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standarddeviant / wake_on_motion_from_deep_sleep.ino
Created Jul 6, 2020
M5StickC wake-on-motion MPU6886 interrupt IMU motion MPU
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#include <Arduino.h>
#include <M5StickC.h>
#include <utility/MPU6886.h> // used for accessing MPU constants
#include <driver/rtc_io.h>
void mpu6886_wake_on_motion_isr(void); // declaration of ISR
void mpu6886_wake_on_motion_setup(void); // declaration of setup
// lifted from
// if integrated with M5StickC library, use internal class function instead
View React Native clear all
watchman watch-del-all && rm -rf $TMPDIR/react-* && rm -rf $TMPDIR/npm-* && rm -rf $TMPDIR/haste-* && rm -rf $TMPDIR/metro-* && rm -rf node_modules && npm install && rm -rf ios/Pods && cd ios && pod cache clean --all && pod repo update && pod install && ./android/gradlew clean -p ./android/ && rm -rf ios/build && rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData && npm start -- --reset-cache
bobchao / m_test.txt
Created Dec 22, 2017
cubiio - g-code file for power / speed combinations testing.
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M05 S0
G1 F600
G1 X-40.225 Y39.6688
G4 P0
M03 S255
G4 P0
G1 F600.000000
View table_helpers.rb
module TableHelpers
module ArrayMethods
def find_row(expected_row)
find_index do |row|
expected_row.all? do |expected_column|
first_column = row.find_index do |column|
content = normalize_content(column.content)
expected_content = normalize_content(expected_column)
matching_parts = expected_content.split(/\s*\*\s*/, -1).collect { |part| Regexp.escape(part) }
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Assuming OS X Yosemite 10.10.4

# Install XCode and command line tools
# See
# See
xcode-select --install
View ng-tips-v105.tpl
ng-model-options="{debounce: 500}"
JamesHagerman / gist:3662fa257366f5f4345f
Last active Aug 29, 2015
RedCloth + Monkey Patch = Prism working
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# RedCloth doesn't work well with the Prism syntax highlighting lirbary due to the way it handles <code> blocks when it comes to newlines using bc..
# But we can add a config/initializers/redcloth.yml file to our Rails app and monkey patch it so it does.
# So, this monkey patch is to make RedCloth not split the bc.. code blocks on newlines.
# To actually use it with Prism the syntax should look like this:
# bc(language-ruby).. whatever multi-line code you want to display goes here
module RedCloth::Formatters::HTML
def bc_open(opts)
opts[:block] = true
dolzenko / sidekiq_paper_trail_middleware.rb
Created Dec 18, 2014
Make originator of change tracked with paper_trail available in Sidekiq background workers
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module Acme
module Sidekiq
module PaperTrailMiddleware
class Client
# @param [Object]
# @param [Hash] job
def call(_, job, *)
job['whodunnit'] = ::PaperTrail.whodunnit

Ello API

This is a basic exploration of the Ello API. Completely unofficial, your mileage my vary, don't smash their servers as they are likely very busy.

Methods return HTML for their representation where appropriate which is a nice little pattern. Everything returns application/json.

Like this:

   "id": <new post ID>,
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