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// See
extern void objc_setProperty(id self, SEL _cmd, ptrdiff_t offset, id newValue, BOOL atomic, BOOL shouldCopy);
extern id objc_getProperty(id self, SEL _cmd, ptrdiff_t offset, BOOL atomic);
extern void objc_copyStruct(void *dest, const void *src, ptrdiff_t size, BOOL atomic, BOOL hasStrong);
#define PSPDFAtomicRetainedSetToFrom(dest, source) objc_setProperty(self, _cmd, (ptrdiff_t)(&dest) - (ptrdiff_t)(self), source, YES, NO)
#define PSPDFAtomicCopiedSetToFrom(dest, source) objc_setProperty(self, _cmd, (ptrdiff_t)(&dest) - (ptrdiff_t)(self), source, YES, YES)
#define PSPDFAtomicAutoreleasedGet(source) objc_getProperty(self, _cmd, (ptrdiff_t)(&source) - (ptrdiff_t)(self), YES)
#define PSPDFAtomicStructToFrom(dest, source) objc_copyStruct(&dest, &source, sizeof(__typeof__(source)), YES, NO)
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steipete commented Jul 4, 2013

This is probably not a good idea, but it's interesting to know how Apple implements setting/getting properties in an atomic way.

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Tbwas commented May 22, 2018

Is there a difference between ARC and MRC?

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