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Created Feb 20, 2020
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pico Primer for Competitors - Shell Chapter - Got Shell? Section
Q.4: What does `$` mean?
A.4: `$` is a separator. Everything before it is the computer generated prompt and everything after is the user typed command
Note on answer: Most example commands I show will start with `$` just as an indicator that the example command is ran in the shell.
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alial3mamy commented Dec 19, 2020

مع ملاحظة: أنه إذا كان المؤشر$ فهذا يدل على أنك مستخدم عادي أي بدون امتيازات الجذر. أما إذا كنت تعمل بصلاحيات الجذر سيظهر لك علامة #.

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syreal17 commented Dec 22, 2020

Great note, thank you!

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ColdNuudles commented Feb 9, 2022

Tons and lessons elsewhere, and this is the first time I am hearing this. Thank you!

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Abusaddik commented Mar 15, 2022

You are right thank you o here from you

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wareex commented Mar 23, 2022


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