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Convert .acv exported from AE to ColorLookup in Nuke.
# import acv
import struct
filepath = 'C:/users/hoge/curve.acv'
luts = []
with open(filepath, 'rb') as f:
header =
for i in range(len('mrgba')):
ncvs = struct.unpack('>BB',[1]
ipairs = [struct.unpack('>BBBB',[1::2] for k in range(ncvs)]
pairs = [(ix/255., iy/255.) for iy, ix in ipairs]
# set value to ColorLookup
node = nuke.createNode('ColorLookup')
lut_knob = node.knob('lut')
for i, lut in enumerate(luts):
for x, y in lut:
lut_knob.setValueAt(y, x, i)
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