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Links to YouTube recordings of AWS re:Invent sessions


Code Title Duration Link
Keynote Andy Jassy Keynote Announcement Recap 0:01
Keynote AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote: Andy Jassy 2:22
Keynote AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote: Werner Vogels 2:16
Keynote Tuesday Night Live with James Hamilton 1:03
ALX201 How Capital One Built a Voice-Based Banking Skill for Amazon Echo 0:47
ALX202 How Amazon is enabling the future of Automotive 0:46
ALX301 How JPL Leverages Alexa to Further Space Exploration 0:50
ALX302 Build a Serverless Back End for Your Alexa-Based Voice Interactions 0:38
ALX303 Building a Smarter Home with Alexa 0:34
ALX304 Tips and Tricks on Bringing Alexa to Your Products 1:02
ALX305 From VUI to QA: Building a Voice-Based Adventure Game for Alexa 0:59
ALX306 State of the Union: Amazon Alexa and Advances in Conversational AI 0:47
ALX307 Voice-enabling Your Home and Devices with Amazon Alexa and AWS IoT 0:38
ARC201 Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users 0:49
ARC202 Accenture Cloud Platform Serverless Journey 0:48
ARC203 Achieving Agility by Following Well-Architected Framework Principles 0:59
ARC204 From Resilience to Ubiquity - #NetflixEverywhere Global Architecture 0:52
ARC205 Born in the Cloud; Built Like a Startup 0:50
ARC207 Keep a pulse on your AWS infrastructure using Silvermine and Splunk 0:42
ARC208 Hybrid Architectures: Bridging the Gap to the Cloud 0:45
ARC209 Attitude of Iteration 0:53
ARC211 Solve common problems with ready to use solutions in 5 minutes or less 0:51
ARC212 Salesforce: Helping Developers Deliver Innovations Faster 0:45
ARC213 Open Source at AWS—Contributions, Support, and Engagement 0:34
ARC301 Architecting Next Generation SaaS Applications on AWS 0:56
ARC302 From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design 1:06
ARC303 Cloud Monitoring: Understanding & Troubleshooting Dynamic Apps 0:22
ARC304 Effective Application Data Analytics for Modern Applications 0:38
ARC305 From Monolithic to Microservices: Evolving Architecture Patterns 0:52
ARC306 Event Handling at Scale: Designing an Architecture for 10K+ events 0:58
ARC307 Accelerating Next Generation Healthcare Business on the AWS Cloud 0:45
ARC308 Metering Big Data at AWS: From 0 to 100 Million Records in 1 Second 0:47
ARC309 Moving Mission Critical Apps from One Region to Multi-Region 0:53
ARC310 Cost Optimizing Your Architecture: Practical Design Steps For Savings 0:46
ARC311 Evolving Responsive & Resilient Architecture to Analyze Metrics 0:40
ARC312 Compliance Architecture: How Capital One Automates the Guard Rails 0:47
ARC313 Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency 0:57
ARC314 Enabling Enterprise Migrations: Creating an AWS Landing Zone 1:00
ARC315 Enterprise Fast Lane - What Your Competition Doesn't Want You To Know 0:49
ARC316 Hybrid IT: A Stepping Stone to All-In 0:53
ARC318 Busting the Myth of Vendor Lock-In: D2L Embraced the Lock 0:46
ARC319 Datapipe Open Source: Image Development Pipeline 0:51
ARC402 Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices 1:00
ARC403 Building a Massive Microservices Platform Worthy of the Game of Thrones 0:55
ARC404 Migrating a Scalable Database from Oracle to DynamoDB 0:47
ARC405 Running, Configuring, and Securing Windows Workloads 1:02
ARC406 Encoding Artifacts to Emmy Awards: Taking on 4K Video Processing 0:57
ARC408 Optimizing SaaS Solutions for AWS 0:53
ARC409 Deploying Your First 100K Windows Users 1:03
