pct0090006 integer,
pct0090007 integer,
pct0090008 integer,
pct0090009 integer,
pct0090010 integer,
pct0090011 integer,
pct0090012 integer,
pct0090013 integer,
pct0090014 integer,
pct0100001 integer,
pct0100002 integer,
pct0100003 integer,
pct0100004 integer,
pct0100005 integer,
pct0100006 integer,
pct0100007 integer,
pct0100008 integer,
pct0100009 integer,
pct0100010 integer,
pct0100011 integer,
pct0100012 integer,
pct0100013 integer,
pct0100014 integer,
pct0110001 integer,
pct0110002 integer,
pct0110003 integer,
pct0110004 integer,
pct0110005 integer,
pct0110006 integer,
pct0110007 integer,
pct0110008 integer,
pct0110009 integer,
pct0110010 integer,
pct0110011 integer,
pct0110012 integer,
pct0110013 integer,
pct0110014 integer,
pct0110015 integer,
pct0110016 integer,
pct0110017 integer,
pct0110018 integer,
pct0110019 integer,
pct0110020 integer,
pct0110021 integer,
pct0110022 integer,
pct0110023 integer,
pct0110024 integer,
pct0110025 integer,
pct0110026 integer,
pct0110027 integer,
pct0110028 integer,
pct0110029 integer,
pct0110030 integer,
pct0110031 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00017;
create table sf1_00017
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
pct0120001 integer,
pct0120002 integer,
pct0120003 integer,
pct0120004 integer,
pct0120005 integer,
pct0120006 integer,
pct0120007 integer,
pct0120008 integer,
pct0120009 integer,
pct0120010 integer,
pct0120011 integer,
pct0120012 integer,
pct0120013 integer,
pct0120014 integer,
pct0120015 integer,
pct0120016 integer,
pct0120017 integer,
pct0120018 integer,
pct0120019 integer,
pct0120020 integer,
pct0120021 integer,
pct0120022 integer,
pct0120023 integer,
pct0120024 integer,
pct0120025 integer,
pct0120026 integer,
pct0120027 integer,
pct0120028 integer,
pct0120029 integer,
pct0120030 integer,
pct0120031 integer,
pct0120032 integer,
pct0120033 integer,
pct0120034 integer,
pct0120035 integer,
pct0120036 integer,
pct0120037 integer,
pct0120038 integer,
pct0120039 integer,
pct0120040 integer,
pct0120041 integer,
pct0120042 integer,
pct0120043 integer,
pct0120044 integer,
pct0120045 integer,
pct0120046 integer,
pct0120047 integer,
pct0120048 integer,
pct0120049 integer,
pct0120050 integer,
pct0120051 integer,
pct0120052 integer,
pct0120053 integer,
pct0120054 integer,
pct0120055 integer,
pct0120056 integer,
pct0120057 integer,
pct0120058 integer,
pct0120059 integer,
pct0120060 integer,
pct0120061 integer,
pct0120062 integer,
pct0120063 integer,
pct0120064 integer,
pct0120065 integer,
pct0120066 integer,
pct0120067 integer,
pct0120068 integer,
pct0120069 integer,
pct0120070 integer,
pct0120071 integer,
pct0120072 integer,
pct0120073 integer,
pct0120074 integer,
pct0120075 integer,
pct0120076 integer,
pct0120077 integer,
pct0120078 integer,
pct0120079 integer,
pct0120080 integer,
pct0120081 integer,
pct0120082 integer,
pct0120083 integer,
pct0120084 integer,
pct0120085 integer,
pct0120086 integer,
pct0120087 integer,
pct0120088 integer,
pct0120089 integer,
pct0120090 integer,
pct0120091 integer,
pct0120092 integer,
pct0120093 integer,
pct0120094 integer,
pct0120095 integer,
