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Thank you for your interest in the open source project(s) managed by TiDB Incubator. In order to clarify the intellectual property license granted with Contributions from any person or entity, TiDB Incubator must have a Contributor License Agreement (“CLA”) on file that has been signed by each contributor, indicating agreement to the license terms below. This license is for your protection as a contributor as well as the protection of TiDB Incubator and its other contributors and users; it does not change your rights to use your own Contributions for any other purpose.

By clicking “Accept” on this page,You accept and agree to these terms and conditions for Your present and future Contributions submitted to TiDB Incubator. In return, TiDB Incubator shall consider Your Contributions for addition to the official TiDB Incubator open source project(s) for which they were submitted. Except for the license granted herein to TiDB Incubator and recipients of software dis

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<!-- XXX Course -->
<record model="ir.ui.view" id="course_form_view">
<field name="name">course.form</field>
<field name="model">openacademy.course</field>
<field name="arch" type="xml">
<form string="Course Form">