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Created Mar 16, 2018
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Vagrant on WSL (Bash on Windows)
# Vagrant
export PATH=$PATH:/mnt/c/Program\ Files/Oracle/VirtualBox
export VAGRANT_WSL_WINDOWS_ACCESS_USER_HOME_PATH="/mnt/c/Users/<Windows Username>"
  1. Install Vagrant for (normal) Windows (
  2. Download Vagrant for Ubuntu (.deb package) ( and install it inside WSL (Bash on Windows) ((sudo) dpkg -i vagrant_<version>_x86_64.deb).
  3. Add additional code to ~/.bashrc in WSL (Bash on Windows) (see file below).
  4. Reload ~/.bashrc / restart shell.

Done, Vagrant should work correctly in WSL (Bash on Windows) now.

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strarsis commented Mar 16, 2018

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