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Use this to get setup on the beta of Relisten for Sonos

Relisten for Sonos


Just go to "Add Music Services" (under more on mobile) and search or scroll for "Relisten"


Hope you enjoy it.

Please contact with your feedback or submit issues here. It's greatly appreciated!

WARNING: You can only have one custom music service on Sonos per SID at a time. If you already have gone through this process for another service it will replace your existing custom service. If not, you're all good. Move ahead. You can change the SID to another number like 251 and it will work.

  1. Open the Sonos client on your computer
  2. Select Help > About My Sonos System
  3. Find the IP address of your Sonos device in the list of the about dialog
  4. Open your browser of choice and navigate to the IP address and port 1400, with the filename of customsd.htm – for example, if your IP address is, navigate to
  5. Enter entries for the following fields and press submit:
  6. Upon success you should see the text "success!" displayed
  7. Return to your Sonos client application 7a. Sonos may have automatically added the service. Check in your home menu if "Relisten" exists. If so, you can stop here and enjoy.
  8. Select Manage > Service Settings...
  9. Select Services, and click the Add button
  10. Under available services, select "Relisten" and click Next
  11. Select "Setup now" or whatever bullshit
  12. You should see a confirmation
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ghost commented Nov 30, 2017

Thank you for posting this. However, I am unable to browse and search for music. I have tried re-installing the service to my Sonos system and checking "search" under features, but it still did not work. So, how are you playing music from relisten through your sonos without being able to search for said music? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

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switz commented Dec 14, 2017

@jacobcohl still having issues? Mind posting a screenshot?

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andygadiel-zz commented Dec 16, 2017

Worked perfectly as intended. Amazing work -- a much needed upgrade for Sonos.


  • Search feature for Artists, Dates, Venues & Songs.
  • Today in History
  • Include Ratings/Review numbers when showing different versions to help with selection
  • Option to view shows by top Rated/Reviewed.
  • Ability to read reviews within Sonos app.


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graduce commented Jan 7, 2018

I'm stuck like @jacobcohl. This indeed put a "Relisten" option on my Browse menu along with my other services. Upon selection however it simply shows a blank page with the message: "Unable to browse music". I am provided no other options but to go back to Browse menu. Would love to get this working so hoping there are suggestions from others.


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switz commented Jan 7, 2018

@graduce it seems to be working for me. do you mind running through the setup again and ensuring everything is filled out (including the presentation map)?

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kenailes commented Jan 8, 2018

Had the same issue. Make sure for secure endpoint AND presentation map you are using https and NOT http. Once I fixed that, problem solved

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switz commented Jan 8, 2018

@kenailes I was just able to reproduce this.. odd. I will look into it and try to fix it. Thanks for letting me know!

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ituri commented Jan 8, 2018

Don't know if it makes a difference but I'd just like to let you know that I'm experiencing the same problems with the same exact settings.

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switz commented Jan 8, 2018

@ituri did you use https for both endpoint and secure endpoint?

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ituri commented Jan 9, 2018

Yes, I did.

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ituri commented Jan 11, 2018

I just tried using 253 instead of 255 as my SID. Using 253, everything is working fine now.

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It's beautiful, and works exactly as promised.

Nice work. Thank you!

For my version of Sonos, the IP address was under ABOUT not under HELP...

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Is this supported with multiple Sonos devices? I have 3 connect amps running the speakers in my house.

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3pinripper, I just set it up for my multi-device system and it worked great. Just pick one device for the setup and you can play on any or all.

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I was finally able to get Relisten to work on my Sonos set up after a few attempts using 253 and the IP for one of the specific players instead of the IP shown for the ZP, but I am unable to access it from the iOS app. On the Windows app version on my PC I have access to everything, but the iOS app shows up with the "Unable to Browse Music" message. Any suggestions?

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