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Install Android SDK CLI Ubuntu 20.04 WSL2 (Work in Progress)

Install Java 8

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk-headless

Android SDK

steveclarke /
Created April 14, 2024 01:09 — forked from dhh/
sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install -y \
git curl \
build-essential pkg-config autoconf bison rustc cargo clang \
libssl-dev libreadline-dev zlib1g-dev libyaml-dev libreadline-dev libncurses5-dev libffi-dev libgdbm-dev libjemalloc2 \
libvips imagemagick libmagickwand-dev \
redis-tools sqlite3 libsqlite3-0 libmysqlclient-dev \
rbenv apache2-utils
#/usr/bin/env bash
install_on_ubuntu() {
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y ansible
OS="$(uname -s)"
# Install Ansible by platform
steveclarke / components.js
Created September 26, 2019 12:15
Globally register your custom components in Quasar. Add this file to your /boot dir
// Globally register all base components for convenience, because they
// will be used very frequently. Components are registered using the
// PascalCased version of their file name.
import upperFirst from 'lodash/upperFirst'
import camelCase from 'lodash/camelCase'
export default async ({ Vue }) => {
console.log('loading components')
steveclarke / quasar-grid.sass
Created October 11, 2023 15:46 — forked from yoyosan/quasar-grid.sass
Grid classes for Quasar framework - inspired from Tailwindcss
display: grid
// Grid template columns
grid-template-columns: repeat(1, minmax(0, 1fr))
grid-template-columns: repeat(2, minmax(0, 1fr))

Steps to Configure Heroku Static

Add Buildpacks

We need to add two buildpacks.

heroku-community/nginx replaces the deprecated heroku-community/static and allows us to configure NGINX to redirect all traffic to dist/spa/index.html (see NGINX Configuration).

steveclarke /
Created April 10, 2012 17:32
RSpec Matchers




#asdf_bin_root=$(dirname $RUBY_VERSION_MANAGER_PATH)
#source "${asdf_bin_root}/../"
set asdf_bin_root $(dirname $RUBY_VERSION_MANAGER_PATH)
source $asdf_bin_root/../
" Leader is <space>
let mapleader = ' '
nnoremap <Space> <Nop>
" nobody wants that bell!
set visualbell
set incsearch
steveclarke / gist:1411146
Created November 30, 2011 21:54
Git: Setting up a Remote Repository and Doing Initial Push

Setup remote repository:

mkdir my_project.git
cd my_project.git
git init --bare

On local machine:

cd my_project