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stevebaros / .php_cs.dist
Created Sep 30, 2020 — forked from Billz95/.php_cs.dist
A Customised fixer for PHP-CS-Fixer to use `prettier`'s php plugin to pre-process the code before getting analysed by other fixers. This would enable `php-cs-fixer` to take advantage of `prettier`'s ability of managing long line.
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require_once __DIR__.'/relative/path/to/PrettierPHPFixer/File';
return PhpCsFixer\Config::create()
(new PrettierPHPFixer()),
'Prettier/php' => true,
stevebaros / axios-response-interceptor.js
Created Aug 30, 2020 — forked from FilipBartos/axios-response-interceptor.js
Axios response interceptor for access token refresh supporting 1 to N async requests
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let isAlreadyFetchingAccessToken = false
let subscribers = []
function onAccessTokenFetched(access_token) {
subscribers = subscribers.filter(callback => callback(access_token))
function addSubscriber(callback) {
stevebaros / php_java_developer_books_to_read
Created Mar 2, 2020
Want to become a PHP and Java pro ? then read these books
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Modern PHP (by Josh Lockhart)
Scaling PHP Apps (by Steve Corona)
Modular Programming with PHP 7 (by Branko Ajzele)
PHP the right way (by Josh Lockhart and the PHP community)
Mastering PHP Design Patterns (by Junade Ali)
Design Patterns (by GoF)
Head First Design Patterns (by Elisabeth Freeman and Kathy Sierra)
Software Architecture Patterns (by Mark Richards)
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (by Martin Fowler)
The Clean Coder (by Robert Martin)
stevebaros /
Last active May 11, 2020 — forked from hiroyuki-sato/
digdag embulk example - Move Large volumes of data using Embulk from any data store to another.


timezone: UTC

  my_path: "/tmp/hoge/csv"

View 2019_12_16_162708_add_sub_reference_to_form_submissions_table.php
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;
use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;
use Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration;
class AddSubReferenceToFormSubmissionsTable extends Migration
* Run the migrations.
View RestControllerTrait.php
namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
trait RestControllerTrait {
public function index() {
$model = self::MODEL;

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stevebaros / gist:cccb3781343b9015dbf802f6f591ea2d
Created Oct 12, 2017 — forked from vxnick/gist:380904
Array of country codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) and corresponding names
View gist:cccb3781343b9015dbf802f6f591ea2d
$countries = array
'AF' => 'Afghanistan',
'AX' => 'Aland Islands',
'AL' => 'Albania',
'DZ' => 'Algeria',
'AS' => 'American Samoa',
'AD' => 'Andorra',
stevebaros / PHP Countries Array
Created Apr 25, 2017 — forked from DHS/PHP Countries Array
PHP array of all country names
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$countries = array("Afghanistan", "Albania", "Algeria", "American Samoa", "Andorra", "Angola", "Anguilla", "Antarctica", "Antigua and Barbuda", "Argentina", "Armenia", "Aruba", "Australia", "Austria", "Azerbaijan", "Bahamas", "Bahrain", "Bangladesh", "Barbados", "Belarus", "Belgium", "Belize", "Benin", "Bermuda", "Bhutan", "Bolivia", "Bosnia and Herzegowina", "Botswana", "Bouvet Island", "Brazil", "British Indian Ocean Territory", "Brunei Darussalam", "Bulgaria", "Burkina Faso", "Burundi", "Cambodia", "Cameroon", "Canada", "Cape Verde", "Cayman Islands", "Central African Republic", "Chad", "Chile", "China", "Christmas Island", "Cocos (Keeling) Islands", "Colombia", "Comoros", "Congo", "Congo, the Democratic Republic of the", "Cook Islands", "Costa Rica", "Cote d'Ivoire", "Croatia (Hrvatska)", "Cuba", "Cyprus", "Czech Republic", "Denmark", "Djibouti", "Dominica", "Dominican Republic", "East Timor", "Ecuador", "Egypt", "El Salvador", "Equatorial Guinea", "Eritrea", "Estonia", "Ethiopia", "Falkland Island
View emoji_cheat_sheet.json
PEOPLE: [":smile:",":laughing:",":blush:",":smiley:",":relaxed:",":smirk:",":heart_eyes:",":kissing_heart:",":kissing_closed_eyes:",":flushed:",":relieved:",":satisfied:",":grin:",":wink:",":stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:",":stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:",":grinning:",":kissing:",":kissing_smiling_eyes:",":stuck_out_tongue:",":sleeping:",":worried:",":frowning:",":anguished:",":open_mouth:",":grimacing:",":confused:",":hushed:",":expressionless:",":unamused:",":sweat_smile:",":sweat:",":disappointed_relieved:",":weary:",":pensive:",":disappointed:",":confounded:",":fearful:",":cold_sweat:",":persevere:",":cry:",":sob:",":joy:",":astonished:",":scream:",":tired_face:",":angry:",":rage:",":triumph:",":sleepy:",":yum:",":mask:",":sunglasses:",":dizzy_face:",":imp:",":smiling_imp:",":neutral_face:",":no_mouth:",":innocent:",":alien:",":yellow_heart:",":blue_heart:",":purple_heart:",":heart:",":green_heart:",":broken_heart:",":heartbeat:",":heartpulse:",":two_hearts:",":revolving_hearts:",":cupid:",":sparkling_