pct0120096 integer,
pct0120097 integer,
pct0120098 integer,
pct0120099 integer,
pct0120100 integer,
pct0120101 integer,
pct0120102 integer,
pct0120103 integer,
pct0120104 integer,
pct0120105 integer,
pct0120106 integer,
pct0120107 integer,
pct0120108 integer,
pct0120109 integer,
pct0120110 integer,
pct0120111 integer,
pct0120112 integer,
pct0120113 integer,
pct0120114 integer,
pct0120115 integer,
pct0120116 integer,
pct0120117 integer,
pct0120118 integer,
pct0120119 integer,
pct0120120 integer,
pct0120121 integer,
pct0120122 integer,
pct0120123 integer,
pct0120124 integer,
pct0120125 integer,
pct0120126 integer,
pct0120127 integer,
pct0120128 integer,
pct0120129 integer,
pct0120130 integer,
pct0120131 integer,
pct0120132 integer,
pct0120133 integer,
pct0120134 integer,
pct0120135 integer,
pct0120136 integer,
pct0120137 integer,
pct0120138 integer,
pct0120139 integer,
pct0120140 integer,
pct0120141 integer,
pct0120142 integer,
pct0120143 integer,
pct0120144 integer,
pct0120145 integer,
pct0120146 integer,
pct0120147 integer,
pct0120148 integer,
pct0120149 integer,
pct0120150 integer,
pct0120151 integer,
pct0120152 integer,
pct0120153 integer,
pct0120154 integer,
pct0120155 integer,
pct0120156 integer,
pct0120157 integer,
pct0120158 integer,
pct0120159 integer,
pct0120160 integer,
pct0120161 integer,
pct0120162 integer,
pct0120163 integer,
pct0120164 integer,
pct0120165 integer,
pct0120166 integer,
pct0120167 integer,
pct0120168 integer,
pct0120169 integer,
pct0120170 integer,
pct0120171 integer,
pct0120172 integer,
pct0120173 integer,
pct0120174 integer,
pct0120175 integer,
pct0120176 integer,
pct0120177 integer,
pct0120178 integer,
pct0120179 integer,
pct0120180 integer,
pct0120181 integer,
pct0120182 integer,
pct0120183 integer,
pct0120184 integer,
pct0120185 integer,
pct0120186 integer,
pct0120187 integer,
pct0120188 integer,
pct0120189 integer,
pct0120190 integer,
pct0120191 integer,
pct0120192 integer,
pct0120193 integer,
pct0120194 integer,
pct0120195 integer,
pct0120196 integer,
pct0120197 integer,
pct0120198 integer,
pct0120199 integer,
pct0120200 integer,
pct0120201 integer,
pct0120202 integer,
pct0120203 integer,
pct0120204 integer,
pct0120205 integer,
pct0120206 integer,
pct0120207 integer,
pct0120208 integer,
pct0120209 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00018;
create table sf1_00018
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
pct0130001 integer,
pct0130002 integer,
pct0130003 integer,
pct0130004 integer,
pct0130005 integer,
pct0130006 integer,
pct0130007 integer,
pct0130008 integer,
pct0130009 integer,
pct0130010 integer,
pct0130011 integer,
pct0130012 integer,
pct0130013 integer,
pct0130014 integer,
pct0130015 integer,
pct0130016 integer,
pct0130017 integer,
pct0130018 integer,
pct0130019 integer,
pct0130020 integer,
pct0130021 integer,
pct0130022 integer,
pct0130023 integer,
pct0130024 integer,
pct0130025 integer,
pct0130026 integer,
pct0130027 integer,
pct0130028 integer,
pct0130029 integer,
pct0130030 integer,
pct0130031 integer,
pct0130032 integer,
pct0130033 integer,
pct0130034 integer,