BAP201 Move your desktops to the cloud with Amazon WorkSpaces 0:46
BAP202 Extra! News UK Saves Money with Hourly Amazon WorkSpaces 0:51
BAP203 How Higher Ed Graduated from Traditional Desktops to DaaS 0:50
BAP204 Deliver Desktop Applications to Any Device, Anywhere with AppStream 0:51
BAP205 Stop Managing Email Infrastructure: Move to Amazon WorkMail 0:47
BAP206 Store and collaborate on content with WorkDocs 0:44
BAP212 Deliver Engaging Experiences with Apps Built on Salesforce and AWS 0:47
BAP305 Zero to Google Chrome in 60 Minutes 0:55
BAP402 Best Practices from the Trenches: Deploy Amazon WorkSpaces Like a Pro 0:53
BDA203 Billions of Rows Transformed Using Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift 0:51
BDA204 Leverage the Power of the Crowd To Work with Amazon Mechanical Turk 0:34
BDA205 Delighting Customers Through Device Data with Salesforce and AWS IoT 0:38
BDA206 Building Big Data Applications with the AWS Big Data Platform 0:49
BDA207 Fanatics: Deploying Scalable, Self-Service Business Intelligence on AWS 0:39
BDA303 Introducing Athena 0:31
BDA304 What’s New with Amazon Redshift 0:42
BDM201 Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS 0:53
BDM203 FINRA: Building a Secure Data Science Platform on AWS 0:37
BDM204 Visualizing Big Data Insights with Amazon QuickSight 0:39
BDM205 Big Data Mini Con State of the Union 0:56
BDM206 Understanding IoT Data: How to Leverage Amazon Kinesis 0:54
BDM301 Best Practices for Apache Spark on Amazon EMR 0:51
BDM302 Real-Time Data Exploration and Analytics 0:53
BDM303 JustGiving: Serverless Data Pipelines, ETL & Stream Processing 0:54
BDM304 Analyzing Streaming Data in Real-time with Amazon Kinesis Analytics 0:55
BDM306 Netflix: Using Amazon S3 as the fabric of our big data ecosystem 0:46
BDM401 Deep Dive: Amazon EMR Best Practices & Design Patterns 0:57
BDM402 Best Practices for Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift 0:54
BDM403 Beeswax: Building a Real-Time Streaming Data Platform on AWS 0:51
CMP201 Auto Scaling – the Fleet Management Solution for Planet Earth 0:52
CMP202 Getting the most Bang for your buck with #EC2 #Winning 0:52
CMP203 Amazon EC2 Foundations 1:02
CMP205 Lessons Learned from a Year of Using Spot Fleet 0:51
CMP207 High Performance Computing on AWS 1:00
CMP209 Getting Started with Docker on AWS 0:43
CMP211 Getting Started with Serverless Architectures 0:49
CMP212 Host a scalable website around the world in a DevOps model 0:40
CMP213 Librato's Experience Running Cassandra Using EBS, ENIs, and VPC 0:43
CMP301 Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Instances, Featuring Performance Optimization 0:40
CMP302 Disrupting Big Data with Cost-effective Compute 0:54
CMP304 T2: From Startups to Enterprise, Performance for a Low Cost 0:45
CMP305 Serverless to 32 XLarge: A Unified Security Approach To AWS Compute 0:52
CMP306 Apache Spark on EC2 History, Best Practices with Customer Use Cases 0:41
CMP307 Save up to 90% and Run Production Workloads on Spot 0:51
CMP311 The Future of Cloud: Building with Stateless Infrastructure on EC2 0:52
CMP312 Powering the Next Generation of Virtual Reality with Verizon 0:44
CMP313 Revolutionizing Car Buying with 3D Rendering on Amazon EC2 0:49
CMP314 Bringing Deep Learning to the Cloud with Amazon EC2 0:45
CMP315 Optimizing Network Performance for Amazon EC2 Instances 0:27
CMP316 Learn How FINRA Aligns Billions of Ordered Events with Spark on EC2 0:45
CMP317 Deep Learning, 3D Rendering, and Compute Workloads in the Cloud 0:50
CMP318 Building HPC Clusters as Code in the (Almost) Infinite Cloud 0:50
