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Last active June 22, 2024 07:14
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extension UIHostingController {
convenience public init(rootView: Content, ignoreSafeArea: Bool) {
self.init(rootView: rootView)
if ignoreSafeArea {
func disableSafeArea() {
guard let viewClass = object_getClass(view) else { return }
let viewSubclassName = String(cString: class_getName(viewClass)).appending("_IgnoreSafeArea")
if let viewSubclass = NSClassFromString(viewSubclassName) {
object_setClass(view, viewSubclass)
else {
guard let viewClassNameUtf8 = (viewSubclassName as NSString).utf8String else { return }
guard let viewSubclass = objc_allocateClassPair(viewClass, viewClassNameUtf8, 0) else { return }
if let method = class_getInstanceMethod(UIView.self, #selector(getter: UIView.safeAreaInsets)) {
let safeAreaInsets: @convention(block) (AnyObject) -> UIEdgeInsets = { _ in
return .zero
class_addMethod(viewSubclass, #selector(getter: UIView.safeAreaInsets), imp_implementationWithBlock(safeAreaInsets), method_getTypeEncoding(method))
if let method2 = class_getInstanceMethod(viewClass, NSSelectorFromString("keyboardWillShowWithNotification:")) {
let keyboardWillShow: @convention(block) (AnyObject, AnyObject) -> Void = { _, _ in }
class_addMethod(viewSubclass, NSSelectorFromString("keyboardWillShowWithNotification:"), imp_implementationWithBlock(keyboardWillShow), method_getTypeEncoding(method2))
object_setClass(view, viewSubclass)
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Thank you, this is awesome 🔥

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The fact this is still useful after 5 months is terrible. The fact this is working is wonderful :)
Thanks Peter 🙏

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esnssr commented Apr 21, 2024

i owe you a cookie ❤️

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good job

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does this also works for keyboard avoidance that a textFiled in a swiftUI sheet?
Waiting your response and really appreciate it!

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