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Created January 31, 2014 17:21
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Getting the first responder... Unless you want to use the private [view firstResponder] this seems to be the only legal way. Or am I wrong?
UIView *PSPDFFindFirstResponderBeneathView(UIView *view) {
// Stop if e.g. we show an UIAlertView with a text field.
if (UIApplication.sharedApplication.keyWindow != view.window) return nil;
// Search recursively for first responder.
for (UIView *childView in view.subviews) {
if ([childView respondsToSelector:@selector(isFirstResponder)] && childView.isFirstResponder) return childView;
UIView *result = PSPDFFindFirstResponderBeneathView(childView);
if (result) return result;
return nil;
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Hi I would like you my implementation for getting first Responder. Thanks

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@iottirubin your method seems a bit wasteful and ignores multiple windows. See the StackOverflow link above for a faster, more generic variant.

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Hi @steipete,

Just wanted to make sure, the link you provided makes use of the "findFirstResponder" action.. Is this not a private API? I can only find mention of it in Apple's macOS documentation, not iOS.


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