CMP319 Building Distributed Applications with AWS Step Functions 0:40
CMP320 Delivering Powerful Graphics-Intensive Applications from the AWS Cloud 0:54
CMP321 Building SaaS Offerings for Desktop Apps with Amazon AppStream 0:54
CMP322 Optimizing workloads in SAP HANA with Amazon EC2 X1 Instances 0:59
CMP323 Introducing AWS Batch: Easy and efficient batch computing on AWS 0:49
CON301 Operations Management with Amazon ECS 0:50
CON302 Development Workflow with Docker and Amazon ECS 0:55
CON303 Introduction to Container Management on AWS 0:46
CON307 Advanced Task Scheduling with Amazon ECS and Blox 0:36
CON308 Service Integration Delivery and Automation Using Amazon ECS 0:40
CON309 Running Microservices on Amazon ECS 0:38
CON310 Running Batch Jobs on Amazon ECS 0:43
CON311 Operations Automation and Infrastructure Management with Amazon ECS 0:50
CON312 Deploying Scalable SAP Hybris Clusters using Docker 0:47
CON313 Netflix: Container Scheduling, Execution, and Integration with AWS 0:55
CON316 State of the Union: Containers 0:52
CON401 Amazon ECR Deep Dive on Image Optimization 0:59
CON402 Securing Container-Based Applications 0:49
CTD201 Architecting a 24x7 Live Linear Broadcast for 100% availability on AWS 0:41
CTD202 Deliver and Monetize Your Content with Video Center Operations on AWS 0:44
CTD203 Journeys to the Cloud: Different Experiences in Video 0:54
CTD204 Offload Security Heavy-lifting to the AWS Edge 0:45
CTD205 Introduction to Amazon CloudFront 0:56
CTD206 Bringing AWS Lambda to the Edge 0:46
CTD301 CloudFront Flash Talks: Best Practices 0:49
CTD302 Taking DevOps to the AWS Edge 0:53
CTD303 Design Patterns for High Availability: Lessons from Amazon CloudFront 0:59
CTD304 How Mapbox Uses the AWS Edge to Deliver Maps for Mobile, Cars, and Web 0:42
CTD305 Media Delivery from the Cloud: Integrated AWS Solutions for OTT Content 0:48
DAT201 Cross-Region Replication with Amazon DynamoDB Streams 0:46
DAT202 Migrating Your Data Warehouse to Amazon Redshift 0:57
DAT203 Getting Started with Amazon Aurora 0:50
DAT204 Thermo Fisher Is Reducing Mass Spectrometry Times with MongoDB & AWS 0:39
DAT205 Relational and NoSQL Databases on AWS: NBC, MarkLogic, and FileMaker 0:43
DAT206 Introducing Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition 0:54
DAT207 How Citus Enables Scalable PostgreSQL on AWS 0:49
DAT208 Capturing Windows of Opportunity: Analytics for less than $1000 0:34
DAT301 Amazon Aurora Best Practices: Getting the Best Out of Your Databases 1:04
DAT302 Practices for Migrating from Commercial Engines to Aurora or PostgreSQL 0:56
DAT303 Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora 0:48
DAT304 Deep Dive on Amazon DynamoDB 0:55
DAT305 Deep Dive on Amazon Relational Database Service 0:52
DAT306 ElastiCache Deep Dive: Best Practices and Usage Patterns 0:55
DAT307 Introduction to Managed Database Services on AWS 1:05
DAT308 Fireside chat with Groupon, Intuit, and LifeLock on solving challenges 0:35
DAT309 How Fulfillment by Amazon and Scopely Improved Results 0:45
DAT310 Building Real-Time Campaign Analytics Using AWS Services 0:46
DAT311 Toyota Racing Development Makes Racing Decisions in Real Time with AWS 0:35
DAT312 How DataXu scaled its System to handle billions of events with DynamoDB 0:50
DAT313 6 Million New Registrations in 30 Days: the Chick-fil-A One App Scaled 0:45
DAT315 Streaming ETL for RDS and DynamoDB 0:41
DAT316 Telltale Games migrates its story analytics from CouchDB to DynamoDB 0:33
DAT317 How IFTTT uses ElastiCache for Redis to predict events 0:31
