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appify. Create the simplest possible mac app from a shell script
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# url :
# version : 2.0.2
# name : appify
# description : Create the simplest possible mac app from a shell script.
# usage : cat | appify MyApp
# platform : Mac OS X
# author : Thomas Aylott <>
if [[ -a "$" ]]; then
echo "App already exists :'(" >&2
echo "$PWD/$"
exit 1
mkdir -p "$"
touch "$$APPNAME"
chmod +x "$$APPNAME"
until $DONE ;do
read || DONE=true
echo "$REPLY" >> "$$APPNAME"
echo "$PWD/$"
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mathiasbynens commented Jul 19, 2011

Hey @subtleGradient, I just rewrote appify so it uses cp which avoids a lot of problems. Check it out:

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andreif commented Jun 6, 2015

It wouldn't work on OS X 10.10 until I added $ containing at least <plist><dict></dict></plist>

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phasstw commented Aug 9, 2016

I created an app, but it won't execute when I double-click on the bundle. It is just a #!/bin/sh script that has a echo "hello world" statement in it for testing purposes. Can someone give me some guidance on how to get my app to run from clicking on the bundle? Appify did not create a Info.plist file for me, maybe this is the issue? What needs to be in that file? Thanks!

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oubiwann commented Dec 9, 2016

I forked this and added option-parsing, overridable icons file, and some other bits:

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