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Last active Feb 23, 2019

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Baofeng bf-t1 default frequency

Channel Frequency DCS /CTCSS
ch1 437.150 ct 69.3
ch2 439.250 ct 100.0
ch3 441.750 ct 151.4
ch4 443.450 ct 203.5
ch5 445.550 ct 241.8
ch6 447.650 dcs d023n
ch7 449.750 dcs d114n
ch8 438.650 dcs d205n
ch9 442.350 dcs d306n
ch10 444.650 dcs d411n
ch11 446.550 dcs d503n
ch12 448.550 dcs d606n
ch13 452.425 dcs d703n
ch14 400.225 none
ch15 435.650 none
ch16 469.850 none
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