DAT318 Migrating from RDBMS to NoSQL: How Sony Moved from MySQL to DynamoDB 0:44
DAT320 AWS Database State of the Union 0:48
DCS201 Open-Source Resources 0:41
DCS202 AWS Training Opportunities 0:43
DCS203 Building and Growing a Successful AWS User Group 0:50
DEV201 DevOps on AWS: Accelerating Software Delivery with AWS Developer Tools 0:45
DEV202 From Dial-Up to DevOps - AOL’s Migration to the Cloud 0:49
DEV204 How A Federal Agency Transformed Work and Adopted DevOps with GitHub 0:39
DEV205 Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure: Getting the Most from AWS Lambda 0:49
DEV206 Scaling Your Web Applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk 0:52
DEV207 Developing Serverless C# Applications 0:49
DEV209 Another Day in the Life of a Netflix Engineer 0:45
DEV211 Automated DevOps and Continuous Delivery 0:47
DEV301 Amazon CloudWatch Logs and AWS Lambda: A Match Made in Heaven 0:38
DEV302 Automated Governance of Your AWS Resources 0:49
DEV303 Deploying and Managing .NET Pipelines and Microsoft Workloads 0:57
DEV304 Building the Future of DevOps with Amazon Web Services 0:46
DEV305 Configuration Management in the Cloud 0:43
DEV306 How News UK Centralized Cloud Governance Through Policy Management 0:49
DEV307 How to Scale and Operate Elasticsearch on AWS 0:41
DEV308 Chalice: A Serverless Microframework for Python 0:50
DEV309 Turbocharge Your Microsoft .NET Developments with AWS 0:58
DEV310 DevOps on AWS: Choosing the Right Software Deployment Technique 0:53
DEV311 Multi-Region Delivery Netflix Style 0:41
DEV312 Cloud Monitoring: Change is the New Normal-New Relic & Gannett 0:52
DEV313 Infrastructure Continuous Delivery Using AWS CloudFormation 0:51
DEV315 Bleacher Report Gains Competitive Edge with Elastic Beanstalk 0:50
DEV317 Automating & Scaling Infrastructure Administration 0:48
DEV319 Automating Cloud Management & Deployment 0:46
DEV320 What hundreds of companies show us about how to build a DevOps Culture 0:54
DEV321 Enabling DevOps for an Enterprise with AWS Service Catalog 0:49
DEV401 Automating Workflows for Analytics Pipelines 0:30
DEV402 The Effective AWS CLI User 0:55
DEV403 DevOps on AWS: Advanced Continuous Delivery Techniques 0:42
DEV404 Develop, Build, Deploy, and Manage Services and Applications 0:51
ENT201 Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces at Enterprise Scale 0:46
ENT202 Driving AWS Cost Efficiency at Your Company 0:42
ENT203 Enterprise Fundamentals: Design Your Account and VPC Architecture 0:54
ENT204 Large-scale AWS Migrations 0:40
ENT206 Lift and Evolve - Making Money with the Cloud Takes Help 0:47
ENT207 Leading Enterprise Innovation at Startup Speed 0:55
ENT209 Cost Optimization at Scale 0:45
ENT210 Deep Dive on AWS Cloud Data Migration Services 0:41
ENT211 Getting Started with the Hybrid Cloud: Enterprise Backup and Recovery 0:50
ENT212 Preparing for a Large-Scale Migration to AWS 0:46
ENT213 Best practices for running enterprise workloads on AWS 0:50
ENT214 The Cloud Is Enterprise Ready: The University of Arizona 0:44
ENT215 Building Enterprise Cloud Operations As a Service with T-Mobile 0:49
ENT217 Migrating Enterprise Messaging to the Cloud 0:48
ENT218 Simplify Cloud Migration with AWS Server Migration Service 0:51
ENT304 Fueling Migration: Shortcutting your Application Portfolio Assessment 0:35
ENT305 Instant Success: Getting the Most Out of Your AWS Deployment 0:46
ENT307 Saving at Scale with Reserved Instances 0:40
ENT310 Choosing the Right Partner for Your AWS Journey 0:33
ENT311 Identifying Your Migration Options: the 6 Rs 0:57