pct0130035 integer,
pct0130036 integer,
pct0130037 integer,
pct0130038 integer,
pct0130039 integer,
pct0130040 integer,
pct0130041 integer,
pct0130042 integer,
pct0130043 integer,
pct0130044 integer,
pct0130045 integer,
pct0130046 integer,
pct0130047 integer,
pct0130048 integer,
pct0130049 integer,
pct0140001 integer,
pct0140002 integer,
pct0140003 integer,
pct0150001 integer,
pct0150002 integer,
pct0150003 integer,
pct0150004 integer,
pct0150005 integer,
pct0150006 integer,
pct0150007 integer,
pct0150008 integer,
pct0150009 integer,
pct0150010 integer,
pct0150011 integer,
pct0150012 integer,
pct0150013 integer,
pct0150014 integer,
pct0150015 integer,
pct0150016 integer,
pct0150017 integer,
pct0150018 integer,
pct0150019 integer,
pct0150020 integer,
pct0150021 integer,
pct0150022 integer,
pct0150023 integer,
pct0150024 integer,
pct0150025 integer,
pct0150026 integer,
pct0150027 integer,
pct0150028 integer,
pct0150029 integer,
pct0150030 integer,
pct0150031 integer,
pct0150032 integer,
pct0150033 integer,
pct0150034 integer,
pct0160001 integer,
pct0160002 integer,
pct0160003 integer,
pct0160004 integer,
pct0160005 integer,
pct0160006 integer,
pct0160007 integer,
pct0160008 integer,
pct0160009 integer,
pct0160010 integer,
pct0160011 integer,
pct0160012 integer,
pct0160013 integer,
pct0160014 integer,
pct0160015 integer,
pct0160016 integer,
pct0160017 integer,
pct0160018 integer,
pct0160019 integer,
pct0160020 integer,
pct0160021 integer,
pct0160022 integer,
pct0160023 integer,
pct0160024 integer,
pct0160025 integer,
pct0160026 integer,
pct0170001 integer,
pct0170002 integer,
pct0170003 integer,
pct0170004 integer,
pct0170005 integer,
pct0170006 integer,
pct0170007 integer,
pct0170008 integer,
pct0170009 integer,
pct0170010 integer,
pct0170011 integer,
pct0170012 integer,
pct0170013 integer,
pct0170014 integer,
pct0170015 integer,
pct0170016 integer,
pct0170017 integer,
pct0170018 integer,
pct0180001 integer,
pct0180002 integer,
pct0180003 integer,
pct0180004 integer,
pct0180005 integer,
pct0180006 integer,
pct0180007 integer,
pct0180008 integer,
pct0180009 integer,
pct0180010 integer,
pct0180011 integer,
pct0180012 integer,
pct0180013 integer,
pct0180014 integer,
pct0180015 integer,
pct0190001 integer,
pct0190002 integer,
pct0190003 integer,
pct0190004 integer,
pct0190005 integer,
pct0190006 integer,
pct0190007 integer,
pct0190008 integer,
pct0190009 integer,
pct0190010 integer,
pct0190011 integer,
pct0200001 integer,
pct0200002 integer,
pct0200003 integer,
pct0200004 integer,
pct0200005 integer,
pct0200006 integer,
pct0200007 integer,
pct0200008 integer,
pct0200009 integer,
pct0200010 integer,
pct0200011 integer,
pct0200012 integer,
pct0200013 integer,
pct0200014 integer,
pct0200015 integer,
pct0200016 integer,
pct0200017 integer,
pct0200018 integer,
pct0200019 integer,
pct0200020 integer,
pct0200021 integer,
pct0200022 integer,
pct0200023 integer,
pct0200024 integer,
pct0200025 integer,
pct0200026 integer,
pct0200027 integer,
pct0200028 integer,
pct0200029 integer,
pct0200030 integer,
pct0200031 integer,
pct0200032 integer
-- create any indexes ...
