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Last active Jan 24, 2022
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Obscurdle rules
  1. Vowels are green, y is yellow.

  2. Doubled letters in a word are yellow, tripled letters are green.

  3. ???? My first guess gave me a yellow T and green A, and I just made words putting those lettes where they needed to be and solved all the challenges. Surely it's not that simple???

    (Edited to add: It's not that simple - the first letter in alphabetical order in your guess is green, the last is yellow. My first guess (and all subsequent) just happened to use A and T as the first/last letters.)

  4. If you use the same letter in the same position as the immediately preceding guess, it's yellow. If a letter is used in the same position three guesses in a row, it's green. Good luck with the GGBGG pattern.

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