ENT312 Develop Your Migration Toolkit 0:48
ENT313 FINRA in the Cloud: the Big Data Enterprise 0:49
ENT314 Insurance and Financial Services' Journey to Cloud 1:00
ENT315 Start Your Cost Optimization: Learning from Intuit’s Cloud Journey 0:56
ENT317 VMware and AWS Together - VMware Cloud on AWS 0:51
ENT318 Enterprise Fundamentals: Secure Your DevOps Pipeline Like a Bank 0:44
ENT320 20k in 20 Days - Agile Genomic Analysis 0:53
ENT321 Empowering the Digital Experience for Broadspectrum 0:56
ENT401 Unlocking the Four Seasons of Migrations and Operations 0:49
FIN301 Fraud Detection with Amazon Machine Learning on AWS 0:56
FIN302 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for Financial Institutions 0:54
FIN303 Use AWS to Secure Your DevOps Pipeline Like a Bank 0:45
FIN304 Grid Computing for Risk Management on AWS 0:35
GA201 Diversify Tech: Building the Future IT Workforce 0:56
GAM301 How EA Leveraged Redshift & 47Lining to Gather Player Insights 0:52
GAM302 PlayStation: Breaking Bandwidth Barrier using Soft State & ELB 0:57
GAM303 Develop Using Lumberyard & Leverage AWS 0:52
GAM401 Riot Games: Standardizing Application Deployments Using Amazon ECS 0:48
GPS01 Global Partner Summit Keynote 1:00
GPSB20 A Path To Success: Your APN Journey Starts Now 0:39
GPSB20 Accelerate To Win: Leverage AWS Go-To-Market Channels and Resources 0:45
GPSB20 Break Away From The Pack: Differentiation In A Partner Ecosystem 0:42
GPSB20 The Art of Engagement with AWS 0:56
GPSISV Dollars and Sense: Technical Tips for Continual Cost Optimization 0:47
GPSISV Hybrid Architecture Design: Connecting Your Workloads to the Cloud 0:42
GPSISV Tips for Building Successful Solutions with AWS Marketplace 0:35
GPSISV Tips for Passing APN Technical Validations 0:40
GPSSI41 Managing and Supporting the Windows Platform on AWS 0:38
GPSSI42 Technical Tips for Helping SAP Customers Succeed on AWS 0:48
GPSSI43 Get Technically Inspired by Container-Powered Migrations 0:42
GPSSI44 The Secret to SaaS (Hint: It's Identity 1:00
GPSST31 Industry Opportunities for AWS Partners 1:00
GPSST32 Lessons From the Front Lines: Best Practices Learned from APN 0:52
GPSST33 Partner-Led Migrations to AWS Starting with the Enterprise Desktop 0:57
GPSST34 Driving Innovation with Big Data and IoT 0:35
GPST30 AWS Partners and Data Privacy 0:50
GPST30 Blockchain on AWS: Disrupting the Norm 0:48
GPST30 Extending Hadoop and Spark to the AWS Cloud 0:35
GPST30 IoT: Build, Test, and Securely Scale 0:44
GPST40 Advanced Techniques for Managing Sensitive Data in the Cloud 0:34
GPST40 Advanced Tips for Amazon EC2 Networking and High Availability 0:39
GPST40 Amazon Aurora Deep Dive 0:41
GPST40 Building Complex Serverless Applications 0:42
HLC301 Data Science & Healthcare: Large Scale Analytics & Machine Learning 0:52
HLC302 AWS Infrastructure for a Global Population Health Platform 0:47
HLC303 Embracing DevSecOps 0:51
HLC304 Building IoT Applications with AWS and Amazon Alexa 0:50
IOT201 Ubiquitous Computing with Greengrass 0:50
IOT202 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge and Device Services 0:52
IOT203 1-Click Enterprise Innovation with the AWS IoT Button 0:36
IOT204 Introduction to AWS IoT in the Cloud 0:55
IOT205 IoT Analytics: Insights for a Connected World 0:42
IOT302 IoT Security: The New Frontiers 0:59
IOT303 Innovation After Installation: Establishing a Relationship with AWS IoT 0:48
IOT304 IoT and Beyond: Building IoT Solutions for Exploring the Final Frontier 0:47
IOT307 IoT State of the Union 0:52
IOT309 Lambda Everywhere 0:32
IOT401 Serverless IoT Back Ends 0:50
