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Storj Bridge Payout Formula

Payout Formula

paymentModelFunction = function(gbHours, telemReports, downloadedBytes) {
 gbHoursScaled =  (gbHours - mean(gbHours)) / sd(gbHours)
 telemReportsScaled =  (telemReports - mean(telemReports)) / sd(telemReports)
 downloadedBytesScaled = (downloadedBytes - mean(downloadedBytes)) / sd(downloadedBytes)
 basePayout = 10
 ghHourPayout = 12.2221 * gbHoursScaled
 telemReportsPayout = 0.1452 * telemReportsScaled
 downloadedBytesPayout = 12.6849 * downloadedBytesScaled
 finalPayout = ghHourPayout + telemReportsPayout + downloadedBytesPayout + basePayout

Payment Cut-off

farmerCutoff = function(farmerData, hoursInMonth) {
        GigabyteHours >= hoursInMonth | (TelemetryReportCount >= mean(TelemetryReportCount) &
        DownloadedBytes >= mean(DownloadedBytes))
  • There are no rewards for storing less than 1 GB for the month.
  • However, if a user has telemetry reports, exchange reports, or downloads they may still receive a reward.
  • There are no rewards if a user has not been seen in the past week.


  • Each component (gbHours, telemetry reports, and downloaded bytes) is scaled so that each metric ends up being a measurement of how far away you are from the mean
  • Those values are multiplied by certain weights and summed to arrive at a final value
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super3 commented Mar 9, 2017

@toomuchstorj The community chat is the best place to ask these types of questions. So payouts are typical released for review on the 1st for the previous month. So released on March 1st for the month of Feb. They are then reviewed by the community, and paid out a week or so later. Yes, everything will be combined into a single payment on a single address for multiple nodes running on the same payment address.

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vetras commented May 9, 2017

I'm sharing some things that were not clear to me on the formula above.
May be useful to others.
I found this information by searching the online community chat.

gbHours: The number of gigabyte times the number of hours they are online. Example: if you store 30 gigabytes for 10 hours, that is 300 GB/H

downloadedBytes: how much data has been downloaded from all of your node(s). In other words, how much you have uploaded from your "pc" to the renters. Value in bytes.

telemReports: I don't know

sd function: the standard-deviation function / computation

The unit of payment is SJCX coins.
Right now, 1 SJCX == 0.42 US$

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onbjerg commented May 10, 2017


telemReports is the number of telemetry reports, which is anonymous statistics sent to Storj for analysis

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Why do below average miners get paid (close to) nothing?

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Is there any work being done to display these variables to the client?

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This is a peculiar reward mechanism to put it mildly. It makes the aggregate payout liabilities proportional to the number of farmers, which is pretty comfy for StorJ. To farmers it's mostly confusing and feels unfair. Even when supplying resources to the network you can end up with no rewards, and your very real costs of electricity, inconvenience and equipment depreciation are only marginally being taken into account at an unknowable rate.

To offer a counterpoint, as I understand now the parameters of the formula may currently be more favorable than those displayed here because of subsidies. I suspect there are better reward models possible that pose the same minimal risk for StorJ at a similar level of aggregate payouts.

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It's concerning that each of the previous 4 edits to this document have reduced the payout.
Any official statement on these?

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super3 commented Jul 6, 2017

@Joshfindi Because the base payout was in SJCX (now STORJ), and has increased significantly. This is actually priced in USD for the service, so we have to adjust when there are significant changes.

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The question was asked before and maybe I have missed the answer. But how do I as a "farmer" see these values : gbHours, downloadedBytes, & telemReports?

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intresting. but when does storj actually payout? there is indeed need for more transparency here.

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Elipol commented Aug 28, 2017

Does value of "sth"Scaled can be negative?

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I have 20 gigabytes of storage dedicated to STORJ, but only 1Mib is used. Am I going to get the payout?

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so when do we get paid, have been involved for a few months. Where's the payout spreadshee? how come payouts aren't automatically sent?

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why does it take so long to get payouts?

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dugwood commented Feb 17, 2018

@cryptochrism: log on to and you'll find the spreadsheet in the #payments channel.

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that page is no longer there. where do i look now?

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