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Links for beginners willing to contribute to OpenSource projects
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delauraen commented Mar 28, 2021

Hey there!

This helped me figure out how to search labels within github but I noticed some of your links are broken where spaces are used. I couldn't replicate this on github's side by searching the same thing you did so I'm guessing it was a simple typo or a bug that no longer exists


[Good First Bug](✓&type=Issues&q=state%3Aopen+label%3A"Good First Bug")


[Good First Bug](

Thanks for helping me out with the search syntax!

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MizouziE commented Mar 3, 2022

Hi @delauraen,

I wanted to say the same as you more or less. This was an incredibly helpful repo for finding other repos to get started with diving into open-source.


[Good First Bug](

I noticed that your above fix does work perfectly, I only wanted to say that there is also a very simple fix for the broken links that are there that doesn't require the escaped/sanitized quotation marks. All that is needed is a + in the place of the whitespaces.

Using the same example as you, the below works too:

[Good First Bug](✓&type=Issues&q=state%3Aopen+label%3A"Good+First+Bug")

Making those small changes should also fix the markdown formatting on the repo.

Thanks again for the great pointers anyway both! 👍

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