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stathissideris / pastebox.clj
Last active Mar 10, 2019
pastebox for Clojure
View pastebox.clj
;; This will open a window with a single textfield where you can paste some HTML,
;; press <enter> and you should see a valid Clojure string get printed in your REPL,
;; without having to worry about escaping double quotes etc.
;; AND it fits a single tweet. :)
(import '[javax.swing JFrame JTextField]
'[java.awt.event ActionListener])
(doto (JFrame.)
(.add (doto (JTextField.)
stathissideris / pedestal.clj
Created Sep 28, 2018
Hierarchical table "syntax" for Clojure Pedestal
View pedestal.clj
(defn- add-path-prefix [[path & more] prefix]
(vec (concat [(str prefix path)] more))) ;;TODO handle stray slashes
(defn- prepend-interceptors [[path verb chain & more] interceptors]
(let [new-chain (if (vector? chain)
(vec (concat interceptors chain))
(vec (concat interceptors [chain])))]
(vec (concat [path verb new-chain] more))))
stathissideris / solver.clj
Created Aug 19, 2018
Sudoku solver clojure
View solver.clj
(ns sat.core
(:require [rolling-stones.core :as sat :refer [!]]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(def rows 9)
(def cols 9)
(def values 9)
(defn possible-square-values
stathissideris / alias.clj
Created Jun 6, 2018
Alias Clojure namespace without requiring it (helps with long namespaced keywords)
View alias.clj
(defn ensure-namespace-alias [ns alias-sym]
(when-not (find-ns ns)
(create-ns ns))
(alias alias-sym ns))
(ensure-namespace-alias ' 'long)
::long/foo =>
stathissideris / pedestal-chain-diff.clj
Created Feb 11, 2018
Simple pedestal interceptors to log how the context changes as it gets passed around in the chain
View pedestal-chain-diff.clj
(require '[io.pedestal.log :as log]
'[ :as diff]
'[io.pedestal.interceptor.chain :as chain])
(defn log-diffs [previous current]
(let [[deleted added] (diff/diff (dissoc previous ::chain/queue ::chain/stack ::previous-ctx)
(dissoc current ::chain/queue ::chain/stack ::previous-ctx))]
(when deleted (log/debug :deleted deleted))
(when added (log/debug :added added))))
stathissideris / trace-forms.clj
Last active Nov 30, 2017
naive Clojure macro for tracing all forms
View trace-forms.clj
;; there are quite a few cases where this code would not work, use with caution and check the macro expansion
(require '[clojure.walk :as walk])
(defn- clean-dont [form]
(fn [form]
(if (and (list? form) (= 'dont (first form)))
(second form)
stathissideris / strict_keys.clj
Last active Aug 15, 2017
Make clojure.spec behave more like schema in terms of keys strictness (no unknown keys allowed)
View strict_keys.clj
;;; strict keys mode for spec
;; disclaimer: untested, most likely buggy
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
(require '[clojure.walk :as walk])
(defmacro only-keys
[& {:keys [req req-un opt opt-un] :as args}]
`(s/and (s/keys ~@(apply concat (vec args)))
stathissideris / spec.clj
Created Jul 30, 2017
How to generate args for a spec'ed function in Clojure
View spec.clj
(gen/generate (s/gen (:args (s/get-spec (resolve `calculate-limits)))))
View beam.clj
(let [p (Pipeline/create (PipelineOptionsFactory/create))]
(.. p
(apply TextIO.Read/from ("..."))
(apply "ExtractWords"
(ParDo/of (reify DoFn
(processElement [this context]
(apply (Count/perElement))
View windows.el
(require 'hydra)
(global-set-key (kbd "§") 'hydra-windows/body)
(make-face 'move-window-buffer-face)
(set-face-attribute 'move-window-buffer-face nil
:background "#073642")
(setq ss/window-move-remap-cookie nil)
(defun remove-window-move-indicator ()
(if ss/window-move-remap-cookie
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