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Last active May 15, 2018
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Connecting to the web UI

  • link does not include port, and does not work

Setup tell student to explicitly use their docker hub username instead of

In the first terminal, set an environment variable for your Docker Hub user name. It can be the same user name that you used to log in to the terminals on this site.


Accessing the web UI We can now connect to any node, on the allocated node port, to view the web UI Click on this link

  • the link is incorrect and the webui doesn't appear when appending the port 30001


Scaling a deployment We will start with an easy one: the worker deployment

kubectl get pods -w

kubectl get deployments -w

  • remove '-w' option


Show detailed information about the rng replica: (The second command doesn’t require you to get the exact name of the replica set)

kubectl describe rs rng-yyyy

kubectl describe rs -l run=rng

  • second command doesn't work


Adding our label Let’s add a label isactive: yes

In YAML, yes should be quoted; i.e. isactive: "yes"

Update the daemon set to add isactive: "yes" to the selector and template label:

kubectl edit daemonset rng

Would be helpful to show where to edit, i.e. in the spec

  revisionHistoryLimit: 10
      app: rng      
      isactive: "yes"
      creationTimestamp: null
        app: rng      
        isactive: "yes"
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