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So much state!
_viewControllerFlags (struct ?): {
appearState (b2): 0
isEditing (b1): NO
isPerformingModalTransition (b1): NO
hidesBottomBarWhenPushed (b1): NO
autoresizesArchivedViewToFullSize (b1): NO
viewLoadedFromControllerNib (b1): NO
isRootViewController (b1): NO
customizesForPresentationInPopover (b1): NO
isSuspended (b1): NO
wasApplicationFrameAtSuspend (b1): NO
wantsFullScreenLayout (b1): NO
shouldUseFullScreenLayout (b1): NO
allowsAutorotation (b1): YES
searchControllerRetained (b1): NO
oldModalInPopover (b1): NO
isModalInPopover (b1): NO
isInWillRotateCallback (b1): NO
disallowMixedOrientationPresentations (b1): NO
isFinishingModalTransition (b1): NO
definesPresentationContext (b1): NO
providesPresentationContextTransitionStyle (b1): NO
containmentSupport (b1): YES
isSettingAppearState (b1): NO
isInAnimatedVCTransition (b1): NO
presentationIsChanging (b1): NO
isBeingPresented (b1): NO
containmentIsChanging (b1): NO
explicitTransitionIsAppearing (b1): NO
disableAppearanceTransitions (b1): NO
needsDidMoveCleanup (b1): NO
suppressesBottomBar (b1): NO
disableRootPromotion (b1): NO
interfaceOrientationReentranceGuard (b1): NO
isExecutingAfterAppearance (b1): NO
rootResignationNeeded (b1): NO
shouldSynthesizeSupportedOrientations (b1): NO
viewConstraintsNeedUpdateOnAppearance (b1): NO
shouldForceNonAnimatedTransition (b1): NO
isInCustomTransition (b1): NO
usesSharedView (b1): NO
extendedLayoutIncludesOpaqueBars (b1): NO
automaticallyAdjustInsets (b1): YES
previousShouldUnderlapUnderStatusBar (b1): NO
freezeShouldUnderlapUnderStatusBar (b1): NO
shouldNotFreezeUnderlapsStatusBar (b1): NO
monitorsSystemLayoutFittingSize (b1): NO
shouldLoadInputAccessoryViewsOnAppearance (b1): NO
useViewBasedTopAndBottomGuides (b1): NO
didConfirmLayoutGuideClass (b1): NO
overridesTraitCollectionDidChange (b1): NO
restoresFocusAfterTransition (b1): YES
freezeTraitsOnCounterRotationForPresentation (b1): NO
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