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stevenjackson / intensify
Created March 2, 2021 14:22
stevenjackson / db_debug.rake
Created January 19, 2021 21:34
DB connection debugging
namespace(:db) do
def query(sql)
Rake::Task['db:create'].enhance do
config = Rails.application.config.database_configuration[Rails.env]
puts "Config #{config}"
conn = ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(config)
stevenjackson / irb.rb
Created August 15, 2019 18:41
ActiveRecord::HasManyThroughOrderError detector
ApplicationRecord.descendants.each do |model|
model.reflect_on_all_associations.each do |relation|
stevenjackson / record_error.rb
Created June 21, 2019 21:20
Alert in different envs
def record_error(error)
if Rails.env.development?
raise error
elsif Rails.env.test?
Bugsnag.notify(error) do |report|
report.severity = 'info'

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

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stevenjackson / basketball.txt
Last active November 22, 2019 14:50
How I Learned to be a Better Technologist (by Coaching Youth Basketball)
- Giving it to the best player doesn't make the team better
- Positive reinforcement
- You can't play for them
- You're going to be ignored / Shared understanding takes forever
- The game is not the most important thing
I coached a rec team that had a huge range of talent. One young man was very talented and could have gone on to play junior college basketball. I had a couple that were a level below him and then varying levels all the way down to the kid who was surprised when the basketball was in his hands. I did focus on leveling up everyone in practice, but our in-game style quickly devolved to give it to the best kid and move around him. This was moderately successful, everyone got to contribute, and the games were competitive. Then that kid got sick. Then baseball season started and he wanted to focus on that. All of a sudden my team had no identity and no idea how to win. We couldn't just lean on the next best player, the talent gap was too wide. Before the team could re
stevenjackson /
Created January 29, 2018 14:22
DevOps for the Perplexed

DevOps for the Perplexed

Containers, Swarms, Infrastructure as Code - it all sounds neat, but maybe a bit overwhelming? We just chef-ized our configs, but we can't deploy until we terraform something? There's a new tool every month, how do you keep up? You try to read the docs, but it sounds like they all do the same thing - why do we need to add another tool? Let's start with an example web app and try to get it running on someone else's machine. As I run through a number of deployment problems, I'll pull a tool off the shelf and show how it addresses that problem, and probably create a few more.

You'll walk away with an understanding of each class of tool and the one-thing it's best at. With that knowledge you can determine which tools can benefit your current projects and which are solving problems you just don't have yet.

stevenjackson /
Last active December 18, 2017 17:44
Notes from TD mini-conference on 14Dec2017

Empathy, Boldness and Boundaries:


Crucial Conversations

  1. How to avoid crucial conversations?
  2. What leads to them in the first place?

If you're like this when you're ok, you're going to be kinda like this when you're stressed

stevenjackson /
Last active February 13, 2017 01:45
Looking for Failure


Do you avoid failure? Learn to succeed by embracing failure!

Discover how you can use failure to learn faster, build resilient software, and enable innovative teams. Learn how cognitive biases make failure seem unattractive. Explore experimenting with failure to overcome this stigma and supercharge learning. Investigate the skills to reframe failure and enable a mindset and culture suitable for success in a world full of random events.


Failure provides critical feedback, but we're conditioned to avoid it at all costs and forget it quickly when it happens. How can we challenge this natural human bias? I've spent the last couple years digging into "pop" psychology and thinking about how books like "Thinking Fast and Slow", "Antifragile", "Drive", "Blink", and "Outliers" apply in a software development environment. I'm most excited about the idea that if we can make failure "safe" then we can use it to learn things that we would otherwise be tempted to avoid and ignore because it mi