IOT402 IoT Blueprints: Optimizing Supply for Smart Agriculture from the Farm 0:44
IOT403 Robots: The Fading Line Between Real and Virtual Worlds 0:45
LFS301 Building a Platform for Collaborative Scientific Research on AWS 0:57
LFS302 Continuous Compliance in the AWS Cloud 0:48
LFS303 How to Build a Big Data Analytics Data Lake 0:56
LFS304 Large-Scale, Cloud-Based Analysis of Cancer Genomes 0:52
MAC201 Getting to Ground Truth with Amazon Mechanical Turk 0:51
MAC202 Deep Learning in Alexa 0:45
MAC203 Introducing Amazon Rekognition 0:48
MAC205 Deep Learning at Cloud Scale: Improving Video Discoverability on AWS 0:49
MAC206 Machine Learning State of the Union Mini Con 0:49
MAC302 Amazon Machine Learning, Redshift, and Storage Data Lake in Real Estate 0:37
MAC303 Zillow: Classification and Recommendation Engines with EMR and Spark 0:38
MAC304 EMBARGO: Introducing Amazon Lex 0:46
MAC306 Using MXNet for Recommendation Modeling at Scale 0:52
MAC307 Predicting Customer Churn with Amazon Machine Learning 0:42
MAC403 Automatic Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy through Deep Learning 0:49
MAE301 Accelerating the Transition to Broadcast in the Cloud 0:54
MAE302 Turner's Cloud Native Media Supply Chain 1:00
MAE303 Discovery Channel's Broadcast Workflows and Channel Origination on AWS 1:03
MAE304 High Performance Cinematic Production in the Cloud 0:58
MBL201 AWS Mobile State of the Union - Serverless, New User, Auth, and More 1:00
MBL202 Taking Data to the Extreme 0:35
MBL204 How Netflix Achieves Email Delivery at Global Scale with Amazon SES 0:42
MBL205 Test and Debug Your Apps on Real Android and iOS Devices in the Cloud 0:55
MBL206 AWS Customers Saving Lives with Mobile and IoT Technology 0:44
MBL304 How to Enable Real-Time Mobile App Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint 0:42
MBL305 Developing Apps and Serverless Microservices for Enterprises using AWS 0:59
MBL306 Serverless Authentication and Authorization: Identity Management 0:53
MBL307 Building conversational UX in mobile apps, powered by AWS DeepSense 0:36
MBL310 Add User Sign-In, User Management, and Security with Amazon Cognito 1:00
MBL402 Re-imagining Insurance Processes with AWS Mobile Services 0:45
MBL404 Native, Hybrid and Web patterns with Serverless and AWS Mobile services 0:51
NET201 Creating Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity 0:50
NET202 DNS Demystified: Amazon Route 53, featuring Warner Bros 0:42
NET203 EC2 to ECS: Capital One uses Balancer Features to Serve Traffic 0:42
NET204 IPv6 in the Cloud: Protocol and AWS Service Overview 0:19
NET205 Future-Proofing the WAN and Simplifying Security On the way to Cloud 0:30
NET301 Cloud agility and faster connectivity with AT&T NetBond and AWS 0:49
NET302 Global Traffic Management with Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow 0:30
NET303 NextGen Networking: New Capabilities for Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud 0:52
NET304 Moving Mountains: Netflix's Migration into VPC 0:42
NET305 Extending Datacenters to the Cloud 0:59
NET307 IPv6 in the Cloud: Virtual Private Cloud Deep Dive 0:57
NET308 How Gree Launched New Games Faster and More Securely 0:39
NET401 Another Day, Another Billion Packets 0:52
NET402 Deep Dive: AWS Direct Connect and VPNs 0:48
NET403 Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices 0:47
NET404 Making Every Packet Count 0:52
NET405 Amazon s2n: Cryptography and Open Source at AWS 0:58
SAC201 Lessons from a Chief Security Officer: Achieving Continuous Compliance 0:56
