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Workaround for rdar://19592583 (see
@interface PSPDFWindow ()
@property (nonatomic, strong) UIViewController *realRootViewController;
@implementation PSPDFWindow
- (void)setHidden:(BOOL)hidden {
[super setHidden:hidden];
// Workaround for rdar://19592583
// Adding a second UIWindow breaks rotation logic in iOS 8
// If we remove the root view controller, we disallow rotation which solves the iOS 8 regression.
if (hidden) {
self.realRootViewController = self.rootViewController;
[super setRootViewController:nil];
} else {
if (self.realRootViewController) {
[super setRootViewController:self.realRootViewController];
self.realRootViewController = nil;
- (void)setRootViewController:(UIViewController *)rootViewController {
[super setRootViewController:rootViewController];
self.realRootViewController = nil;

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@joelparsons joelparsons commented Jan 26, 2015

this is so messed up. Thanks though Peter, You've saved me hours again.

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