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spritle /
Created Jan 18, 2017
Monitor Sidekiq up or down with Shell Script.
process='sidekiq' # process name, you can use this to monitor any process
project_path="/home/ubuntu/apps/demo/" # This is the one you got to change on your side for your server.
#change it based on your configs.
start_service="bundle exec sidekiq -d -C /home/ubuntu/apps/demo/config/sidekiq.yml -i 0 -P /home/ubuntu/apps/demo/tmp/pids/ -L /home/ubuntu/apps/demo/log/sidekiq.log"
# Method to simply store last run time in monitor.log file.
function update_last_run() {
current_time=$(date +'%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S')
View guesswho.txt
undef: 2312 times
user [preauth]: 76 times
ftpuser [preauth]: 74 times
guest [preauth]: 73 times
webmaster [preauth]: 68 times
admin [preauth]: 67 times
oracle [preauth]: 65 times
test [preauth]: 54 times
master [preauth]: 52 times
ftp [preauth]: 51 times
View sample.json
{"response":[{"id":36,"name":"Sync Test","client_name":"Eventstream","created_at":"2015-06-25T14:16:58.943Z","updated_at":"2015-07-27T11:38:42.683Z","event_date":"06/25/2015","local_ip_address":"","local_stream_name":"","local_port":0,"live_stream_name":"synctest1","active_twitter":false,"twitter_handle":"#toronto","allow_live_streaming":false,"event_id":"SYNCTEST1","allow_event_access":true,"live_wowza_url":"","record_on_server":false,"playback_recording":false,"allow_remote_vod_streaming":true,"vod_filename":"uploads/1435241756252-jahidqqvzhbyb9-061ec137210e43cf42d4bea36a03f96f/synctest.mp4","allow_local_streaming":false,"local_protocal":"udp","local_mode":"Multicast","local_wifi_ssid":"","vod_wowza_url":"","vod_filename_suffix":"playlist.m3u8","single_camera_view":true,"overlay_title":"Sync Test","overlay_message":"Working Fine...!!!","overlay_date_time":"2015-07-14 19:08:00","overlay_enabled":true,"liv
View delayed_job.rb
# run with: god -c /path/to/config.god [add -D if you want to not-deamonize god]
# This is the actual config file used to keep the delayed_job running
APPLICATION_ROOT = "/var/www/application"
RAILS_ENV = "production" do |w| = "delayed_job_production"
w.interval = 15.seconds
w.start = "/bin/bash -c 'cd #{APPLICATION_ROOT}/current; /usr/bin/env RAILS_ENV=#{RAILS_ENV} #{APPLICATION_ROOT}/current/script/delayed_job start > /tmp/delay_job.out'"
View Install_tmux
# First install tmux
brew install tmux
# For mouse support (for switching panes and windows)
# Only needed if you are using (iTerm has mouse support)
Then install
# More on mouse support
spritle /
Last active Jan 4, 2016
MySQL Server Status Monitor
netstat -na | grep LISTEN | grep MYSQL_PORT
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
sudo service mysql start
#send email
#Make the script executable
# $ chmod +x
#Add it to crontab (say every 10 minutes)
spritle /
Created Jan 24, 2014
Set mail or mailx from address
echo "Site Down" | mail -r -s "Site Down"

Setting up Ruby, Rails, Nginx, Passenger, PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for Windows Azure

Last updated: 12/31/2013

Fix the locale issue

  • Edit /etc/default/locale as sudo.
  • Append LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8" at the end of the file, save and quit.
  • sudo locale-gen en_US en_US.UTF-8
  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Install the necessary packages to install rbenv and build Ruby

View mail-using-gmail.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Mails a file using GMail's SMTP Server.
# For illustrative purposes; error checking and testing intentionally omitted for brevity.
# Requirements:
# 1) the 'mail' gem must be installed
# 2) a file named 'pw.txt' containing the Google password must be present
# in the current directory.
# Ruby versions: tested on 1.9.3, 1.8.7, JRuby
spritle / mobile_app_sample_code.rb
Created Apr 26, 2013
View mobile_app_sample_code.rb
require 'rho/rhocontroller'
require 'lib/flow/login_flow'
require 'lib/flow/new_trip_flow'
require 'lib/flow/transfer_detail_flow'
module UHS
# Base controller providing commonly used functionality
class BaseController < Rho::RhoController
class UhsController < BaseController
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