SAC303 Become an AWS IAM Policy Ninja in 60 Minutes or Less 0:55
SAC304 Predictive Security: Using Big Data to Fortify Your Defenses 0:49
SAC305 How AWS Automates Internal Compliance at Massive Scale with AWS Services 1:00
SAC306 Encryption: It Was the Best of Controls, It Was the Worst of Controls 0:53
SAC307 The Psychology of Security Automation 0:50
SAC308 Hackproof Your Cloud: Responding to 2016 Threats 0:49
SAC309 You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See: Security & Compliance from Adobe 0:46
SAC310 Securing Serverless Architectures, and API Filtering at Layer 7 0:46
SAC311 Evolving an Enterprise-Level Compliance Framework with Amazon CloudWatch 0:50
SAC312 Architecting for End-to-End Security in the Enterprise 0:45
SAC313 Enterprise Patterns for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 0:59
SAC314 GxP Compliance in the Cloud 0:42
SAC315 Scaling Security Operations and Automating Governance 0:47
SAC316 Security Automation: Spend Less Time Securing Your Applications 0:53
SAC317 IAM Best Practices to Live By 0:58
SAC318 Life Without SSH: Immutable Infrastructure in Production 0:42
SAC319 Architecting Security and Governance Across a Multi-Account Strategy 0:55
SAC320 Deep Dive: Security and Governance Across a Multi-Account Strategy 0:42
SAC321 Cyber Resiliency – surviving the breach 0:57
SAC322 AWS Shield—A Managed DDoS Protection Service 0:42
SAC323 Centrally Manage Multiple AWS Accounts with AWS Organizations 0:42
SAC326 How Harvard University Improves Scalable Cloud Network Security 0:51
SAC327 No Ransomware: How Europol, Dutch Police & AWS Deal with Cybercrime 0:48
SAC401 5 Security Improvements You Can Make by Using CloudWatch and AWS Rules 0:59
SEC301 Audit Your AWS Account Against Industry Best Practices: CIS Benchmarks 0:44
SEC303 Get the Most from AWS KMS: Architecting Applications for High Security 0:50
SEC304 Reduce Blast Radius by Using Multiple AWS Accounts Per Region & Service 0:54
SEC305 Scaling Security Resources for Your First 10 Million Customers 0:53
SEC307 Microservices, Macro Security Needs: Nike's Security Approach 0:43
SEC308 Securing Enterprise Big Data Workloads on AWS 0:51
SEC309 Proactive Security Testing in AWS: Early Implementation to Testing 0:55
SEC311 How to Automate Policy Validation 0:54
SEC312 re:Source Mini Con for Security Services State of the Union 0:51
SEC313 Automating Security Event Response, from Idea to Code to Execution 0:45
SEC314 Common Considerations for Data Integrity Controls in Healthcare 0:50
SEC401 Automated Formal Reasoning About AWS Systems 0:45
STG201 Storage State of the Union 0:44
STG202 Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic File System 1:02
STG203 Earth on AWS—Next-Generation Open Data Platforms 0:34
STG204 Case Study: How Startups like Mapbox, Ring, Hudl, and Others Use AWS 0:45
STG206 Case Study: Spokeo Improved Web Application Response Times with EFS 0:38
STG207 Case Study: How Atlassian Uses Amazon EFS with JIRA to Cut Costs 0:35
STG208 Case Study: How Monsanto Uses Amazon EFS with Geospatial Data Sets 0:51
STG209 Strategic Planning for Long-Term Data Archiving with Amazon Glacier 0:49
STG210 Simplified Data Center Migration—Lessons Learned by Live Nation 0:46
STG211 Case Study: Data-Heavy Healthcare: UPMCe’s Approach to Healthcare 0:48
STG212 3 Customer Viewpoints: Private Equity, Managed Services & Government 0:49
STG213 Introducing the new AWS Storage Gateway 0:38
STG214 Introducing AWS Snowball Edge and AWS Snowmobile 0:35
STG215 Amazon S3 Storage Management Optimizes at Scale, with Guest, Pinterest 0:45
