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Created Aug 12, 2012
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Zend Framework Learning
<?php error_reporting(E_ALL & E_NOTICE); ?>
include_once "Zend/Json.php";
class Book
public $isbn;
public $title;
public $authors;
public function __construct($_isbn, $_title, array $authors) {
$this->isbn = $_isbn;
$this->title = $_title;
$this->authors = $authors;
$book = new Book('878975678979', 'Effective PHP', array ('Smith', 'Johnson'));
echo Zend_Json::encode($book);
<br />
include_once "Zend/Json.php";
$post = array
"id"=> 123,
"title"=> 'Hello world',
"category"=> 'CL09',
"description"=> 'No description',
"image"=> null,
"author"=> 'me',
"views"=> 100500,
"date"=> null
echo Zend_Json::encode($post);
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