-- drop table sf1_00019;
create table sf1_00019
fileid varchar(510),
stusab varchar(510),
chariter varchar(510),
cifsn varchar(510),
logrecno integer PRIMARY KEY,
pct0210001 integer,
pct0210002 integer,
pct0210003 integer,
pct0210004 integer,
pct0210005 integer,
pct0210006 integer,
pct0210007 integer,
pct0210008 integer,
pct0210009 integer,
pct0210010 integer,
pct0210011 integer,
pct0210012 integer,
pct0210013 integer,
pct0210014 integer,
pct0210015 integer,
pct0210016 integer,
pct0210017 integer,
pct0210018 integer,
pct0210019 integer,
pct0210020 integer,
pct0210021 integer,
pct0210022 integer,
pct0210023 integer,
pct0210024 integer,
pct0210025 integer,
pct0210026 integer,
pct0210027 integer,
pct0210028 integer,
pct0210029 integer,
pct0210030 integer,
pct0210031 integer,
pct0210032 integer,
pct0210033 integer,
pct0210034 integer,
pct0210035 integer,
pct0210036 integer,
pct0210037 integer,
pct0210038 integer,
pct0210039 integer,
pct0210040 integer,
pct0210041 integer,
pct0210042 integer,
pct0210043 integer,
pct0210044 integer,
pct0210045 integer,
pct0210046 integer,
pct0210047 integer,
pct0210048 integer,
pct0210049 integer,
pct0210050 integer,
pct0210051 integer,
pct0210052 integer,
pct0210053 integer,
pct0210054 integer,
pct0210055 integer,
pct0210056 integer,
pct0210057 integer,
pct0210058 integer,
pct0210059 integer,
pct0210060 integer,
pct0210061 integer,
pct0210062 integer,
pct0210063 integer,
pct0210064 integer,
pct0210065 integer,
pct0210066 integer,
pct0210067 integer,
pct0210068 integer,
pct0210069 integer,
pct0210070 integer,
pct0210071 integer,
pct0210072 integer,
pct0210073 integer,
pct0210074 integer,
pct0210075 integer,
pct0210076 integer,
pct0210077 integer,
pct0210078 integer,
pct0210079 integer,
pct0210080 integer,
pct0210081 integer,
pct0210082 integer,
pct0210083 integer,
pct0210084 integer,
pct0210085 integer,
pct0210086 integer,
pct0210087 integer,
pct0210088 integer,
pct0210089 integer,
pct0210090 integer,
pct0210091 integer,
pct0210092 integer,
pct0210093 integer,
pct0210094 integer,
pct0210095 integer,
pct0210096 integer,
pct0210097 integer,
pct0210098 integer,
pct0210099 integer,
pct0210100 integer,
pct0210101 integer,
pct0210102 integer,
pct0210103 integer,
pct0210104 integer,
pct0210105 integer,
pct0210106 integer,
pct0210107 integer,
pct0210108 integer,
pct0210109 integer,
pct0210110 integer,
pct0210111 integer,
pct0210112 integer,
pct0210113 integer,
pct0210114 integer,
pct0210115 integer,
pct0210116 integer,
pct0210117 integer,
pct0210118 integer,
pct0210119 integer,
pct0210120 integer,
pct0210121 integer,
pct0210122 integer,
pct0210123 integer,
pct0210124 integer,
pct0210125 integer,
pct0210126 integer,
pct0210127 integer,
pct0210128 integer,
pct0210129 integer,
pct0210130 integer,
pct0210131 integer,
pct0210132 integer,
pct0210133 integer,
pct0210134 integer,
pct0210135 integer,
pct0210136 integer,
pct0210137 integer,
pct0210138 integer,
pct0210139 integer,
pct0210140 integer,
pct0210141 integer,
pct0210142 integer,
pct0210143 integer,
pct0210144 integer,
pct0210145 integer,
pct0210146 integer,
pct0210147 integer,
pct0210148 integer,
pct0210149 integer,
pct0210150 integer,
pct0210151 integer,
pct0210152 integer,
pct0210153 integer,
pct0210154 integer,
pct0210155 integer,
pct0210156 integer,
pct0210157 integer,
pct0210158 integer,
pct0210159 integer,
pct0210160 integer,
pct0210161 integer,
pct0210162 integer,
pct0210163 integer,
pct0210164 integer,
pct0210165 integer,
pct0210166 integer,
pct0210167 integer,
pct0210168 integer,
pct0210169 integer,
pct0210170 integer,
pct0210171 integer,
pct0210172 integer,
pct0210173 integer,
pct0210174 integer,
pct0210175 integer,
pct0210176 integer,
pct0210177 integer,
pct0210178 integer,
pct0210179 integer,
pct0210180 integer,
pct0210181 integer,
pct0210182 integer,
pct0210183 integer,
pct0210184 integer,
pct0210185 integer,