STG217 Aptean & AWS Marketplace storage solutions for production environments 0:26
STG301 Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic Block Store 1:00
STG302 Deep Dive on Amazon Glacier 0:48
STG303 Deep Dive on Amazon S3 0:41
STG305 Reinventing Disaster Recovery Leveraging AWS, with guest, Dow Jones 0:43
STG306 Tableau Rules of Engagement in the Cloud 0:45
STG307 Prezi's Cost-Effective, Multipetabyte Data Platform 0:47
STG308 Case Study: Analytics Without Limits. FINRA’s Architecture on S3 0:44
STG309 How Startups Smartsheet & Quantcast Accelerate Innovation and Growth 0:40
STG311 Case Study: How Videology and Zendesk Modernized Their Platforms on EBS 0:39
SVR201 Serverless Apps with AWS Step Functions 0:51
SVR202 What’s New with AWS Lambda 0:57
SVR301 Real-time Data Processing Using AWS Lambda 0:39
SVR302 Optimizing the Data Tier in Serverless Web Applications 1:06
SVR303 Coca-Cola: Running Serverless Applications with Enterprise Requirements 0:56
SVR304 bots + serverless = ❤ 0:48
SVR305 ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA Lambda Start 0:59
SVR306 Serverless Computing Patterns at Expedia 0:41
SVR307 Application Lifecycle Management in a Serverless World 0:40
SVR308 Content and Data Platforms at Vevo: Rebuilding and Scaling from Zero 0:56
SVR401 Using AWS Lambda to Build Control Systems for Your AWS Infrastructure 0:40
SVR402 Operating Your Production API 0:47
WIN201 Simplifying Microsoft Architectures with AWS services 0:54
WIN203 How Pitney Bowes is transforming their business in the cloud 0:34
WIN204 How to move 1,000 VMs and Biz Critical Apps to AWS in 6 months 0:56
WIN205 Amazon EC2 Systems Manager for Hybrid Cloud Management at Scale 0:51
WIN301 Bring Microsoft Applications to AWS to Stay License Compliant 0:57
WIN304 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SharePoint on AWS 1:04
WIN305 Best Practices for Integrating Active Directory with AWS Workloads 0:38
WIN306 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL Server on AWS 0:57
WIN307 Searching Inside Video at Petabyte Scale Using Spot 0:45
WIN401 Manage Inventory, Patching, and System Images for Your Hybrid Cloud 0:49
WIN402 How I learned to embrace DevOps and Configure Infrastructure at Scale 0:49
WIN403 Migrate Applications to AWS Quickly, Multisite Replication and SQL HA 0:41
WWPS30 AWS GovCloud (US) for Highly Regulated Workloads 0:41
WWPS30 Governance Strategies for Cloud Transformation 1:05
WWPS30 Meet Requirements for Education, Healthcare & Public Safety 0:59
WWPS40 Data Polygamy: Relationships among Urban Spatio-Temporal Datasets 0:46


Prefix Name
ALX Alexa
ARC Architecture
BAP Business Apps
BDA Big Data & Analytics
BDM Big Data Miniconference
CMP Compute
CON Containers Miniconference
CTD Content Delivery
DAT Databases
DCS Developer Community
DEV DevOps & Tools
ENT Enterprise & Migration
FIN Financial Services
GAM Gaming
GPS Global Partner Summit
HLC Healthcare
IOT IoT Miniconference
LFS Life Sciences
MAC Machine Learning Miniconference
MAE Media & Entertainment
MBL Mobile
NET Networking
SAC Security and Compliance
SEC Security Services Miniconference
STG Storage
SVR Serverless Miniconference
WIN Windows
WWPS World Wide Public Sector
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spg commented Apr 20, 2017

Missing one: AWS re:Invent 2016: Transforming Industrial Processes with Deep Learning (MAC301)

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Is SRV305 going to be available? It was recommended by a colleague

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