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Stuff JS and CSS into an HTML file
"""Fetch JS & CSS referenced from the web, and stuff it into the HTML."""
import lxml.html
import requests
IN_FILE = "Using Nbconvert.slides.html"
OUT_FILE = "Using Nbconvert.slides.stuffed.html"
document = lxml.html.parse(IN_FILE)
# Stuff <script> tags
for node in document.findall(".//script[@src]"):
if node.text:
raise ValueError("Node <script src=%r> has both src and text. Can't stuff!")
src = node.attrib['src']
print("Stuffing JS:", src)
r = requests.get(src)
del node.attrib['src']
node.text = r.text
for node in document.findall(".//link[@rel='stylesheet']"):
if node.text:
raise ValueError("<link> element had unexpected text")
href = node.attrib['href']
if not href.startswith(('http://', 'https://', '//')):
print("Skipping local CSS URL:", href)
print("Stuffing CSS:", href)
r = requests.get(href)
node.tag = 'style'
node.text = r.text
document.write(OUT_FILE, encoding='utf-8', method='html', pretty_print=True)
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