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Create a local tracking branch of your heroku/phpfog deployment
Create remote called heroku
> git remote add heroku
create a local tracking branch called heroku
> git checkout -b heroku -t heroku/master
This will checkout the last revision you deployed to Heroku.
Now tell git to push the heroku branch to heroku/master
> git config remote.heroku.push heroku:master
You can then make changes on this branch independently of your master
and when you're ready to deploy to heroku just do this on your local
heroku branch
> git commit -m "Some minor bug fixing"
> git push heroku
... Will deploy ...
You can work on features on master:
> git checkout master
> # hack away
> git commit -a -m "My awesome new feature"
To deploy to Heroku
> git checkout heroku
> git merge master
> git push heroku
You can use the same technique to have multiple heroku apps for the one codebase,
e.g. a staging and production version.
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